100 thoughts on “House Republicans storm closed-door impeachment deposition”

  • I’m sure if you paid someone enough, you could get them to leak out what went on! The Democrats do it ALL THE THINGS ME!!!

  • Maybe Pelosi thinks SCHIFF is great in bed! Can’t think of any other reason that she is continually covering their asses!!!

  • Ooh CHILD! Our lord and his son IMPEACHMENT JESUS are working overtime to get the fake realty show precedent out of the WHITE house 🙏🙏🙏🙏 AMEN.

  • Alternative reality. A fact is not a fact. The truth is not the truth. Do not look here, quick look over there. The 2020 election cannot come quick enough to get rid of these bozos!!!!!!

  • This is SOOOOO unbelievable!! The democrats are such criminals!! What are they trying to hide? Something is just not right. Christians, we've got to pray. Pray for God's will.

  • Republicans and Democrats = Total Morons. Are these congressmen and women being paid to behave this way? In what job would acting like this NOT get you fired? Who's job is it to crack the whip on these idiots? Has the teacher been out of the room for too long? Is the boss on vacation? Where do these fools get the idea that we the people enjoy this sh*t show, they are carrying out?? Would they be surprised to know that we are not amused?

  • Why delay the inevitable which such foolish theatrics? The evidence is pouring forth, and I guess this little stunt is about the last card the GOP can play in a feeble effort to rescue their Dear Leader.

  • LIES on Fox FAKE News! 47 LYING TRAITOR GOP republiCONS have access to the “secret” inquiry! The MAJORITY of Americans are for IMPEACHMENT and REMOVAL of CRIMINAL Trump!!!


  • Storming of the Bastille (or the SCIF).

    A clown car of faked indignance and staged outrage GOP members of the house, decided that they would perform a circus act within the capital building.

    Breaking not just tradition or decorum and the law…they bravely threw aside those ideas of maturity that would normally be the bulwark against such childish and outright buffoonish behavior; forcibly throwing themselves into the maw of ridicule, mockery and downright stupidity.

    With prideful disregard for being contemptible, they surged forward, dodging those metaphorical bullets and cannonballs of boorishness, advancing with the clear clarity of not knowing what they were doing.

    As they reached that inner sanctum, the SCIF, they then declared victory ordering pizza and chicken sandwiches.

    Unfortunately, they forgot they couldn’t bring their phones or other electronic devices into the SCIF, and since they broke the law, they were sent to a real bastille.

    There is a moral to the story.

    All the best.


  • Wrong, the Republicans do not get one on one with the so called witnesses and if they get a transcript the a singke Democrat has to sit and watch that Republican read it, this is absolutely outrageous and ridiculous, this is the opposite of due process and all I can say is this is like a Soviet style process…we will not be over run,we will not comply

  • traumaturgist SBI says:

    More substanceless Fox propaganda. Yawn…
    It's common knowledge that the Dems are following rules for closed-door meetings which the REPUBLICANS set out in 2015. Even Andrew Napolitano has said this. So the Republicans look even dumber than they did before for storming an inquiry (NOT a hearing) following rules THEY set out. Hypocrisy at its finest.


  • All they saw when they walked in was a bunch of CRYBABY LOSERS and Kleenex all over the floor soaked with TEARS.. All because they LOST THE ELECTION..

  • Wow the republicans pulled there balls out of there pussys except for rump mutt romly the ofairy butt berry puppet buffoooooooooooon fagot mutt rumply needs to be exicuted for treason and child molesting pedophile pedevor demonic evil deeds. Exicution time is now

  • I DON'T know the blond shrills name. But, perhaps she might second guess her frantic ,narrative. Seems like many ( news) originators are becoming hysterical.

  • Americans know. The democrats are following the rules, law and will continue to do so to assure it is completed. The republicans are doing trump's bidding stupidly

  • King Diamondfan says:

    Storming the room where 45 of their Republican colleagues currently are watching the testimony of the witnesses so lets stop with all of this "in secret " bull shat.

