How Breaking Up Will Save Your Relationship (6 Ways!)

How Breaking Up Will Save Your Relationship (6 Ways!)

Breakups suck. You have no appetite but somehow you can’t stop eating. You can’t sleep but you can’t get out
of bed. Your sadness is piled as high as the dishes
in your sink. The one person that you’d normally rely
on when you feel like this can’t help you because they dumped you! But I’m going to tell you a little secret
(that you already read in the video title) that will turn things around for you. This breakup could be the best thing that
ever happened to your relationship. I promise you, it’ll make sense in just
a minute. Hi, I’m Jessica Boss. You probably know me from my other videos
about how to get back together with your ex. If this is your first time on my channel,
welcome. I’m a relationship coach and breakup guru. I specialize in helping people get back together
and stay together for good. The world can be a lonely place and I think
that if you’ve found someone you love, you should do all you can to fight for them. So, on to the topic at hand. I know what you’re probably thinking: “Breaking
up is what I’m trying to avoid. How can it be a good thing?” “You’re crazy Jessica. You’ve finally lost it.” I may be crazy but I promise you that it’s
true: breaking up can save your relationship, and I’m going to prove it. With science! First off, breakups aren’t the end for many
relationships. According to a 2013 study by Kansas State
University: “Given previous research on the risks associated
with cycling in adult dating relationships the frequency with which cyclical dating relationships
persist into cohabitation and marriage, the characteristics of these relationships, and
the constraints associated with cycling during these stages using a nationally representative
sample of cohabiting (n=323) and married (n=752) couples. The takeaway is:
One in three couples who live together have broken up and got back together
Nearly half of people aged 17-24 have returned to an ex after breaking up I like those odds. So why do these couples reconcile? And how can breaking up help you stay together
in the long run? Number One: Breaking up forces you to face
your problems A relationship is like a frog in a pot of
hot water. I know, I know but it makes sense, trust me. If you put a frog in a pot of boiling water,
it will feel pain and jump out immediately. But put a frog into a pot of room temperature
water and then slowly raise the temperature, the frog won’t notice until it’s cooked
and ready to eat. Yum. Some couples just keep sweeping problems under
the rug. This causes tensions to rise slowly until
the relationship reaches a crisis. But a breakup can be the jolt of boiling hot
water that will wake you up and make you change your situation. And like that hot little guy, your relationship
can escape, charred, but alive, to fight another day. Number two: The time apart will make you stronger
people I’m always saying that independence is key
to a happy relationship. Often couples get into trouble, and then break
up, because they rely too much on each other for happiness. The idea that you NEED your partner to be
happy can be really damaging. This carries with it the silent implication
that they’re responsible for your happiness and if you’re not happy all the time, they’re
doing something wrong. That’s a big burden for you and your partner
to take on. Now that you’re apart, you don’t have
anyone to rely on other than yourself. You’ll be forced to figure out how to be
happy on your own, develop your life as one person rather than one half of a couple, and
find your own interests and your own ways of coping with this shitty thing we call life. This doesn’t mean growing apart it simply
means growing… apart. When you come back together you’ll have
the reassurance that you don’t need them to survive. You’ll know that you’re together because
you’re CHOOSING to spend your time with them because you love and value them as a
human being. This is what strong relationships are built
on. Number three: It gives you distance to see
what wasn’t working It’s not always easy to see what isn’t
working in your relationship because you’re too close. You need some distance to truly get a good
sense of what’s wrong. Think about your past relationships. I bet you can look back now and see exactly
why they didn’t work out. You didn’t have enough in common, they didn’t
treat you right, you wanted different things. But at the time, everything seemed rosy, right? This can be the same with your current relationship. After a few weeks or months apart, you can
objectively look at the relationship. You can see what was good (a lot), and what
wasn’t (a few big things) and decide what needs to be addressed to make the partnership
work. This distance is often enough to give you
the perspective you need to turn the relationship around. Number Four: It shakes things up Relationships can get into ruts really easily. It can actually be worse the closer and more
connected you are. Your lives get super in sync, you do everything
together and things are great. But soon you realize you always seem to do
the same things, you’ve drifted apart from your friends and you’re so entrenched in
this routine that it’s hard to even think of your life before the relationship. A breakup will shake up your day-to-day in
a way that’s going to be uncomfortable but can be beneficial too. Maybe you can’t hang out with your usual
friends because they took your ex’s side in the breakup? Now you can catch up with other friends who
