How Fox News Uses White Supremacist Language

How Fox News Uses White Supremacist Language

Manny: Ever since Fox
News started in 1996, they have been on one. – And by the way, for all you kids watching at home, Santa just is white. – Poor families in America have, 99% of them have a refrigerator. – A fist bump, a pound,
a terrorist fist jab? Manny: Recently though,
Fox News opinion programs have been accused of
something far more sinister. Tucker Carlson: How, precisely,
is diversity our strength? Can you think, for example,
of other institutions such as, I don’t know, marriage or military units in which the less people have in common, the more cohesive they are? Jared Taylor: Diversity of the kind we’re all supposed to be celebrating, whether it’s religious or racial or linguistic or cultural, all of that, they are sources of tension and conflict. Manny: That’s Jared Taylor,
a popular white supremacist. If you’re asking, “Why in
the world does Tucker Carlson sound like that guy?” You are not alone. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that Fox
News opinion programs have been echoing white
supremacist talking points to their millions of viewers, oh no, wait, that’s
exactly what I’m saying. Here’s how they do it. By now, we all know what racism is. It’s racist to assume that
I’m good at basketball. It’s true, but it’s racist. White supremacists have a
specific purpose, though. They believe in policies that will lead them to the ultimate goal:
a whites-only society. That’s because they
believe that white people are inherently superior to other races, and, therefore, shouldn’t
coexist with them. However, that goal is
threatened by what they call The Great Replacement. The Great Replacement is
a white supremacist theory that says white populations
around the world are being maliciously marginalized and replaced by people of color. In reality, we just want you to season your food a bit, but. The Great Replacement is the framework through which Fox News opinion programs parrot white supremacy. – It’s an ideology that is
deployed with a lot of fear. Manny: Cristina Lopez
is the Deputy Director of Extremism at Media Matters. – There’s a lot of fear and
victimization behind it. They convince audiences that every nonwhite population is a risk. But you see it a lot in
Fox News and primetime, specifically, with
anti-immigrant segments. Laura Ingraham: The America
that we know and love doesn’t exist anymore. Massive demographic
changes have been foisted upon the American people, and they’re changes that
none of us ever voted for and most of us don’t like. Carlson: Latin American
countries are changing election outcomes here by
forcing demographic change on this country at a
rate that American voters consistently say they don’t want. Lou Dobbs: Put out welcome wagons! Pile ’em high because
we’re just going to consign tens of thousands, perhaps millions, of Americans to their deaths. Manny: This Great Replacement
rhetoric is effective at fueling anxieties that
Americans already have. If you’re concerned about
the economy, the job market, or healthcare coverage, The
Great Replacement theory provides you with someone to blame. Lopez: This has been incredibly
successful with fearmongers. You’ll see Tucker
Carlson talking about how “this town doesn’t look the
same as it used to look.” Carlson: In the year 2000, Hazelton was less than 2% Hispanic. Today, thanks to mass immigration, Hazelton is majority Hispanic. Manny: When it comes to
Great Replacement rhetoric, Tucker Carlson has faced scrutiny before. In August 2018, Tucker said that the South African
government was seizing lands from white farmers
because they were white. Carlson: That is literally
the definition of racism. Manny: It’s a talking
point that until then lived only on extremely partisan
platforms on the internet. Users on white supremacist
platforms like Stormfront said South Africa was committing,
quote, white genocide. In an investigation,
the BBC found no proof that farmers were being
killed at a higher rate than average citizens, and
homicides where farmers were the victims were at a 19-year low. However, soon after Tucker’s segment, the president of the United States tweeted that he was ordering
Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to investigate these claims. He even tags Tucker Carlson in the tweet. Erroneous white supremacist
rhetoric echoed by Fox News made it to the ear of the
president of the United States, influencing him to make it part
of our government’s day job. Can you hear me? To truly understand what’s at stake here, there’s one more place that The Great Replacement rhetoric is common. In October 2018, a mass shooting occurred at the Tree of Life
Synagogue in Pittsburgh. Just before the attack,
the shooter condemned a Jewish-run refugee
charity, claiming that they bring in invaders that kill our people, which echoes a common Great
Replacement narrative. In March 2019, another
mass shooting occurred at two mosques in New
Zealand, killing 49 people. Before that attack, the
shooter wrote a manifesto. Its title: “The Great Replacement.” Fox News did not influence these attacks, but it’s concerning
that rhetoric associated with extremist concepts
like The Great Replacement can be heard on air. I reached out to Fox
News with my argument, and they provided me with two statements. “We will not allow voices
like Laura Ingraham, Lou Dobbs or Tucker
Carlson to be censored by agenda-driven intimidation
efforts from the intolerant partisan activists like
Media Matters whose only goal is to silence conservative
thought they don’t agree with.” And, through a spokesperson,
Laura Ingraham said, “My comments were based
on research published in The Washington Post on immigration and America’s changing demographics. Attempts by left-wing
media outlets to attribute nefarious motives to my remarks speaks to their intolerance
and bias, not mine.” Again, the only thing I’m intolerant of is unseasoned food, but. At the end of the day, the language we use can have a lasting impact on those on the receiving end of it. It cannot be the case
that this kind of rhetoric has this much influence.


