Hot Reporter Strips in Times Square

Hot Reporter Strips in Times Square

when we get twenty thousand subscribers
will give away a free and i fell jersey of your choice so subscribe now transport locked out and now a beautiful
los angeles california so maria minutos uh… thirty three years all twenty
emerson college she is from massachusetts a huge new england patriots fan host of
extra with mario lopez um… she has been in the a night writer on to rise
tropic thunder a ton of good movies and shows and so she lost the super bowl that uh… see had to pay out by going uh…
out in times square in new york locally for her it was forties and
fifties that day so it hasn’t been the uh… cold this winter edgy lost a bet to fellow actor
correspondent a_j_ calloway who is from new jersey uh… former los the one oh six and park
and had to pay up by going out in times square in her bikini now before we get
to the video um… maria tweety a few things she said ready to face the music
in her white robe mario lopez takeaway i think there were a big black
yeah character or it lost but that’s all cap ac patrick and uh… one thing you think of she must work out uh… here here a few pictures from it
uh… her mario lopez standing in times square in her in the bikini in over
thirty three years old having a belly ring i gotta say i m i’m totally in favor uh… seized really flattered to do it
even though she’s freezing um… then again it was fifties that day
so of back to indianapolis where she was after the super bowl there is any sdn
the magazine event and that she did not do interviews on the red carpet however when she got wherever the party was she uh… and it didn’t even talk to him for more
than two hours and got him to do this net is maria materials and t_n_t_ vote team going she convinced
in the table and she said i was his first he told me of the party had never
to go to it anywhere else before


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