Horse Facts for Kids – Learn about horses for children & horse information | Kiddopedia

Horse Facts for Kids – Learn about horses for children & horse information | Kiddopedia

how fast can horses run what is a baby horse called are horses wild animals let us learn about horses horses are four-legged animals that have had a long relationship with us humans horses were domestic it’s 5,000 years
ago they are found all over the world it is estimated that there are around
seven to five million horses in the world horses were once a primary way of
transportation they also perform many tasks for humans
over the years horses played a major role in wars
throughout the history of mankind a typical horse needs between two and half and three hours of sleep a day taking sleep standing up and lying down domestic horses can live around 25 years horses are herbivores meaning they eat
plants they mostly eat hay and grasses they love short and juicy grass horses also like legumes like peas and beans fruits such as apples and carrots horses have small stomachs for their
size they need to eat little and often horses drink 25 gallons of water a day horses are capable of running shortly
after they are born horses are remarkably fast animals they can gallop at around 44 km/h the fastest horse in the world could run with a speed of 88 km/h horses are very social animals they live in groups called herd they will get lonely if kept alone horses can be as tall as 69 inches horses weigh as much as 2,200 pounds horses have bigger eyes than any other land mammal horses can see nearly 360 degrees because their eyes on the side of their head horses have some excellent senses including good hearing and eyesight a male horse is called a stallion a female horse is called a mare a baby horse is called the fall a pony is not a baby horse . ponies are simply small horses horses use facial expression mainly their eyes and ears to communicate with each other Thank you for watching this video on
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  • Someone Somewhere says:

    Horses were domesticated four-thousand years ago, not five-thousand.
    There are approximately sixty-million horses in the world.
    Domestic horses live approximately twenty-five years, but can have longer lives if they are healthy. They can also live much shorter lives than that, unfortunately.
    Domestic horses are normally very happy eating grain along with their hay and grass.
    Horses can be kept in their own field, but must be able to see a field where other horses are living so that they don't become lonely and depressed.
    A stallion is a male horse who has not been castrated. A male horse who has been castrated is known as a gelding.
    This might have just been a typo, but baby horses are called "foals," not "falls."
    The facial expressions that horses use to communicate with each other and with other species, such as humans.

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