House Invites Trump to Next Impeachment Hearing: A Closer Look

House Invites Trump to Next Impeachment Hearing: A Closer Look

-The House has laid out the next steps in its
impeachment inquiry and now they’re inviting
President Trump himself to participate.
For more on this, it’s time for “A Closer Look.” [ Cheers and applause ] One thing we know about Trump is that his brain is basically
a toxic waste dump with a bunch of trash, debris
just floating around in there. And apparently, one particular
piece of brain litter that got lodged
in his skull recently is an insane and completely
nonsensical idea that there are people out there who want to change the name
of Thanksgiving an idea he barfed up at one of
his group therapy sessions in Florida last night. -As we gather together for
Thanksgiving — You know, some people to change the name Thanksgiving.
They don’t want to use the term Thanksgiving.
[ Crowd booing ] And that was true, also,
with Christmas, but now, everybody’s using
Christmas again. Remember I said that? [ Crowd cheering ] But now we’re gonna have to do
a little work on Thanksgiving. People have different ideas why it shouldn’t be called
Thanksgiving, but everybody in this room I
know loves the name Thanksgiving, and we’re not
changing it. -We could change it to “What the
[bleep] are you talking about?” [ Laughter ]
[ Cheers and applause ] Because nobody — nobody wants to change the name
of Thanksgiving! You see, as the impeachment
inquiry intensifies and Trump keeps losing,
he and his allies on Fox News have to keep inventing insane
new paranoid conspiracy theories to whip up their base and keep
them in line. I mean,
first it was war on Christmas, now it’s Thanksgiving.
What’s next? [ As Trump ] The Democrats
don’t want to use the term Halloween, folks! They want to change it
to All Gourds Day. We’re not gonna let it.” [ Garbled speech ] [ Garbled speech continues ] [ Cheers and applause ] Now, you will not — you will
not be surprised to learn that this dumb idea, like most
of Trump’s dumb ideas, originated on Fox News. In fact, at one point, Fox
literally aired a segment with a giant graphic that said
the words, “War on Thanksgiving.” There is no war on Thanksgiving. The only war on Thanksgiving
is the war between sane people and racist uncles who think
there’s a war on Thanksgiving. And then after that war,
you have to have a second war between cousins fighting over
the last bottle of red wine. [ Laughter ] And then just to fully
illustrate the lifecycle of an insane right-wing
conspiracy theory, the war on Thanksgiving idea
traveled from Fox News to Trump’s brain
and then back to Fox News. This morning, “Fox and Friends”
aired a clip of Trump’s comments and then puzzled over where it
could’ve possibly come from. -I don’t think
there’s a huge push to change the name of
Thanksgiving, is there? -Well, you know, uh… I think it was in 2015, there
was a rumor that Barack Obama wanted to change the name of
Thanksgiving, but that was debunked. -They actually did it. They found a way to tie it back
to Barack Obama. [ Laughter ] I’m shocked
they didn’t find a way to include Hillary Clinton, too.
In fact, I heard a rumor that one of Hillary’s missing
e-mails had the subject line — “Secret Plan to Rename
Thanksgiving.” So, I don’t know.
It’s hard to tell… [ Applause ] Trump is grasping at straws
and ridiculous lies because the impeachment inquiry
that threatens his presidency is intensifying and moving into
the next phase. Remember, we just had two weeks
of public hearings that featured
one witness after another testifying that there was,
in fact, a corrupt quid pro quo
with Ukraine. We already have all the
evidence. Remember how they had to arrest
Al Capone for tax evasion because they couldn’t get him on
the other crimes? Well, this is the exact opposite
of that. The President actually has
committed tax evasion. Everyone’s like,
“Oh, you don’t forget! We don’t have time for that!
The guy tried to get two countries to interfere
in our elections, he paid off a porn star, and
from the look of Rudy’s face, he judo chopped his own lawyer’s
ballsack. Now the House is laying out
its next steps for impeachment inquiry,
starting with a hearing schedule for next week in the
House Judiciary Committee, which will be responsible for
drafting articles of impeachment against the President, which
means a vote on those articles could come by the end
of the year. -While Congress remains
on Thanksgiving break, Democrats are already preparing
for a busy December in the impeachment inquiry. Once lawmakers return, it is the
House Judiciary Committee that will take center stage. Chairman Jerry Nadler writing
that on December 4th, the panel will hold its first
hearing in the probe to, quote, “Discuss the historical
and constitutional basis of impeachment. -December will be filled
with public hearings and a likely vote in the House
Judiciary Committee before a full vote to
impeachment on the House Floor, which could come before
Christmas day. -Wow, Trump could actually be
impeached in time for Christmas. I mean, in a way, it’s the one
promise he’s actually kept because remember, he did say… -You’ll be saying,
“Merry Christmas” again. -See, he was right! [ Cheers and applause ] Now, in announcing
this next step, the House also invited Trump
and his lawyers to participate in the
impeachment process, but in doing so, they laid out
what would seem like a pretty obvious rule. House Judiciary Chairman
Jerry Nadler wrote to Trump, “I am hopeful that you and your
council will opt to participate in the committee’s hearings consistent with the rules
of decorum and with the solemn nature
before us.” It’s amazing that they even had
to tell the President to adhere to the rules
of decorum. But it’s like how you have one
wedding invitation for all of your guests
and then another one just for your druggy cousin. [ Laughter ] Now, a CNN poll this week found
that 50% of Americans want Trump not just impeached
but removed from office, and the House’s invitation
to Trump comes after weeks of Trump complaining that he
wasn’t allowed to participate in the impeachment process.
In fact, last week in a rambling Fox News
interview, he even said he would welcome
a trial in the Senate, which would likely begin