you haven’t seen in forever. Thursday night was date night? Use that regular time you set aside to take
a yoga class, or just hang out alone, eat doritos, and enjoy some of your newfound freedom. These are all going to lead to big changes
in your life and change is good. If your relationship suffered because you
were both bored, a breakup could be just what you needed to realize this. CTA: If you’ve gone through a break up and
you’re wondering if your relationship is worth saving, I have something that can help. Go to and take the free quiz
to see if things are beyond hope. This tool has been carefully crafted and it
has helped a lot of people figure out what their next step is after breaking up. Number five: It can help you figure out what
you want Relationships can end because one or both
of you don’t know what you want. This kind of confusion causes tension because
you don’t know what’s expected of you. Maybe you weren’t able to rely on them but
you were too afraid to talk to them about it and that caused resentment. Maybe they smothered you with too much attention. After you’ve been apart for awhile you’ll
be better able to answer these questions: What do I miss about them? What do I not miss? How did they change my life on a daily basis? What’s something I expected from them that
was unreasonable? Was I fully invested in the relationship? Did I take enough time for myself? Did I allow them to have freedom in the relationship? What’s something I wasn’t willing to do
for them? Should I have? Answering these questions can help you figure
out what you’ll do differently when you get back together. Number six: It will show you both how being
single sucks I think we can all agree that the single life
is rough. You’re expected to meet new people, constantly
put yourself out there, and put on pants and leave the house. And the worst part, after a particularly heinous
date, you can’t come home and talk trash about them to your partner because you don’t
have one because you’re single. You have to just tweet about it and then go
to sleep alone. I know, bleak, but your ex feels the same
way. Sometimes just taking this time apart can
make you both realize that you were taking each other for granted. You’ll be much happier staying in together
than frantically swiping on tinder. This is why it’s crucial to cut off contact
and stop sleeping together during this break. It may seem harsh but the more you maintain
boundaries now, the sooner you’ll be back together. Now let’s talk about how to get the most
out of your breakup. First, keep it real with your ex. You and your ex have broken up so act like
it. Set boundaries! Don’t keep hanging around together, calling
them on the phone, or even texting. It might seem like a big step to cut off contact
but it’s going to help in the long run. If they ended things but won’t leave you
alone, cutting off contact will make them realize that this is for real and that they’ll
have to take steps to get you back. Next, make sure to try new things. What are some things you didn’t or couldn’t
do when you were together? Maybe you always wanted to ride a motorcycle
but you knew your ex wouldn’t approve. Now’s the time. Maybe you were too busy to get to the gym
as often as you’d like when you were together. This could be your chance to do that triathlon
you’ve always wanted. Maybe you wanted to travel the world but they
couldn’t take time off work. Get out there! Think of the things you’ve always wanted
to do and now that you have more free time, do them. / Date New People Dating may be the last thing you want to do
right now. That’s okay, there’s no rush. But don’t wait too long. Dating someone new will give you a chance
to practice dating again, get some confidence and relight that romantic spark that may have
been missing towards the end of your relationship. Plus, it doesn’t hurt that it will make
your ex super jealous. Improve yourself Breaking up means you’ve got more time on
your hands now. This time can either hurt you or it can help
you. You need to take your time to get over the
breakup but don’t spend all your time wallowing in sadness. If they wanted to end things before, are they
going to want you back now that you spend all day on the couch, elbow deep in a pizza? This time is a gift. Take stock of your life. Ask yourself “How could it be better?”
and then take action. This could mean getting healthy, going to
therapy, spending more time with your family, or taking on more responsibility at work. If you set goals and throw yourself into them,
pretty soon you won’t be thinking about your breakup. And seeing you go for your dreams will impress
your ex and make them wonder why they broke up with you in the first place. Real Talk: whether you got dumped, broke up
with them, and even if you’re just taking a break from the relationship, don’t waste
your time pining for them. Sure you miss them. Sure, you feel horrible and you’re going
to do everything in your power to fix this but this time apart is happening whether you
like it or not so you need to get something out of it. If you can’t do it for yourself, do it for
them. The more you make the most of this time the
better partner you’ll be when you’re back together. Alright, thanks for watching YouTube. Breakups are hard but now you know how to
make the most of it. If you’ve got any more questions about how
to bounce back from your breakup, please comment below and I’ll do my best to help you. Also, if you haven’t already, subscribe
to my channel. I have a lot of great new videos planned for
you guys that you won’t want to miss. I’ve been Jessica Boss. Bye!


