How China Is Framing the Hong Kong Protests | NYT News

How China Is Framing the Hong Kong Protests | NYT News

Foreign influence, terrorism, possible intervention. This is how China is trying
to shape the story of what’s happening
in Hong Kong. For weeks,
antigovernment protests have gripped
Hong Kong, with anger rising over
China’s growing influence. The Chinese have
responded by trying to control the narrative. Here’s how. This is Junius Ho,
a lawmaker in Hong Kong with strong ties to Beijing. At this press conference,
he shows off pictures of foreigners
seen at the protest. It’s an attempt to tie
them to some kind of outside influence. Foreign influence and
antigovernment sentiment are also common
themes in posts by CGTN, China’s international
media outlet. This post shows a tweet from
former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, who is
voicing support for the Hong Kong protests. The tweet is used
as proof that the U.S. is interfering in Hong Kong. Clinton’s tweets were
also part of a music video that CGTN published featuring
Chinese mainland rappers. “And Mrs Clinton, you know
nothing about Chinese citizens. Now I got some words
from your president.” “Something is probably
happening with Hong Kong.” “Somebody wanna split
Hong Kong from us.” One story in the
People’s Daily, the official paper of
China’s Communist Party, was blunt in its reporting on foreign influence. “There is no question
that the United States has its hand in what’s
going on in Hong Kong, though to what extent
is hard to measure.” Chinese officials
are increasingly framing the protests as
threats to national security. There’s also a
pattern of focusing on protesters being violent. The media labels these demonstrations
as organized by a small group
of rogue actors. Video of simulated military
exercises carried out by police in mainland China
show the protesters as dangerous rioters. And when protests at Hong
Kong’s International Airport escalated, CGTN
emphasized an incident in which a reporter
from the mainland was tied up and beaten
by protesters. The next day, many
demonstrators apologized for their actions
at the airport. CGTN did not report this. Chinese media put out this video about its
police in Shenzhen. It shows the People’s
Armed Police Force stationed in a city
that borders Hong Kong. The video says the
People’s Armed Police Force “shall participate in
handling riots, disturbances, severe violent crimes,
terrorist attacks, and other incidents
disturbing social peace.” China also released this video
of antiprotestor drills being carried out by the
Hong Kong Garrison of the People’s
Liberation Army. Satellite images and video confirm China’s show
of force in the region. It’s unclear if China’s
uniformed police will actually be deployed
in Hong Kong. And the People’s
Liberation Army already has a troop presence there. Instead, these videos are more
likely a show of nationalism to prevent the movement from
spreading to mainland China. They also act as a reminder
that military intervention in Hong Kong
remains an option. But what’s noticeably absent
from Chinese reports on Hong Kong? People are kept in the
dark about the real reasons for the protests.


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  • wow pretty bs , why dont you show all the photo of the current leaders with pelosi , rubio, freaking bolton, u.s had 2 warship coming last week and tehy got turn down , your missing the part where you and other media didnt show the guy almost getting lynched and on top you framed the days story as a police brutality story i was watching live feed that night so ya good try but no ciguar lol
    nbc had a pic of a police hiting a girl that was actual a police standing up grabing back his stick when 8 guys tried to rush him , they showed long unedited clips and you only have short edit clips for it you messed it up that simple.

  • NYT just showed videos of protesters destroying things and setting things on fire, and then accusing China is framing the HK protesters????

    Americans really need to less ignorant and do a bit of research from different sources. Considering that Americans emphasize freedom of speech and information, but still chooses to see their own local media who manipulate information time and time again, is truly mindboggling.

    The US flags are there, because the protest is funded by the US through shady organizations (NGO's). Besides the young HK protesters want to be slaves to the Americans/British. Good thing is that the majority of the population don't want to be slaves to another country again.

  • China is a cyber terrorist! They spin lies and blame everyone else except themselves. China calls HK protesters terrorists, but the real terrorists are the China central govt and their agents.

  • Peregrine Slim says:

    The NYT has been wildly over-estimating the numbers of protesters, so that is how America is framing the protests.

  • 我现在明白GWF存在的意义了,原来它不是笼子,而是城墙。我差点就信了这个视频了,幸亏香港的亲戚和我说过具体情况。你们太可怕了。

  • When I heard this media use story instead of report, I knew how ridiculous it's just so funny.
    A riot in Washington is a riot (
    A riot in Hong Kong is a protest (
    Snowden is a symbol of American freedom and democracy.
    My words are done. You can attack me,right now.

