How Fox News helps Trump weaken our democracy

How Fox News helps Trump weaken our democracy

The Fox News–Trump feedback loop is well
documented and it seems apparent that the network is working overtime to
protect the president above all else. Trump has reassured the world that his
word is worth more than any former U.S. presidents. So how does that affect the
50% of Republicans who are Fox News viewers? Good evening and welcome to Tucker
Carlson… A study recently compared the sentiments of Fox viewers to non viewers. It found that the network has dramatically normalized the ways Trump
undermines democratic norms and public institutions. Here are three ways that
Fox News is helping erode confidence in our democracy. 1) Trump's national emergency declaration: Eighty-four percent of Republican Fox News viewers
agree that "President Trump was right to declare a national emergency to
start building a border wall." That's compared to 50% of Republican non-Fox
viewers. That's because Fox News viewers are hearing comments like this: You have
to understand one thing. The president's not just trying to fulfill
a campaign promise, he actually believes it is an emergency. So you finally get the president to agree that this is an unacceptable
situation and we should apply some solutions and some of the Democrats are
mocking it. Make no mistake Donald Trump will secure our border, the left are
lying to you when they say there is no crisis, that the president is concocting
the nation's immigration emergency. 2) FBI and US intelligence agencies: When asked whether these institutions were "trying to sabotage President Trump,"
79 percent of Republican fox viewers agreed compared to 49 percent of
Republican non-Fox News viewers. We now know top people within the FBI, filled
with hatred and frankly anti-Trump rage… they actually plotted to destroy your
duly-elected president. As far as I'm concerned, these are the moments when
President Trump is at his absolute best, challenging the groupthink and
conventional wisdom of the failed establishment. The fact is the CIA the
FBI and all the rest of the have been wrong for decades. This is completely insane these people are being not only disloyal they're being
destructive. 3) The Mueller investigation Seventy-eight percent of Republican Fox viewers want the investigation shut down. That's 18 percent
higher than Republican non-Fox viewers. There was no Russian collusion in last
year's election. The whole thing is a dry well, a crock, a fraud, a scam, a
politically-induced hallucination. It's totally nuts. No evidence showing any
sort of collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia. Their investigation
should be shut down immediately. Bob, I really think it's time for you to give
up your phony investigation and get yourself your own criminal defense
attorney. Ultimately, Fox News is targeting the separation of powers, whether they're talking about the national emergency declaration, the U.S.
intelligence apparatus, or the Muller investigation. They are weakening these
institutions in order to empower this presidency.


6 thoughts on “How Fox News helps Trump weaken our democracy”

  • there job to protect the country , people and the law!.. Not to give there unconscionable divided loyalty to the dictator , treasonous , lieing , anti-american tRumpfy dummpfy peace of ??? that only wondering election because of collusion, gerrymandering, voter suppression and any dirty low down Fox negative entertainment fake news conspiracy myth they can spin against ANY body that doesn't drink there Jim jones orange Kool-aid!!!

  • Diego Martinez says:

    If you compare this to thinkprogress' coverage of Bernie Sanders, and we can see how thinkprogress is also killing American democracy.

  • PorkyPricklyPants says:

    Radical Democrats are the Party of Late Term Abortion,  Fake Racial Hoaxes, Authoritarianism, Slavery, KKK, Jim Crow Laws, Radical Muslims,Refugees,  Terrorists/Terrorism, Antifa, MS-13, Diseases, BLM, High Taxes, Open Borders, Homelessness, Karl Marx/Communism, Lawlessness, Racism and Crime! Democrats use racism as a political weapon against everything they are opposed to, fabricating racism where none exists. And worst of all, ignore their own racism while accusing others of the very thing they have engaged in for hundreds of years. The Democrats don’t care about the Constitution, Americanism, America or it's Citizens… It’s about "POWER" and they are willing to do anything it takes to gain it. The thing is, it won’t last. Eventually, liberty will reveal itself to them, and the Democrats will reveal how dark and tyrannical they truly are.Either that, or true tyranny will take place and anything that disagrees with the Democrats will be silenced, jailed, and eventually executed gestapo-style."Always accuse your victim (or your adversary) of what you yourself are doing." “Accuse the other side of that which you are guilty”  Vladimir Lenin – The goal of socialism is communism………..Democrats in the 1800's: "We can't pick our own cotton." Democrats in 2019: "We can't pick our own fruits and vegetables."      Wealthy in Nancy Pelosi's District Trying to Stop Homeless Shelter….Liberalism Turns San Francisco into Slum, Homeless, Pooping in Streets…It’s Not Just San Francisco – Every Major City Run By Liberals Turns Into a Ghetto Slum…

  • Haha! The opening line in this video. Let's flip it for just one second. The MSNBC Feedback loop is well documented. Oh the Irony! You guys are partisan hacks, and it's so obvious! MSNBC has employed James Clapper & John brennen (both former heads of the FBI & CIA) for the past 2 years screaming Russian Collusion. These are the same people who said we had to invade Iraq because they had WMDs. Where is your video about them? Lol this is so sad it's not even funny.

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