100 thoughts on “How Breaking Up Will Save Your Relationship (6 Ways!)”

  • Rodney Keith Walker says:

    LISTEN TO ME AND LISTEN GOOD – Never leave your partner. Never walk away from someone you been with for years, especially in a fire. I do not care what happened. You both need to kneel before God and put out the fire together. People always want to run to God after they left someone or they got left instead of coming to God together in the Fire. People have DONE away with God while living their everyday lives because they get all their support from other people, TV shows, YOUTUBE, etc. This is the biggest problem in relationships. This is why NO ONE get's along today because GOD has been put on the back burner as something to depend on when you are going through things, instead of the protection you need daily against the forces of darkness and demons over your relationship. I do not care who's fault it is, everyone plays a part in the fall if you are both not working together and putting God first. He cheated, she cheated, he argues, she argues. God wants you to focus on him, his word and empowering other couples to do the same. Stop wasting time destroying your mind with porn, lust, gossip, reality tv, social media and focus on your partner. 2PAC's mother said it best. They will give BLACK PEOPLE the tools they need to destroy themselves. What are those tools for black people, heck all people? REALITY TV. Women today are beinge watching so much negativity of women arguing and fighting, they then act the same way in their own home and relationships. This is a setup and it's working. ENTERTAINMENT > (DETAIN THE BRAIN, to ENTER SATAN into the SOUL) Go back to your ex and work it out. IF YOU DO NOT LISTEN TO ME, your NEXT relationship will be the exact same way. To all that have left ANYONE, go get your MAN/WOMAN back. Any relationship working outside GOD will FAIL at some point. Fix it and be an example of Gods work together. NEVER LEAVE YOUR PARTNER IN THE FIRE. Understand that if BOTH of you do not put GOD FIRST TOGETHER, you are both subject to the actions of SATAN controlling your mind to not only commit sin against each other, but you can't deal with the issues the correct way without arguing and blame.

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  • Hey, my ex and I were best friends for two years before we dated for two years. The last 7 months were long distance and I ended up breaking things off because he let the distance and life get in the way. Fighting escalated and got more often and I knew that I needed to end things before we destroyed each other. I told him that I wanted to eventually maybe pick things up again when situations change. We also agreed to be friends because we couldn’t lose each other from our lives. Did I do the right thing?

  • madhuvanthi sridhar says:

    Anyone or Jessica can help me here. A non-mutual break up it was. It was a polite break up, but from his side. What is with then blocking on social media? What is the main reason or thoughts or even the good things behind doing that (if there are any). To me it seems childish for some reason. Any opinions?
    (Well I am very hurt that he did so, because blocking makes it seem like they are saying "I don't want anything to do with you anymore ever")

  • Its was a week ago we break up i dont think she even cares about me anymore she tells me that im really inportant to her and she doesnt wana lose me as even when we are freinds and she isnt ready for a realtionship so i ignored her and start acting like she was the last thing on my mind now i feel horrible and i dont think she is getting back with me

  • Martine & Mary Hernandez says:

    That’s the first mistake U scorned ass women think that u were the only women on earth NEWS FLASH: u were the entertainment!!
    A person who leaves whatever it was to begin with was NEVER intending to stay and the reason they move on so quickly and easily is because they were already in a relationship!?!?!?!?!?!!! Side piece that’s why it was done in darkness u keep acting like we were so in love I don’t know what happened ur just delusional can’t except the truth of it all bc the only reason why it was brought to me because u wanted to be a messy piece of shit not bc He started distancing himself or anything like that I would have never suspected anything where as I’m sure you had fkn RED FLAGS 🚩 EVERYWHERE…..How sad that you thought u could have a Man whose HEART WAS ALREADY TAKEN but that’s why YOU’LL ALWAYS WRITE IT ABOUT AND WE WILL LIVE OUR LIVES THE WAY WE ARE SUPPOSED TOO TOGETHER💜💚🔐