early next year. -Don’t forget,
there was no due process, you can’t have lawyers, we
couldn’t have any witnesses. We want to call
the whistleblower. But you know who I want
as the first witness? ‘Cause, frankly, I want a trial. -No! You do not want a trial. You wouldn’t last more
than five minutes on the stand without confessing.
For one thing, your arresting demeanor is,
“You’re damn right I ordered the code red.” [ Laughter ] So now that
the impeachment inquiry is moving to its next phase,
Trump is preparing his defense. For example, he’s blocked
several of his closest aids from testifying — aids who have
been directly implicated in this scheme to extort
Ukraine. In fact, at this very moment,
Trump’s White House is fighting in court to block
those aids from testifying. But yesterday, Trump insisted
he’s actually love to let them tell their side
of the story. -Trump tweeted, “I would love to
have Mike Pompeo, Rick Perry, Mick Mulvaney,
and many others testify about the phoney
impeachment hoax. -Oh, would you? Would you love
for them to testify? He always goes so overboard and
makes it clear that he’s lying. That’s like if your girlfriend
said, “I’d love to stay in on a Friday night and watch you
play video games.” You’d be like, “Nuh-uh!” [ Laughter ] So Trump inner circle has been dragged into the
impeachment process, as well. Now, it’s well established that
America’s greatest Presidents have always succeeded in part
by assembling great teams. FDR had his famous Brain Trust,
Lincoln had his team of rivals, and Trump, of course,
has his team of off-brand
Mr. Potato Head dolls. [ Laughter ]
I mean, look at — Why do they all look like
their eyes and ears have been drawn onto their
heads? I mean, Stephen Miller
looks like a snake just rose
out of a basket, Devin Nunes looks like
someone poked two holes in a brown paper bag, Rudy Giuliani looks like
a face drawn on a kumquat. And now, Trump’s inner circle is
entangled in his criminal scheme to extort a foreign country to
interfere in the 2020 election. For example, today
the “New York Times” reported that Giuliani, who is reportedly
on a criminal investigation for everything from money
laundering to obstruction of justice to
campaign finance violations, also pursued business in Ukraine while pushing for inquiries
for Trump. And it wasn’t just Rudy.
Two of Giuliani’s henchmen, Lev Parnas and Igor Fruman,
have already been indicted for their role in this scheme.
You remember these two guys? The guys who look like
characters from the Soviet version
of Guess Who? [ Laughter ] Now, you might remember that
these guys had at least 10 — 10 separate interactions
with Trump. And they told associates that
Trump had sent them on a secret mission to dig up
dirt on Joe Biden and Ukraine. I’m sorry, but these
are the guys you want on a secret mission?
Yeah, I mean, they’ll blend right in
as long as the mission is to infiltrate a convention
of Queens building supers. [ Laughter ] In fact, they specifically said
they’d been given a special assignment by Trump,
which they told people was some sort of James Bond
mission. It’s really great that Trump
came up with a James Bond mission
and he assigned it to two guys who look like they’d immediately
get thrown off a speedboat by James Bond. These guys look like
the mug shots that would come up during one of Bond’s briefings. You know, like at the beginning
of the movie when M is going through a list
of known suspects before they get to
the main villain. It’s like, “[British accent]
Lev Parnas — arms dealer eaten by a shark
in the South Pacific. Igor Fruman — drug trafficker
accidentally electrocuted after putting his [bleep]
in a socket in Kiev. [ Laughter ] That’s the photo from before
that happened.” [ Laughter ] Now — Now they’ve been
arrested, one of them
is basically begging to flip on Rudy and the President, and the House Intelligence
Committee is reportedly already
in possession of audio and video recordings
and photographs provided to the committee
by Lev Parnas. The material submitted
to the committee includes audio, video, and photos
that include Giuliani and Trump. That’s right, they have audio
and video recordings of Trump and Rudy.
And let’s just spare a thought for the Congressional
investigators who have to sit down and listen
to recordings of Rudy Giuliani. I mean, these are investigators
who probably clerked for judges and high-powered
law firms, and they’ll have to spend
their holiday sifting through the ramblings of
this lunatic. -Shut up, moron! Shut up. -Okay, hold on.
-Shut up. You don’t know what you’re talking about.
-We got the whistleblower. We have the transcript…
-Shhhh! Shh! Shh! -…of the call and the
President’s remarks. -[ Garbled ] I am Spartacus.
I am Spartacus. -By the way, Biden’s been off
the trip — -He’s our Al Gore. -Alright, Rudy,
hold that thought. -What thought is he gonna hold? You know you’re crazy when
you’re already practicing breaking free from your
straightjacket. “You’ll never hold me!
You’ll never hold me!” [ Cheers and applause ] So now, not only does the House
have possession of these recordings, but they’ve
also subpoenaed Lev and Igor, and Democratic Intelligence
Chairman Adam Schiff said this week,
“There’s a chance they’ll even be called
to testify.” -We have subpoenaed documents
from Mr. Parnas. We’ve had discussions with the
Southern District of New York. We have subpoenaed Mr. Parnas
and Mr. Fruman for their records. We would like them to fully
comply with those subpoenas. We may go beyond those
documentary requests, but we first want to see the
documents, and we have seen
time and time again the importance of getting
documents before witnesses testify. It would be nice
to have those documents before we question people
like the Secretary of State or question people
like Mr. Parnas. -Can you imagine this guys
testifying before Congress? He’d have to get
special permission to wear a tie
with his track suit. [ Laughter ] The House has laid out
the next steps in the impeachment inquiry.
A vote could come by the end of the year.
And judging by the polls, if Trump does get impeached, Americans will be doing
a lot of… -Thanksgiving. -This has been “A Closer Look.” [ Cheers and applause ]


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