Hong Kong: Chinese ambassador to UK warns Beijing ‘will not sit on its hands’ over protests

Hong Kong: Chinese ambassador to UK warns Beijing ‘will not sit on its hands’ over protests

A handful of extreme radicals
have been undermining the rule of law, social order and one
country, two systems in Hong Kong. But they have taken cover under
the so-called pro-democracy movement to hide their real intentions
and to whitewash their disruptive actions. Their moves are severe and
violent offences and already show signs
of terrorism. Central government of China
would never allow a few violent offenders to drag
Hong Kong down a dangerous road, a dangerous abyss. Should the situation in Hong Kong
deteriorate further into unrest uncontrollable for the government of the
Hong Kong special administrative region, the central government will
not sit on its hands and watch. We have enough solutions
and enough power within the limits of basic law to
quell any unrest swiftly.


79 thoughts on “Hong Kong: Chinese ambassador to UK warns Beijing ‘will not sit on its hands’ over protests”

  • David Whitehead says:

    China does not have law, it has something else, it’s cruel and it is not based on any form of social justice ! Hong Kong is lost !

  • If the protesters keep doing this, soon or later, the people of HK WILL NOT be welcome ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD.
    Even if all of their so-called demands have been met, what’s the point here? HK is part of China. HK should press the Chinese government for more rapid integration into China's own plans. HK needs to think of itself MORE than just being part from China.

  • Isn’t foreign forces instigate the riot for no other purpose than to poke China in the eye? US State Department spokeswoman acknowledged a SECRET MEETING between HK PROTEST LEADERS and a so-called AMERICAN OFFICIAL, Head of the POLITICAL DEPARTMENT OF THE US CONSULATE GENERAL in Hong Kong and Macau. And she argued that this’s something US Diplomats do EVERY SINGLE DAY AROUND THE WORLD.

  • Freedom and Democracy is ALIVE and STRONG in HK. Otherwise, HK wouldn't be able to protest at the expense of other law-abiding citizens commuting to work or to school. If this violent riot happens in London or Washington, they’ll get REAL bullets. NO ONE has the right to break into other's house and smash all the personal things and leaving by saying “I don't like you”.

  • British and the Western politicians and journalists BLAME China for HK’s protests.
    HK had NO democracy under British rule at all. NO right to vote for all HK citizens. British imposed EVERY LAW and Official on HK WITHOUT asking anyone in HK. What the Queen and the UK parliament wanted was the law. With only 3% of the HK population, the WHITE British had all the high positions in HK.
    British claimed the agreement’s to protect the freedom of the people in HK. But in fact it’s "NO interference in 50 years". The agreement DIDN’T include voting rights, they DIDN’T include anything about democracy. BUT what they did protect was PRIVATE PROPERTY RIGHTS.

  • One country two systems were a brilliant solution to the create a more unified country.
    After the handover, HK DIDN’T change much and it just carried on in the old form of government.
    But there were two big problems. HK is a COLONIAL government. It's a kind of executive. There's NO political sense of direction set by a colonial administration because all decisions were made in ENGLAND in those days. The second problem is HK is a COLONIAL economy. It’s not a competitive economy, it's a monopolistic economy. It preferred or empowered the tycoons and the BANKS to run HK to divide up their profits between themselves in the field of property where most of the money was made.

  • Well it cannot be allowed to spread… however me saying I don't know if it will seed that…or if my ability to calm protests is worth it…there is a delusion in people's minds

  • Warns who? The UK? From what I gather there wasnt any problem with…giving back control or title over Hong Kong to China as per the agreement, on the UKs part.

  • Francisco Orozco says:

    Such a lazy excuse to blame the West for democracy. Your child is tantruming in public, China. It must be frustrated with your lazy parenting approach of "do as I say". China has to evolve away from Dictator Pooh Bear and his climate destroying profiteering.

  • Your English is Awful . Your indignation Laughable. In fact you sound foolish . The People you refer to. Are not terrorists. But peaceful protesters, to dogmatic and unlawful ".By international standards." It is the Chinese Dictator President; who is being tyrannic in his dealings with Hong kong citizens. Who wish to live as they are accustomed. WHY DOES CHINA HAVE TO BE SO HYPOCRITICAL ABOUT THEIR INTENTIONS?