  • Amanda Eriksson says:

    As I understand this, it as if both parties are okay with the breakup? Any-who.. me and my boyfriend was together for 2.5 years, we were in the stage of talking about moving in together. We hadn’t done it since we are in the same class in university, so I thought we both were on the same page that it would be to much to be with each-other 24/7 (I assumed this since we said once before, when we had been together for just a few months that he wanted to move in together to reduce rent… how romantic, but we didn’t and since he hasn’t brought it up until new year) . Now I thought that we had grown so much closer to each-other after summer, this since we spent so much more time and I felt and everyone around us felt that we were more love than ever. And then out of the blue he broke up with me in beginning of march, he said he hadn’t thought of it for long but it didn’t feel right, it didn’t fit anymore but he didn’t know why. He broke my world, maybe was it because I had said no once to many time, maybe it was because I didn’t want to sit at his friends house drinking, I don’t know why. But I apologised 2 weeks after, to have make him feel not prioritised, and I explained why I had been a bit of 1-2 weeks before he broke up with me.. it was a family matter that totally broke me, and I am that person that instead of seeking help with my loved ones I shut them out and tries to fix myself. Which maybe is wrong, maybe I should have said to him that I am going through a rough stage. But instead I felt more sad since he didn’t even notice that I was mentally in-stable and sad. I know that I haven’t played my cards right thourghout our relationship, neither has he, it was bout our first relationship, and we tried ti figure it out together , but I miss him, I see him almost everyday and it hurts, but I stay strong because I know that even if I don’t end up with him I will be fine. But it is extremely hard since I love him like crazy, and I still w at to spend my life and my future with him. Do you believe that it is possible for him to miss me, to gain the feelings back or is it a lost cause, I have learned things about me, I am working on myself, taking care and all, but he is a stubborn person who never believes he is wrong. Will we work it out? Or is he the one that got away?

  • What if there is an infatution with someone else? Also, what if another coach told me to maintain contact as much as possible?

  • Cristian A Velazquez Bustamante says:

    My situation is the following:

    " When a girl is used to being hurt, they won't know how it feels when a man starts appreciating her so she ends up pushing him away "

    I trust the Universe will bring us back together ❤

    I know is a moment of Breakthrough ❤

    I let go and trust God ❤

    Is day 65 with no contact and received 2 messages at day 60 and i will continue to wait until God / Universe brings her back naturally ❤

  • Cole Vincent says:

    I am in quite a pickle at the moment. I broke up with my ex girlfriend who was more committed than me in the relationship. When I met her I was still resolving some trauma from a previous toxic relationship I had come out of 2 months before we started dating. I think I broke her heart so bad that she just can't see herself trying again. She wants space and is hanging with a new guy now. I realise that the emotional attraction was lost for about 2 months and that she no longer trusts me either. I have been struggling with no contact because I have been trying to get her to re-attracted to me via text. She is obviously non responsive. Suppose I will just have to give time. Even though I have assured her that I am all in when/if we try again. Not sure what's the best strategy here…

  • H2ODemon1357 says:

    Thank u so much! U made me open up my eyes and let me see what I need to do. I will make the most of my time


  • Bellamy Adler says:

    Please don’t trust these videos i have wasted my time and money on these, getting a girl to like you is pretty easy! if you want to make it happen within 2 weeks , you can contact EMAIL-:(drphilipspelltemple @gmail. com). You'll have her almost stalking you within the first week.

  • Breaking up with someone is like throwing the trash in the trashcan. Nobody wants to go back to the trashcan and take back their trashy boyfriend.

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  • matilda mendez says:

    Me and my boyfriend broke up a while ago but we had a really good breakup and we respected each other we got back together a few day later when we talked threw everything and understood each other now we are better then ever

  • Kristof Van royen says:

    Coach, afther she end the relationship 3 months aga. She called me, and acted super nice. I know, she wants me to run back after her. What is my best move now? I still love her

  • I’m always afraid of breaking up and going through the effort of taking advice like this and just my ex ending up not coming back. 🙁

  • 9998 subscriber's w/o 1 video wow says:

    Me and my wife are having a tuff time. I've recently went to counseling and watched about 100 videos on the relationships. This is by far the best video I've seen . Tks so much for the info.