100 thoughts on “How Fox News Uses White Supremacist Language”

  • Terry Turner says:

    This is just white hating racist drivel posing as critical thinking…
    In short your racist ass can kiss my white ass you're not a victim you just wanted me one

  • john superhist says:

    The dislikes are the whites that do not want to hear the truth or just want business I hope to God those dislikes ain't racist

  • monkeyboy21324 says:

    Some real news facts about the murders of white farmers in South Africa:
    Inside the 'most dangerous job in the world': White farmers in South Africa are FOUR times more likely to be murdered than anyone else.

  • Great business news. You countered yourself by assuming white people do t season after you said it’s racist to assume a black person is good at basketball.

  • Amartya Basu says:

    Well it's true majority white people look good , are tall, and physical characteristics better than most races

    But that doesn't apply to all
    In every race there are some who are better than others…

    Fact is for a blind man skin color is useless
    For an untrained ear even accent is useless…

    These supremacist attitudes stem from inherent inferiority complex

    But only bashing White people is also cherry picking… There's Chinese supremacy, Black supremacy, Islamic supremacy and what not

  • Marisol Fernandez says:

    This douche is a race baiting tool. Promoting bathroom stall comments and taking show segments out of context is a classic example of the brain washing MSM. Tucker Carlson speaks truth to the wickedness of this world.

  • LOL really, BI–I mean Vox?
    "This kind of rhetoric has become a popular talking point for Fox News pundits…, especially when they do segments that cover ILLEGAL immigration." >> There, fixed it for you.
    I'm Hispanic and originally from LatAm so what does that say of my non-hate for Fox News, Manny?

  • Sub I am Thato from SA I want to clearify by saying the reason our government is striping away land from white persons is that the land in which is being striped away does not belong to that person. During aperteied land was striped from the black and given to the white(Boers to be more specific) now as our government is Democratic it is only giving the land to their original owners

  • Chris Hanstad says:

    Double standard with the “need more seasoning on your food” bit. If I made a remark about how I just want some fried chicken, I bet I’d be deemed a racist.

  • I'm South African and I assure you that white farming families are most definitely targeted and tragically getting murdered. Let me rather put it this way, slaughtered and raped is more the explanatory term that should be used.
    One of the country's political opposition parties the – EFF and their leader, Julius Malema – is currently being taken to court by the leading opposition party the Democratic Alliances, this is for the Hate speech him and his supporters are so fond of spewing forth.
    A favourite chant and slogan that his supporters use ongoingly is, "One bullet, One Boer" a boer is a farmer in Afrikaans. Now how's that for racist?
    A special private task force has been formed by farmers, lawyers, advocates, businessmen/women and many others called Afriforum, they have joined forces in trying to do something to protect, plus help our farmers and try halt the killings.
    I wonder if these murderers have thought about who is going to feed our people when none of the farmers will be willing to do the farming any longer? Many have decided it's not worth risking their family's lives & have willingly without compensation, given over their land/farms to the government who give it to the people. Most of these farms have been in the families for generations and were started from scratch to then to have to walk away with nothing in return. What I have come to understand is one has to be born into farming families, to have it in your blood, to know your land, plants & animals to really be good at it.
    It's a tough life, it's an even tougher job where you are up against nature and then the banks – year in, year out.
    There is no one to take their places, we've experienced in the recent past what happens when working farms & their owners have not had much choice but to hand it over to the people & the workers. The result total chaos ensued with all being lost.
    Zimbabwe a neighbouring country is another prime example, once called the bread basket of Africa is now a broke, bankrupt, plundered barren and corrupt country that's been brought to its knees.
    Hundreds of thousands of the people are streaming over the border into South Africa, some legally but most illegally, there is hardly any food in the stores on the shelves, their money is worthless and their people are dirt poor, jobless, miserable and hungry. Much like the rest of Sub-Sahara Africa where we are fast catching up to join them, I'm afraid to say.
    The links below are just a tip of the iceberg you won't have to do much more searching to find hundreds if not thousands more of farm killings and just in the last couple of years.
    Not a pretty or positive picture for the people who were once called 'THE RAINBOW NATION'.

  • Will Bradbury says:

    It is divisive crap like this video that is causing tension in this world, and apparently now even having opinions is also racist if someone else thinks it is. … why do these people hate Europeans so much????

  • Jamie Wildhaber says:

    Why is this channel called Business Insider? Looking at it's videos there's very little about actual business.