  • HK can burn itself down. At the end of the day, it still belongs to China and other cities simply take over it as a financial powerhouse. Life goes on.

  • Are the protesters now implying that Trump is lying because they are NOW demanding that protesters should not be classified as RIOTERS? But Trump’ described protests in Hong Kong as "riots" that HK is part of China. China will have to deal with itself, signaling a hands-off approach. Have the protesters put themselves in a very difficult situation now?

  • US President Trump’ described protests in HK as "riots" that HK is part of China. China will have to deal with itself, signaling a hands-off approach. But the protesters have REPEATEDLY DENIED using any violence at the mass-protests, even though there’re
    enough evidence to prove that. If the violent riots done by the HK protesters are still being categorized as PEACEFUL CALLS for democracy by the media and protesters, what happened in HK in the past months has shown the world the ugly and violent

  • Arya Deb Manna says:

    on request of china if unsc disscuss on india internal matter than why not about china…how Hong Kong is internal matter… India support Hong Kong is different country… actually china is a servent of pakistan.. what porkistan said to do…China do as a obedient chield…… China create violence in Hong Kong..
    as china is unsc permanent member he can do anything? now where is UNSC???.unsc should involve in Hong Kong matter…

    what about ujgir Muslim…

  • Weren’t the US the one who PULLED OUT of three treaties (agreements), the Paris Accord, TPP and INF treaty? Can any country withdraw from treaties any time they want if they’re as powerful as the US? The US and Western politicians and journalists BLAME

    China for HK’s protests. HK had NO democracy under British rule at all. NO right to vote for all HK citizens. British imposed EVERY LAW and Official on HK WITHOUT asking anyone in HK. What the Queen and the UK parliament wanted was the law. With only 3% of the HK population, the WHITE British had all the high positions in HK. British claimed the agreement’s to protect the freedom of the people in HK. But in fact it’s "NO interference in 50 years". The agreement DIDN’T include voting rights, they DIDN’T include anything about democracy. BUT what they did protect was PRIVATE PROPERTY RIGHTS.

  • They really thought HK ppl are so dumb and naive. That's why they kept blaming the media and foreigners. And create propaganda about the whole incident. Still HK people stood firm and united. Businessmen who have strong interest of course will always blame them. It hurts their pockets deeply. This is HK. They are matured and one of the most advance Chinese ethnic in the world. 11th weeks in a row and they still think they are funny..

  • Shameless NYT, why not show the picture of YOUR US service agent Julie Eadeh ‘instructing’ the heads of the riot? You accused of CCTV and now you are doing the same thing.

  • The series demonstrations from June to now,I just want to say it’s impossible to be continue without foreign backgrounds,why you didn’t talk about it?The presses should be as neutral a position as possible!

  • Frankly speaking, if the government or a country not take action on control the narrative, that country might be Afghanistan. You, NYT. your presence are already Framing the story whether in US or other countries.

  • Keep fighting! Don't believe Chinese communists! especially the president of China, are cunning guys! Chinese people are still poor but President Xi Jinping's ambition is so cruel!

  • China is good at propaganda and fake posts on social media. One could assume that the Chinese journalist and travelers at the airport could be disguised secret police from China to provoke emotions from protesters.

  • China's reasoning of Americans being in a Chinese protest is like us claiming that Chinese tourists are influencing our democracy by watching an American protest. It happens on both sides, China. You're dumb

  • Bruce Willi Bruce says:

    China is still too weak, so the Hong Kong incident exposed the weakness of the Chinese government. Many Chinese enterprises are listed in Hong Kong. Stocks are controlled by the United States. So China is in a sense a subsidiary country of the United States. The United States has absolute control and power to ask the Chinese government to compromise. This is a fact.

    China inability to confront the pressure of internationalization
    Hong Kong succeeds, China fails is inevitable, the United States is International Platform BIG BOSS!

  • When did NYT becomes propaganda arm for the localist.? Why didn't NYT report weapons and explosive seized by the HK police from the peaceful rioters. What about telling the truth about the extradition bill. The major reason China is up set about Western press is because they distort the truth. When rioters are beating up people at the departure, NYT is showing peaceful protesters at the arrival gate. You cannot claim to be neutral when you only show one side of the story.