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  • I'm 31 & my child's mother is 32 so it's a done deal especially since she is in a rebound relationship but I do miss her 😔

  • Why would you want to make your ex super jealous? It hurts them! Jealousy can take away your sleep. It's the worst emotion I've ever felt!

  • I got helped with my breakup thanks to those guys FOR FREE: Super helpful 🙂

  • Mark Dusterhoff says:

    I agree with you Jessica breaking up will help to save your relationship. The No Contact Rule really does work it has worked in the past for me. What I did was to text once a week only with my girlfriend that was it. I've also dated other women during that time too. We're into our relationship 2.5 yrs. and have broken up 4 times. Do I wish that we hadn't broken up at all? Of course I do. I do tend to be needy which is a problem for me but I'm starting to learn to be less needy and to develop my own interests as well. Thank you for all of your advice Jessica.

  • my ex cheated multiples times and now with that girl who also cheated on her gf. Is it worth to fight for him .. I still love him its crazy

  • A woman NEVER breaks up without having a backup. Only then will they end it officially. If you feel like it's over but they havent said anything yet, theyve already broken up with you in their head they're just using you as collateral until they got someone else locked in. Do urself a favor, hurry up and break up with them first and save your dignity.

  • This is really terrible advice. My ex broke up with me after we lived together for nearly 4 years. I had to move and had nothing. I lost my job at around the same time so moving really didn't help my situation either.
    She realized I wasn't coming back and tried several times to reconnect.
    I found out later she initiated the breakup thinking I would come back.
    She tried to manipulate me. And she wasn't treating me well before the break-up.
    I gave her every chance to work things out and she chose to hurt me instead. So, I walked away and shut the door on my way out.
    She's engaged now and has tried to rub it in my face. I can see she's not really happy, but honestly I don't think she ever will be.
    Communicate and work on yourself while in a relationship if you can't do that then your not ready to have a serious long term relationship with anyone.

  • Am here to say a very big thank you to BABA OKOSODO and his great spiritual help for saving my relationship.No one would have believe that I and my ex will ever come back together again.but this great spell caster united us in just 48hours. I have introduced him to a lot of couples with problems across the world and they have had good news …

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  • I disagree making the other one jealous with a new partner is good. Me and my girlfriend broke up and she had sent nudes to someone else after 3 days…I found out and it disgusted me. I chose to get back with her and even 2 months later I think about it and cant seem to stop it bothering me. I'd say in regards to making the new relationship better, that is the only thing that is worse than before…I hate it. Everything else however is way better, overall I'm much happier I had just wished that one thing hadn't happened as j cant seem to take it off my mind….

  • Elena Kostyreva says:

    When she started talking really fast…….I started panicking. Trying to figure out what button I accidentally pressed

  • JP De Oliveira says:

    I just broke it off with my GF of 8 years. It's been almost 2 months and I've been feeling so confused. I wanted to end things coz I thought she wasn't doing enough. But now that things have ended I've had time to reflect on what a jerk I've been to her all this time. My actions were also contributing to our relationship failing. I would NEVER have seen all this without this break up. Lately I've been having strong feelings of wanting her back. I should've been a man and put a ring on her finger a long time ago. I was so pre-occupied in trying to get my life and our life to this 'fantasy' benchmark before marrying her. I see now putting it off all these years made her feel worthless. I am humbled now that I have reflected on all my wrong doings. I really don't know if we will end up being together again? If I get another chance, I will be that man she always saw in me and not the man I became over time from our unhappy relationship in which I now see I could've done a lot more to have tried to save. The whole 8 years, I never told her she was beautiful. How could I not even see that??? Being single sucks but I want to grow more as a person during this time. I want to get better. I want to learn to show the goodness from within to the world. I pray that I get another chance with her again. I see now the things I wanted which was marriage, kids and a future was all there for the taking. I was just too self consumed to have even realised this because I had my head stuck up my ass all these years. If I'm not meant to be with her, then I guess I can move on with all the lessons I have learned and still learning so I can become a better version of myself. I will move forward with this knowledge I have gained from you, so thank you Jessica.

