How Advertisers Are Manipulating You In Ways You Don't Even Know


30 thoughts on “How Advertisers Are Manipulating You In Ways You Don't Even Know”

  • Joseph Rucker says:

    And just because Saudi Arabia gives a robot citizenship. That still more rights then what their women get. Women are below people and robots in the eyes of the saudies.

  • Joseph Rucker says:

    I do the opposite of what an ad says. If it tells me i am hungry I will skip lunch. Or bring my lunch from home. And if I forgot I brought lunch ill starve until my woman cooks.

  • Joseph Rucker says:

    I hate ads! I dont care about anything you want to show me. Maybe if you gave me money you can buy my attention.

  • Jack Haveman says:

    It should read "How Advertisers Are TRYING to Manipulating You". Most of us aren't really that affected by advertising unless it pertains to us in a personal way. MacDonalds can dress up their burgher all they want, I'm not buying it. I'll do one on the barbecue instead. I know what beer or pop I like and I'm quite comfortable about my body image.

    I'm sure there are people out there that they can grab but once a person gets to a certain stage of maturity and has been exposed to these tactics, they don't have near the effect they once did. I laugh right along with the Bud Light commercials, yet I'd never buy a case.

  • Jyri Väätäinen says:

    No advertiser will make me to buy more. I ask question: how this item will make me happy. Most of the time, items will not bring anything, only money loss. Stay away from shopping, only shop in need. Minimalism is the cure.

  • It's Obviously Mia says:

    Beep Beep, I'm a sheep
    Meow Meow, I'm a cow
    Moo moo, I go moo
    Roar Roar, I'm a dinosaur
    Yummy with no nuts, I'm a donut!
    I will eat a boat, Im a goat
    I will kill you and put you in heaven, I am TheLegend27

    Took a while! I made this all by myself :3 <With a bit of help at the start from asdf>

  • Desmodontinae10 says:

    Valentine's Day actually used to be an official holiday: It is the alleged day of death of Bishop Valentine, who married couples in the Roman Empire while Christianity was forbidden.

  • Stephanie Shah says:

    found your channel tonight… loving it so far! ☺ keep up the good work… I hope your channel gets the recognition it deserves!

  • One MercilessMing says:

    As long as I've been alive, the media has shown how products are hyped and how products (especially food) are given as much of a cosmetic boost as any human model is. Folger's coffee was featured in one exposé as having liquid dish detergent applied to create the bubbles in the poured cup. Of course companies are going to want to have their products shown in the best light. However, if you make a purchase and it's NOTHING like the product being hyped, a complaint can be filed with the US Department of Consumer Affairs (national) or the branch that operates in your home state.

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