  • Good. western media undermine China and Russia, Chinese and Russian media undermine the West. Is it called 'network consensus warfare'?
    That is our weakness. I think we will lose definitely.天时地利人和, favorable climatic, geographical and human conditions, we get nothing.
    By the way, I suggest do not believe in any single one resource. if you know the image about China is simply depending on media, that is too 'smart' .

  • pivot to Asia, TPP, South china sea.
    foment unrest and attacks on BRI countries: Rohingya issue in Myanmar, Moslem problem in the Philippines, terrorist attack in Pakistan, Uyghurs unrest in Xinjiang, china, church bombing in Sri Lanka.
    India china border standoff, Kashmir.
    occupy central, umbrella movement, and this will fail as well. HSBC, a British bank, it's CEO and executive resigned, suspect of facilitated fund transfer between funding source and protest leaders.
    Cathay Pacific CEO resigned, can not recall details.
    trade war isn't going anywhere. china sent warships to join Russia and Iran in joint naval drills in the gulf. this is the clearest message you can get. china never cease buying Iranian oil or trade. how messy a separation or decoupling is up to US. Huawei is still standing and has 30+% of 5G contracts and 50% of worldwide 5G network

    the pressure is not on china. the pressure is on NED.

  • New York Times is a Baised news channel, double standards. ?
    If there is a protest in US and airport is hijacked them we all know how the US military will respond. ? Double Standards..
    I think HK/Chinese government and police is highly restrained against the protesters.

  • How US is Framing Hong Kong and how US government did to it's own people?
    Kent State massacre :
    1992 Los Angeles riots :

  • Antony Leonardo says:

    Chinese people don't want to become Iraq, Syria, Ukraine, Libya who got their "freedom", which is actually endless chaos and civil conflicts after color revolutions instigated by the US. Now as the US is trying to undermine China through trade wars, even at the cost of their own, China can see how determined that the US is seeing itself as an enemy. Ordinary Americans or Europeans may wonder, why is Chinese people still supportive of this government even if it is communist and give people no freedoms? Just think about this: 30 years ago, 60% of children in this country go to school barefooted, while today it has grown to be the 2nd largest economy entity in this world. 2 months of "peaceful protests" in Hong Kong almost paralysed this city, what about spreading this to the whole of China? Were that to happen, the US government may laugh into tears…What? people get injured, murdered, no food/electricity? Do you think the US really cares about that?

  • Supporting Hong Kong has nothing difference with supporting China, cuz everyone knows Hong Kong is an inseparable part of China.

  • Wonderful Mockingbird says:

    New York, the metropolis of soul of freeedom, it is the dreaming place in so many Asian boys.
    be closer like a pilgrim approaching a shrine. and sooner you will find it is a brothel where ur mom workin for her extra bonus of playin sexualgame with their jewish bosses.

  • New York Times, did you take money from Pence? Give more love, concern, freedom and democracy to your own protesters in Portland and don't arrest them, and leave Chinese internal affairs alone. It's none of your business and you don't have the right to judge with fake assumptions.

  • Trying to shape? OOF. That sounds like the western media is not doing the same thing. Every media reporting on the HK protest IS trying to shape the story into what they want (to a certain degree).

  • Wonderful Mockingbird says:

    New York, the metropolis of soul of freeedom, it is the dreaming place in so many Asian boys.
    be closer like a pilgrim approaching a shrine. and sooner you will find it is a brothel where ur mom workin for her extra bonus of playin sexualgame with her jewish bosses.

  • Wonderful Mockingbird says:

    New York, the metropolis of soul of freeedom, it is the dreaming place in so many Asian boys.
    be closer like a pilgrim approaching a shrine. and sooner you will find it is a brothel where ur mom workin for her extra bonus of playin sexualgame with her jewish bosses.

  • China and the word FAKE is like butter on a toasted bread, fake rice,fake cars,fake bby milk and list goes on, shows what Chinese government is doing to their own people, wake up people of China and for once stand up for something "how bout humanity"

  • Nazeri Abghani says:

    The billions in China are a bigger worry than Hong Kong protesters to the China government. They will move in on 'terrorism' swiftly like they did with the Uighurs.

  • Sure, HK is just a pawn to the geopolitical great game between the US and China. But the US medía can also frame the HK boxer rebellion as a great game between Xijinping and his elder rival Jiang Zemin (Gang of Jiang). The latter is so plausible that domestic audience in China will buy it, even to the point of shifting Chinese public opinion in favor of the HK boxers.