  • When my gf of 2.7 years broke up with me, I begged and cried in front of her, gave her stuff/gifts to make her change her mind, but then i realized what I'm doing pushed her away more. She even said to me that she met someone and they have been talking for a week, i don't really care, because I trust her decisions, she's smart and beautiful and idk man, she's someone who knows what she is doing, and I'm confident that she's not serious about this "guy", rebounds does not last, also, she's busy right now with her career, she would not have a time for that guy. That guy can't help her with her situation right now, I know, I'm the only one who could literally help her in what she's doing. but yeah, I'm doing no contact right now, cause i want her to reach out for me when she needs me, I'm hoping that maybe she'll realize that she still loves me and need me. so I wrote her a letter, saying thank you for everything, apologizing for not giving her space since the break up, telling her that i trust her in everything that she'll do, tell her that I love her and will always will, telling her that at this point, I accept the breakup, and try to focus on my self, and telling her that I'll always be there for her. after sending her the letter I started no contact right away.

    but yeah we broke up for a reason, maybe we both needed to mature, I focused too much on her, and forget to go out with my friends and family. this breakup teaches me a lesson to become better. I want to get her back, but right now, I'm on my lowest point, she's the one who broke up with me, if I want her back, I should improve my self first, love my self first, yes you guys might say "Why would you still like your ex if she left you, she does not love you anymore, she's not even there on your lowest, she talked to someone else, she left, she gave up" well, im a fool LOL just kidding. I love her. that's it. I almost sacrificed my career for her, now, I think I should thank her because, this breakup made me chose a better career, made me get out of my comfort zone. none of this will happen if we didnt broke up. that's the lesson of our breakup we both needed to be more mature about our relationship. I love her so much, I'm still waiting for her, won't give up, improving my self for her. and yeah, she maybe talked to someone else but, I trust her. I love her so much.

    Will keep on updating on our journey of getting back together.

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  • My Love ( this is what I will call him) Broke up with me a few weeks ago, after the break up things kind of stayed the same. But he started talking to this woman he met at a car meet. Continuous texts and so forth. I was jealous because here I am laying in bed with him after he had broken up with me and he's talking to this girl, he said that she's a friend but I was telling him that the messages are flirting, he didn't want to believe me. of course of the week I was begging and pleading very desperate. I even made annoying comments like "why don't you ask your new girlfriend…". Finally last Monday I cam home from work and went to apologize for the comments. He told me it didn't matter because we aren't together so it didn't affect him. I stayed in our home that last night an the next day I finished moving out the last of my stuff. I ended up calling him at the end of the day and again I begged him for another chance. he told me he loves me but he's not in love with me, im not what he wants and there is never a chance to go back he only wants to move forward from here. At this point I am now trying the no contact but its only been a day in a half. I still miss him so much and want to know if there is hope.

  • Hi Jessica thank you we haven't even,had a date we broken,up,I,don't understand,were new to,each other god bless,you .💝💝💝

  • She looks just like my ex fiancee, wow..nevertheless this gives me hope , one day i will get her back ,even though now im so hurt but i need to restrain myself from not contacting her ,time will heal everything i hope .

  • We are in limbo no one has actually called it but non of us are talking to each other.

    We’ve cut contact.

    We haven’t even fallen out, he just faded me out over time that sucks 😔

    He won’t have any trouble moving in he’s a woman magnet he’s very very funny.

  • I disagree with dating .
    Yes it would make the other Jealous but that would work against what your trying to achieve it would just put a damper on trust . Yes your broken up but it doesnt mean ho hope in someone else's bed the following week and then expect to work things out if they find out it would cause problems

  • My wife of 13 years told me that she doesn't love me Romantically anymore and told me countless times our marriage is over but considers me as her Best Friend. She wants to be Friends during her separation from me, asking me to spend time with her as a friend. Sometimes she strokes my hair and hugs me but if I want to touch her, she backs away. I dont want to be Friend Zoned. I try the No Contact method which only makes it more difficult because the texts she sends are confusing as if she wants to get back but not really! I want her to have the time to process what she wants out of this separation without my interference and I also need the time to sort out my feelings. Im more confused now than the day she left! I feel like Im either in Limbo or living in Bizzaro World! We've had a wonderful marriage, seldomly fought….sometimes fight once or twice a year. I took care of her, bought her a house, a car, gave her the freedom to go out with friends and family and most of all I was Faithful to her. I consider myself handsome, phyically fit and workout everyday. I have other women chase me but I love only my wife! I don't understand why she has rejected me? If my best isnt good enough for her, then what is? My friends say I'm too nice and nice guys come last! Perhaps thats true but its not in my nature to be Bad, especially to my wife!