    CHINA now showing it's true colors.  This is the reason the South China Sea should not be allowed to be controlled by this country.  May the universe be with you HK protesters.

  • Seems like the colonial states in America playing out all over again. They were under British control. When their pleas went unheard by the King, they rebelled and eventually earned their freedom. If Hong Kong was held by the U.K. for over 150 years, why did it turn Hong Kong over to China? Why did it simply not give those in Hong Kong the right to vote to become a separate sovereign nation in the first place? Taiwan and Hong Kong have been operating that way anyway.

  • Lol all the brits acting like we didn’t do the same to other country and peoples around the world 😂 Let China have its day

  • Toraguchi Toraguchi says:

    Britain ran Hong Kong for 150 years, never gave it democracy but it was nonetheless free – low taxes, lax commercial laws, freedom of movement, and so Britain made Hong Kong great….China ran the place for a mere 22 years and broke it.

  • When the rioters shut down the airport, paralyze the public transportation, besiege and attack innocent people from mainland China, they will be punished. No country in this world will allow unrest and almost terrorism-like violence to continue. When Hongkong gets into anarchy and the local government can't stop the violence, the central government have the right to intervene even resorting to armed police in order to pacify the condition.

  • Dare china come into HK with their red army and arrest and/ or shoot every single HK citizen. Oh that s right that is exactly what winnie the pooh wants. Tell winnie the pooh to keep his sticky fingers out of HK 's honey pot. We thinks he is fat enough no? Fat boy

  • Death to tyrants some say. Xi is a tyrant. Putin is a tyrant. Trump aspires to be a tyrant like his Saudi prince monster friend and monster North Korean buddy.

  • It simply means Chinese rule of law as mentioned by him is nothing related to people livelihood in democracy. Sooner or later, the government will send in troops to kill all Hong Kong people to settle the "riot". The collapse of western value in Hong Kong means a drastic change will happen soon to the western world. The word used by him is not showing respect to Hong Kong and the West indeed.

  • Liu actually played all video evidence for reporters during his speech. These evidenves show how BBC the Guardian distorted the truth and how protesters destroy the order and safe in HK. Buy this video clip actually just quoted out of the context. What a shame on the Guardian. Medias nowdays are completely served for politiciany and momey. Double standards as always.

  • Well, given the rapid erosion of rights since Hong Kong's absorption into the People's Republic of China, the Hong Kong freedom fighters would be stupid not to protest. If you've already broken your promise on extradition, then your words hold no meaning.

  • Thrustin Von Helmut says:

    He said terrorism so it must be bad and very very serious. This is an amateur attempt at gas-lighting. Dude is a stone cold fool.

  • People like to make comments on things they don't really know what's going on and places they have never been to, based on secondary sources to show they stand on the high ground.

  • Who has a higher rank on Freedom, Liberty, Democracy, human right, living conditions…? H.K. ranks much higher than in America and Britain in these areas! By the way, do H.K. has any freedom or democracy under Great Britain? Oh, who can tell me what the bad things China has done to H.K., show me the facts, please? Oh, whoever wants to condemn China or H.K. police, please tell me what you stand for France police, American police, and the British police. Let's do some comparisons instead of arguing. Thanks

  • China would be committing acts of terrorism if it storms Hong Kong and massacres thousands. So if China is smart, they should let the Hong Kong police deal with protesters if they are breaking the law.

  • Callout McCallout says:

    I support hong kong independence only when british decides to free SCOTLAND, NORTHERN IRELAND, WALES, FALKLAND ISLANDS, VIRGIN ISLANDS ETC

  • He shouldn't intervene in Hong Kong internal affairs. Under one-country-two-systems, Hong Kong people rule Hong Kong. If China or he thinks that he has the rights to interfere with Hong Kong affairs, then so does the UK and other countries as well.

  • Authoritarians like Liu Xiaoming hate everything that freedom and democracy stands for. The British government should send him home!

  • China can not just roll in with their army unless Hong Kong government ask for help. That aside, the riots in Hong Kong really need to stop. It is escalating to no end and it is effecting everyone's life. I want free speech and if possible a sustainable solution to get independence from China. But these riots has nothing to do with it.

  • wanmei sunshine says:

    The edit by CGTN shows more the point of his speech… what is happening in Hong Kong, such thing would never be tolerated in UK and if this gets even worse Beijing will put an end to it

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