How Facebook Ad Costs Work and How to Keep Facebook Advertising Costs Low


11 thoughts on “How Facebook Ad Costs Work and How to Keep Facebook Advertising Costs Low”

  • Fashion Trend Collection says:

    Why I am trying to set my budget and it keeping asking me that my budget is too low and it says should be at least $40, first timer here am setting up my campaign please help. Thanks!:)

  • Hi there thanks for the info! I have a question, and if you read this please respond since i am highly confused, you said that facebook Charges on a CPM basis, which means per impression, but what if i set up the ad set to charge per cpc or panding page view? i am confused does that mean that it will still charge per impression? and if yes then what is the point of specifying otherwise?

  • Maria Popadiuk says:

    You are amazing! Thank you so much for such valuable videos. New to all the advertising and your videos are such a saver! Hope to see more in future!

  • Shivanand Prabhu says:

    What would be the minimum costs for Website click / Lead generation / Re-targeting campaigns. If you have a good Relevance score above 7 does that mean the campaign is performing good with low Ad Costs.

  • Please leave a comment if you have any questions about Facebook Ad Costs. Thank you for watching our videos!

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