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  • Aiza Marasigan says:

    I kept watching this over and over again. It has been a hard time for me. This video is more than motivating me to get better. Thank you!

  • Milleigh Lopez says:

    I thought I'm over it and I'm over him but then something made me remember about him and i went back to zero and now i fell sad and lonely and feeling like dying

  • Eladio jose mora says:

    Thanks for the video content! Sorry for the intrusion, I would love your thoughts. Have you ever tried – Mahorrla Bringback Her Method (do a google search)? It is a smashing exclusive product for getting your ex back fast without the headache. Ive heard some interesting things about it and my good mate called Gray after a lifetime of fighting got excellent results with it.

  • Brutally Honest Lis Lis says:

    Cant stop eating? I haven't eaten more than a couple of small meals in a week…. I. Even struggle to eat that.


    Jessica, my gf left me. Afterba year together she left me. She left me anf got engage then all of a sudden gotten married to her ex that just came out of jail. The real why i believe she did this is because during our relationship. She want to move things fast but I always bring her back to reality that we can't have kids right now. But I was promising her a life to build up. We were building something but she decided to jumo the gun and left me for an ex that was in prison for years. Not to mention her past was not a good one for the guy she just got back with. But yesterday when I saw her pic of her getting married she wasn't happy.


    Honestly I want her back but I don't wsnt her to jump in my arms yet. I want us to rebuild again. I love her so much. I mean she wanted to have a life with me and we were up for it. Building a steong relationship. A love strong relationship. We communicate, we trust each other, and we love each other. I want her back so bad and it sad that I really miss her.


    Please help me, try to kove on the pain but at the aame time may you please help me. Advice me if she ever comes back what can i do. I love her but I just want us to rebuild first.

  • I broke up with him because I could tell he wasn't happy, I took time and fixed myself but he seems to think that I broke up because I didn't love him. It's been 2 months almost 3, I've improved but he still blames me a lot and found someone new. I want him back but I don't know what to do. I truly love him.

  • Just like a novel, without suffering and character growth….there wouldn't be any story to tell! But this isn't a novel! This is your Life! Be a better You!

  • my fiancé broke up with me about two months ago. today, it's been exactly 48 days of absolutely no contact, which kinda makes me nervous, because most videos say this period would last about 30 days… i know that each relationship is unique and that it can vary, but waiting and not really knowing what I am waiting for is really hard😔 I really try to focus on myself but from time to time that pain just comes back. especially bc i had to see him on saturday last week on a wedding and we just looked at each other for a short moment and then went on like we are strangers😞😞😞
    I wish so bad for him to realise that he did wrong by ending our 6,5 year relationship. The only reason he broke up was that he had the feeling that I wouldnt get along with his family. We both still love each other more than anything, but he has his family pressuring him.. subconsciously. My biggest fear is that EVEN IF he wanted to come back and wanted to work things out, he never would do so, bc of his family, the pressure and maybe even them telling him not to do so (they all said breaking up was 100% his decision, but i think they influenced him…). What do you guys think? Will he sooner or later realise that he cant live without me either? (he said if the problem with the family wouldnt exist, everything would be all good between the two of us). How can someone just forget the feelings and love for the other person over time wheb there is no reason/fight?🙁

  • Apparently my ex thought breaking up will help us for the future, days later "I'm talking to someone else, it happened outta nowhere I hope you understand.." And a week later "hey just checking up on you" 😑

  • Walter Lawrence says:

    Life was so much better after she broke up with me. She insisted on a "no contact" summer and I've not contacted her yet. When i finally thought about it, I realized I did not want her in my life at all.

  • "Do it for them"… I dont want to have false hope. I feel awful enough already about myself..
    And as time goes on I think time just make them forget you not miss you…

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