How Breaking Bad Should End – Key of Awesome #77!

How Breaking Bad Should End – Key of Awesome #77!

Breaking Bad I wanna tell you all a tale about an awesome show and all of its demented fans who talk about Walt and Jesse and Gus like they’re all close personal friends they blog and text and love tweet hashtags with the help of Chris Hardwick and bro
viewing parties where they take a drink whenever Jesse says “yo bitch”. just try and watch one episode without ending up hooked the show who is more addictive than the meth that Walter cooks. what will we watch on Sundays when this epic tale is done nobody gives a flying fart about the winter sun everybody’s got theories and conspiracies
on how it’s all gonna come to a close seems that every Tom, Dick, and Mary
thinks that they can write a hit TV show it all ends with Walter back in chemistry class
the whole show is just him day dreaming. well that’s better than just cutting straight to black after playing don’t stop believin
I think he’ll survive the cancer, the cops, and the gangsters then go right back to cooking meth and then when he thinks he’s gotten away
scot-free his wife will nag him to death. it should end with an epic kung foo fight between Mrs. White and Marie Skylar will whack her with a roundhouse kick and say “put down my baby”. yo Walter’s gonna use like science and stuff to like bring Gus back from the dead and he can be a badass robo Gus with like a half terminator head we cheer and scream when Walter sings like “I’m not the one who knocks” and we still find him likeable “But yo he poisoned Brock” hey my friends I’ve got a plan for this show not to end let’s fly to Albuquerque and get Napit killed again what if Walter and Hank turned out to be the same person. oh yeah Walter is like Hank’s Tyler Durden. think about it they’re bald and have a similar face and you never see the two of them in the same place. ok Walter is dead because he shot him in the head and escaped down to Mexico one day he gets a box of blue meth in the mail and said “woah who sent this yo” then Walt Jr shows up at his front door and says “hey Jesse have you heard” he throws down his crutches
grabs Jesse in his clutch and says “I’m Heisenberg”. yo it was all an act he ain’t handicapped that kid is just like Keyser Soze. and then his crutches become two submachine guns and he blows Jesse Pinkman away well those are all our notes Fritz you better get started we gotta go find George RR Martin. Finish those books


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