How China’s Media Sold Xi Jinping’s Power Grab | NYT

How China’s Media Sold Xi Jinping’s Power Grab | NYT

As soon as China announced
it would remove term limits on the presidency, its censors
and propaganda machine kicked into gear. The surprise move would
clear the way for Xi Jinping to stay in power indefinitely. It’s a break from
China’s decades-old rules to prevent power from being too
centralized around one person. “In China, the most important
political announcements are made through the
state-owned news organizations. This explosive news was announced
by Xinhua news agency on Sunday in the afternoon.” So how did officials
try to spin the news? On Weibo, China’s version
of Twitter, published this video
focusing on the central role of the president. “In the face of the complicated
domestic and international situation, this will
further promote the sustainable development
of various great causes.” China Central Television
ran a similar editorial, stating that “the people
love their dear leader.” Global Times, a Chinese daily,
published an editorial recommending that people
“firmly support the constitution amendment suggestion,
which is both the rational choice and our belief.” But the same day, it
published an editorial that depicted the news
in a softer light, saying, “The change doesn’t mean
that the Chinese president will have a lifelong tenure.” The People’s Liberation Army Daily is the voice of the military. It published a write-up
saying that soldiers and armed policemen all
support the decision. “President Xi Jinping
has consolidated his control of the army,
and all of the soldiers are supporting him 100 percent.” State-run media tried to control
the narrative in Hong Kong, too. “That video was made
by the Ta Kung Pao. It’s a pro-Beijing
Hong Kong newspaper. And I think the most
important part of the video is trying to let people know
that the Chinese constitution actually had been
changed four times in the past several decades. So it’s not a big deal. So people don’t
need to freak out.” But not everyone
was on board. Chinese citizens took
to social media networks to voice their
disagreements. One user said he couldn’t use
the word “disagree” on Weibo, because it was
apparently a violation of the social platform‘s terms. But perhaps not surprisingly,
those comments were swiftly removed
from the web.


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  • 说的好像中国人民都群起反对一样,我作为一个中国人民表示我没有意见,一个有作为的领导人让他多发挥长才有什么错

  • Michael Connor says:

    Yes. War with china and russia would be the best thing for the US economy and security. Wipe out communism once and for all as Gen. Patton and Gen.Mc. wanted to do. If these 2 country had our technology they would us it against the people of the world. Enough of the lies and their population would follow the west. Lets do it!!!!!

  • Michael Connor says:

    Let's wipe out our debt. Let's go to war with china. Yes. This is what previous generals in world war 2 wanted to do. They knew it would come to this even after America saves them from being killed. You are welcome china and russia. This veteran says let take them out once and for alll.

  • Any anti rhetoric against the ruling political party is prohibited.
    China has only been successful because of Bush Bill Obama and other traitorous ex presidents that have sold out America.

  • Like Putin's Russia, the Chinese Communist Party's (CCP's) assault to liberal democratic societies worldwide is akin to "Total War". For example, since 2010 to 2011, the CCP regime has used a new brain-washing strategy (aimed at overseas Chinese and foreign audience). The CCP sets up tens of thousands of fake "personal YouTube account" to upload a mixture of entertainment videos and political misinformation videos, camouflages State Propaganda (made using Chinese taxpayers' money) as Individual YouTuber's creative works. (Including use of so-called “English-speaking white faces”)

    The CCP then inbed its own propaganda videos to Chinese websites inside China's internet firewall, making people in China mistake these videos as smuggled from outside the firewall and watch them (via the inbeding websites, not directly on YouTube which is banned in China) with enthusiasm. That large numbers of clicks of the misinformation video, in turn cheat YouTube's algorithm into promoting the CCP videos to more YouTube users worldwide.  Liberal democratic countries are doing nothing to stop/fight back against the CCP's manipulation of the free internet.

    Main talking points of CCP's brainwashing videos targeting foreign audience.
    (1) Taiwan is not an independent country.
    (2) Tibet has never been an independent country.
    (3) The Chinese people are happy under the CCP.
    (4) Dictatorship is better than liberal democracy.