  • Saṃsāra's Light says:

    12 of them were already part of the committee, just lmao at this gop cl0wn show. 😂
    They also could have asked to join, holy f#$&, people falling for this should seriously not be allowed to breed.

  • Considering the number of times the the dems scream about the constitutional process , vilolating the impeachment protocols is the typical hypocrisy we have been witnessing for almost 3 years. It Is beyond ridiculous that all this going on in secrecy, our congressional representatives need to be part of this process, not a biased group. This kind of government is tyrannical and not within the laws of our country, let alone accusing our president, Trump.

  • We need to just simply take away power from the dims. Let them know that we will NO LONGER play with them!! Make them VOID! Let's take them on!!!

  • Republicans keep blaming Democrats for wanting to impeach the president from the start, then why is Trump making so easy for them by breaking the law any chance he gets,
    1. He asks for foreign interference in the election to help him.
    2. He has enriched himself since being president.
    3. He promised to show his taxes & still hasn't done so.
    Trump is so dumb, he puts his crimes on a plate & hands it to Democrats & says "see I didnt do the crime, because I showed you a crime, the guy makes my head spin, he has to go, he is just too dumb to be president.

  • Your right it is innocent until proven guilty, & didn't trump plead guilty when he asked not only Ukraine but China to investigate the bidens confront of the press at chopper talk, he did that before any of the hearings even started, ROTFL basically Trump screamed " I did it" what a fxxking idiot,
    So no it's now the other way round he is guilty & wishes to be proven innocent. 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂

  • myron huddleston says:

    Liberal Democrat Socialist Adam Schiff has shown himself as TRAITOR to the United States and our Constitutional Republic . It is now time to arrest him for his lies ,treason , election fraud and sedition .

  • Many of those Republicans could have walked into the closed door meetings, they were on the proper committees. Just a weird stunt.

  • They unearthed a nest of vipers. When they looked through the torch light in that dark basement the hissing and writhing began and the voice of Adam Schiff said " Why do you torture us before our time "

  • What a bunch of dem scammers. No such thing as transparency with those demonic lunatics.
    No wonder everybody hates their guts.

  • Helen Righteousness says:

    Fact checking!!! The process of the impeachment inquiries is totally legal and it’s Procedure and operation were approved by the Republicans in the past.
    You are not allowed to change the rules now

  • The lunatic is in the hall
    The lunatics are in my hall
    The paper holds their folded faces to the floor
    And every day the paper boy brings more
    And if the dam breaks open many years too soon
    And if there is no room upon the hill
    And if your head explodes with dark forebodings too
    I'll see you on the dark side of the moon

  • Gatez and co. Right on!!!!! It's a witch hunt. Its a slap in the face of America and the American peoples face. We want Mr Trump. We voted him in. Get these people out of government that's doing…..

  • Yea this is just another ""BIG HOAX"" just like the Stormy Daniels scandal and his tax fraud scandal and his trump foundation scandal and the Russian scandal and his obstruction of justice scandal and the etc. etc. etc .etc etc. etc. LMAO!! lolololl You would have to be a total dumbed down trumptarded trumplican to actually believe trump and worship that evil orange imbecile criminal.

  • All White men and women.

    This is not surprising. White men in power break and bend the rules (and laws) when they do not benefit them. It has been that way since the birth of this nation. (Broken treaties with native Indian, broken promise of 40 acres and a mule to freed African slaves …) This is a blatant display of White privilege and abject arrogance. Such persons cannot be trusted. They will not have your back and will break an oath, a promise, or an agreement. They will turn their backs on friends and allies and even one another. And, they walk around self-righteously as if they walk on water (above the law) and justify their actions. They have no respect for law or the legal processes in place. They create double standards and speak with a poisonous forked tongue.