  • Original Ideas says:

    When the global nations uprise and say NO clearly to orange turd, the lying center has to rachet up its propaganda machine .

  • Several points should be discussed further. 1 Chinese government did blame foreigners for their interfering the social movement. However, it is also a tactic to avoid criticising Hong Kong protesters directly. The protest will end one day and I believe no one wants to see people got into troubles just because they protested a couple of times recently. 2 Blaming violent protesters over judging their political morality is actually a provement in Chinese political discourse, which indicates beating people is bad and Chinese gov doesnt want to be bad as long as Hong Kong protesters don't go to mainland nor provoke mainland people to protest. 3 Rich people in Hong Kong like Chinese government because they agree with the same economic polices. It is Hong Kong upper class's right wing socio-economic policies which break Hong Kong people's hearts. Chinese government didn't do anything to hurt Hong Kong people. Without Chinese government, there still would be Hong Kong republicans which are against Hong Kong democrats.

  • Its not the narrative nor the PLA that is worrisome. Fact is China need to address basic issue – housing and future for young Hong Konger – the old model is broken. Andrew Yang in the US has a better understanding of HK problem than all of the Communist Party – its the same problem..

  • Original Ideas says:

    Made in USA is a hoax, only turned out to be Made in Asia. the abandoned land with its broken promise and failed idealism can not produce anything positive.

  • Chinese slave mentality "how can these people they think for themselves, must be some foreigners controlling them". Chinese simply cannot comprehend that the HK people have the ability to form their own ideas by themselves. The brainwashed Chinese can no longer understand the value of freedom of speech and democracy while HK people are still fully aware of what it means to be a free human being. Hong Kongers will never bowl to Mao's portrait, will never bowl to the communist blood flag and what it represents, not in a million years.

  • Operation Mockingbird is a large-scale program of the United States Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) that began in the early 1950s and attempted to manipulate news media for propaganda purposes. It funded student and cultural organizations and magazines as front organizations.

    Wikipedia › wiki › Operation_Moc…

    Operation Mockingbird – Wikipedia

    Protesters in Hong Kong waving the American flag and singing the American National anthem as they advocate for democracy. Wow!

  • Original Ideas says:

    Don't forget the big t1ts American women in HK, their secret weapon is vag1na, it conquers, and it controls, it never failed.

  • The United States has conducted a number of regime change operations throughout its history. The US meddling and funding the Hong Kong protests isn't so far-fetched…

  • ACTIONS SPEAK LOUDER THAN WORDS, if you turn off the sound and watch the video again, tell me how will you feel when you are the one been tied up and beaten by those "peaceful" protests? And we dont need the fking apologies or the freedom or the democracy, LAW AND ORDER is more important for us. CHINA will not became next Syria or Iraq.

  • 賈悟遠 Antony-John says:

    The real reason is a HongKong guy who murdered his girlfriend in Taiwan and cannot be tried in Taiwan without a extradition bill to Taiwan. The extradition bill also included also a provision for mainland China. So, here came the protest. Mind you that the protester wanted a total withdrawal of the bill not changes in the bill. Despite the noble causes voiced by the protesters, they are unwittingly protecting a murderer.

  • Wonderful Mockingbird says:

    NYT has in inertia of twist facts and swing discourse. it used to anti-trump, now it seems to be bigwig behind trump.
    why it can easily fools Ameican people? why no American dare to tell the truth loudly and straightly?

  • Evidence tells a different story.
    "However, contrary to expectations and previous news reports, no evidence was found of pro-Chinese-state automation on Twitter. Automation on Twitter was associated with anti-Chinese-state perspectives and published in simplified Mandarin, presumably aimed at diasporic Chinese and mainland users who ‘jump the wall’ to access blocked platforms. These users come to Twitter seeking more diverse information and an online public sphere but instead they find an information environment in which a small number of anti-Chinese-state voices are attempting to use automation to dominate discourse."

  • Shanghai Mindfulness says:

    As someone who lives in China, I find the differences between information being released within mainland and outside are radically different. In my eyes, this isn't a battle between good vs evil. It's more a battle of good vs good. I think as human beings we all want the same thing. Harmony. However, this situation is becoming increasingly convoluted.

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