  • Paid Chinese Communist Party (CCP) trolls do not always use Chinese names online, they use Anglo names, European names, Tibetan names, Indian names, Muslim names, Japanese names… Their goal is not limited to the simple task of repeating: "CCP is good, dissidents are bad", but aimed at creating maximum chaos, confusion, mutual distrust and hatred, conspiracy theories in the free world and all democratic inclusive societies.

    Harvard University professor Gary King and his colleagues' research into the CCP's paid trolls (nicknamed "50 cent army"):

  • At least the Chinese media knows how to make a sale! American media tried to sell Hillary Clinton but America wasn't buying it. I hope the DNC and the media has learned its lesson.

  • Xi Jiping consolidates his power? What a surprise! With China's extremely strong democratic institutions this shouldn't have been possible! …. Seriously though, who didn't see this coming?

  • I'm predicting they covered it the same way NYT and the rest of the PAPERCLIP media did: by covering for the traitors in power in return for funding and power over the people themselves. That's the communist way.

  • World's Netizen says:

    Typical CCP's '打左灯向右转' style, they said '法制国家' to the common people but did '人治国家' at the same time. What they did from removing the term limit to the explanation that they do that for avoiding his opponents' threat after he lost the power position just prove what they did are a typical '人治国家(皇权专制)'. And they think people will buy their crappy propaganda. What a joke!
    This is the true color of china's REPUBLIC . 'A state in which supreme power is held by the people and their elected representatives, and which has an elected or nominated president rather than a monarch.' Those 50 cent dogs never know what is a republic when they said 'we are republic' for their owners, the CCP and Trump.

  • Films For Freedom says:

    Not only is political dissent censored in China, Human Rights violations are too. We have some videos on what is going on inside China and invite you to take a look.

  • When did installing one leader for extended periods of time ever really help any country? Besides killing millions of its own people and overthrowing the institutions underneath it. If communism is the goal for China…how does one leader exactly push the notion of communism?

  • 毛之孫子-习大大 says:

    吾朕习天朝已令水軍加5毛傾巢出”洞”. 吾习党国天朝是上梁不正下梁歪. 毒发自心,因为烂始自源头!吾朕习天朝19大內斗內行, 外斗外行.和北韓天朝党国差不多了. 吾朕19大要傾天朝党国之力洗腦, 蓝金黄. 朕已令5毛傾巢出”洞”. 朕19大已令奴才尽快地向海外转移资产消灭海内外的证据.一切都是刚刚开始! 同时朕已令吾习天朝党国前幾天把袁腾飞封了. 因為袁腾飞上課講真話.

  • John Macintosh says:

    My feelings toward the Chinese government are quite cold.
    My feelings toward the Russian government are quite cold.

    I am very displeased.

  • Digital art, a digital portrait of "Emperor Xi Jinping The Last Last Emperor". It is a visual comment.

  • Easy. all they need is to show sinophobia in the West…bunker mentality wins, all the time, in China, and every where else.

  • Xi Zedong makes me think of Winnie the Pooh

    I think it is proven in "Animal Farm," by George Orwell, which says a lot about Xi Zedong

  • Trading Wizard says:

    Now Fascism part 2. Welcome to the Chinese NWO.
    Pig farmer now in full charge.
    P.S. : I did not say Pig farming is bad.So don't spew y'tube hate now.

  • I don't think it 100% without disputes but it is our business.
    Foreign media want to use it as a chance to cause China troubles as they did it all the time.
    Poor bunch of guys hahahaha

  • China's government is despicable, but people love buying their cheap crap. If you care, boycott China–for millions of reasons.

  • Paid CIA/NSA/5 Eyes trolls do not always use Western names online, they use Anglo names, European names, Tibetan names, Indian names, Muslim names, Japanese names, Chinese names… Their goal is not limited to the simple task of repeating: "Democracy is good, China is bad", but aimed at creating maximum chaos, confusion, mutual distrust and hatred, conspiracy theories in the world and in all peace loving countries!

  • China is committing genocide as we speak , more than one million Uighurs in detainment camps being stralized their children are being brainwashed to be loyal to xi jing ping , do not buy made in China.

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