  • Storm? Excuse me, half those people were allowed in there. I am Dutch, I know this. How stupid are Americans for continuing to believe FOX and CNN? It is beyond me, so blatantly infantile in journalism, so bias, so opinionated. Let's be honest, Trump is a goon, the dumbest leader globally, even Robert Mugabe was smarter. Tell me, which western leader appoints family members in key positions in government?

    I think it is time for Republicans to dismiss Carson, Session, Graham and all those old evil men who are owned by big money. The Dems should do away with Biden, Clinton, Sanders and those owned by corporations. It would be best if left and right turn against the politicians, kick 'm all to the curb and install new centrist governments. People want a couple of things: a roof, food, social security, education, health care. Matters that or not left or right, the issues do not divide, it's the politicians that divide us.

  • I bet that you Trumpeteers don’t know that there are 47 Republicans on the three committees involved in the impeachment inquiry. All have access to the depositions. And 11 of those Republicans chose to take part in that stupid stunt of storming the secure room even those they already had full access and could simply do their job. So inquiring minds want to know: what was the real purpose of this little stunt?

  • The Benghazi hearings were done in secret. It is time to vote these Republicans out of the Senate and the House.🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  • The LEFT idiot happy to be brainwashed. They do not even see the difference who actually breaking the law here. Behind close door for impeachment = COUP. this need to be Treasonous by the Pencil Neck and Pelocy.

  • Liberals, Congressional Black Caucus, & people of former slaves who support this type of impeachment are sickening with their pretentious, hypocritical lies. If Obama was being investigated for impeachment & only his foes were allowed to participate, they would protest, & encourage rioting. They’re no better than the Ku Klux Klan. This is a lynching! Signed: A Proud son of Former Slaves

  • Crunch Hardtack says:

    Can anyone point out at what point the "storm" happened. Oh wait a minute. There was no storm. Just a bunch of old men walking down the aisle of a secret dem meeting. Leave it to the lib media to call it a "storm."

  • A good portion of those republicans had justified access to the room as they were on the committee.. So there was no need to do any storming.. If the facts aren't on your side and the law isn't on your side, your only option is to throw a mass tantrum.

  • The republicans who stormed the hearing were already in the hearing but stepped out to join the coup- The true republicans headed by Boehner are the ones that made the lmpeachment rules – This ignorant fake republicans should be held accountable for its stupid actions of bringing cell fones in a restricted area exposing US security – threatening highly sensitive information that are ongoing unrelated to the impeachment inquiry – they are well aware of their actions but broke the law- They should be all arrested and have their high clearance revoked – like the ignorant Gaetz who was arrested in Florida for driving intoxicated – They should all be held accountable – officers in the military are jailed for these types of ignorant actions

  • Zaneta Horvatovavavarenzanetavndor says:


  • (to be sung to "Raindrops and Roses tune)

    "Lying, denying, distortion, obfuscation"
    "Conflating, dissembling and phony investigations,"
    "Pointing the finger at everyone else"
    "These are Republicans' favorite things."

    "When the Trump tweets,"
    "When the lies spout,"
    "When they're feeling sad,"
    "They simply turn to their favorite things,"
    "And then they look really bad!"

  • Lolly Pedregosa says:

    The hearings of Adam Schiff on Impeachment must be declared NULL AND VOID because it does not follow correct legal procedures.

  • Where the hell is CIA Director Gina Haspel on all of this? If Schiff is conducting an intelligence investigation and discussing matters of national security , Haspel should demand that there is a copy of every word of it on her desk by the end of the day. He a member a the house. By what basis in law can Schiff create a situation where he is in charge of everything accountable to no one?

  • Europe (complete idiot guy verhofstadt) the usa and israhell are ruled by criminal maffia banksters ! Throw them out ! Free Julian Assange !

  • Investigations are SUPPOSED to held behind closed doors. This act was a STUNT! Almost half of the congressional members involved in these proceedings are Republican! No access? Really?

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