5 thoughts on “Houston Newsmakers 102019”

  • call me mr Tom Reagan says:

    Vote mayorTurner out of office He haven’t did nothing for city of Houston Lots of potholes in the street Get him out of office !!!!!

  • They're all trash…bring in a progressive!! All four of these guys are corrupt and are only looking to stuff their pockets with our tax dollars. So corrupt Turner was willing to go against the will of the people. Then you got Trump's little Cousin Tony Buzzbee(it's not really working for him)..Bill King and Dwight Boykins are genuine guys but their not going to bring change just a lot of status quo type of bullsh*t. So who are the outsiders?

  • If my city votes for Turner, they are all blind. That man denied the fire Department and gave his boyfriend and 95,000 dollar gift. He needs to be voted out. He's what's been wrong with Houston and it's apparent.

  • Accevedo needs to go he lied repeatedly from the beginning about a double homicide perpetrated by officers under his command. RIP Tuttle family.

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