  • Bonnie Robinson says:

    This explains why Trump is building the wall. Why blacks are reported for dumb reasons, why Trump likes Putin. Why police pull over more black men without reasonable cause. It's the reason why more guns are being sold. More school shootings. And why more children, women and girls are being assaulted. Trump listens to Fox News and then punishes this nation with their perverted messaging.

  • SithLordmatthew says:

    20 mins ago I saw a vid about why pink salt is so expensive then one on melons. Considered them interesting thought about subscribing then I found this shit.

  • Brian Finnegan says:

    Business insider, please look at the comments on this video, I bet u will double down instead of reforming your opinions, exactly what you people do.

  • ale ale ssandro says:


    i know both sides of this argument and this is false and biased. you’ve lost credibility for every other video you put out, no point in watching if this is the level of research you do.


  • Beto Last great dope of earth says:

    Tucker tells the truth and people don’t always like the truth.
    Why do people of color always migrate to majority white countries?

  • Anthony Flores says:

    I accidentally clicked on this piece of shit video. Thumbs down. Tucker Carlson is a patriot and Business Insider dares to label him racist! Tired of all the race baiting against white people. This video creates racism.

  • Timothy P Kerman says:

    Matthew 22:39 King James Version (KJV)39 And the second is like unto it, Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself.

  • OMG what a circus of SNOWFLAKE dementia ! The American education system has destroyed the intellect of SOOOOO many – that couldn't be more obvious than it is with this propaganda production . HOW LAME CAN THEY GET ???!!! I KEEP WONDERING AND IT KEEPS GETTING WORSE ! SHAME ON YOU B.I. – UGH

  • The Fox news channel is run by a radical Communist Jew Rupert Murdock. Laura Ingram is a Jewish transvestite. Fox is the opposite of being a conservative channel. They are an Arab hating Jewish outlet which helped create war against the Arab world for billions of dollars of Iraqi stolen oil.

  • The only 3 things that came out right from fox was King of the Hill, The Simpsons, and Married with Children. The end

  • I think this video is excellent, we should replace all white people because they’re all nazis and Russia spies, imagine if white people didn’t create the modern world then we could all have a shit hole Third world country like we all want . I think the psycho babble propaganda is great for bringing us together , again great video. I think you should stop dunking the basketball and start with you racial divisive rhetoric, it’s videos like this that make a case you have a far lower IQ then a common human . Please feel free to comment and call names 👌🏿

  • Man, this is so scary. I mean, I was aware that Fox News is biased to the right, and most segments I watched/read made me go "…whut?", but this link to white supremacists rhetoric is decidedly freaky.

  • The dislikes on this video should tell you how these people can't face the truth about themselves. The need excuses to kill, steal from, and bully people they are prejudiced against, they can only do that if they establish themselves as the victims of the same people.

  • The World Is A Vampire says:

    Oh well, time to Unsubscribe to what I thought was a business channel. See how more people down voted this video. America doesn't believe in MSM fake race baiting anymore

  • Monkey Mutant Boss says:

    Anyone notice that when she was accused by Joaquin Castro of being a white supremacist on Twitter that she never replied nor denied?

  • This guy is delusional. Also i have never seen a video on YouTube with so many dislikes vs likes. I'm an immigrant in America and LOVE IT HERE. Trump 2020…

  • Holy shit how is this far left conspiracy crap on Business Insider. Time to unsubscribe if this is the quality of the information they put out.

  • Well im sure minorities have their own racist remarks on their own news channels, its just that nobody watches them lol

  • Paul Anthony Donahue says:

    In 2021 it'll be 1 trillion, 2020 budget $750 billion dollars of your hard earned tax pays / supports the largest terrorist organization on the planet. MIC = Military Industrial Complex, a wealthy white man's game, they love killing innocent civilians and replacing old wolves with the new ones to play dictator until they step out of line… The New World Order is gearing up World War lll, which is coming soon!

  • Oliver Phippen says:

    It is the Lefts desire to BLAME that is causing and creating this WHITE nationalist ?????
    You see the left needs an enemy ????
    Russia fizzled
    Racism is Human nature
    White nationalist ??????? left Paranoia ????

  • I'm white, but I get so mad when people are racist towards my friends of different races. I mean there is no point of racism. No one chooses what race they want to be, so why be mad at them for it? We all have the same potential in life. That's all I have to say.

  • The bottom line is Non-whites can say anything they want about whites. White people are allowed to say extreme things and get away with it only if they trash whitey.

  • The great replacement is a nazi conspiracy… unless it is done by whites or more recently by indians onto Kashmere muslims in which case it is a real and horrible evil we need to stop.

  • Having outsiders come in and overwhelm your population is replacement. It is simple.
    I have a new replace idea.
    It would be like going to your house, kicking you out of it and replacing you and your family with a white family.

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