Honest Trailers – Breaking Bad

Honest Trailers – Breaking Bad

The following is rated “S” for spoilers. VOICE (CONT’D)
In a world where movies have been replaced by TV as the medium for
grown ups… VOICE (CONT’D)
Comes the best HBO-style drama that can’t use the F-word or show any
bewbs… VOICE (CONT’D)
…yet is so good, it got TV snobs to finally shut up about The Wire. VOICE (CONT’D)
Breaking Bad. VOICE (CONT’D)
The show so powerful you binge watch it on Netflix… So all-
consuming you push it on your friends even if they don’t watch
TV… and so addicting you can’t shut up about it. VOICE (CONT’D)
It’s basically like drugs. VOICE (CONT’D)
Journey to scenic New Mexico, because state tax laws made it much cheaper
to film in than Los Angeles. VOICE (CONT’D)
And meet chemistry teacher Walter White. He’s got the kind of cancer
that makes you cough. A lot. VOICE (CONT’D)
He’ll cook crystal meth to pay for his expensive cancer treatment…
then to save money for his family… and then just because. VOICE (CONT’D)
So awesome! VOICE (CONT’D)
Meet his partner Jesse Pinkman, a Juggalo without the makeup who
prefers the formal term for female dog. VOICE (CONT’D)
Together, they’ll battle some of television’s greatest villains: VOICE (CONT’D)
All of which happen to be angry latino men. VOICE (CONT’D)
Ay yi yi! VOICE (CONT’D)
But that’s not all, Walt’s also got drama at home. VOICE (CONT’D)
There’s his annoying wife Skyler… who at first you wish would just go
away. VOICE (CONT’D)
Then later will wish she could just get away, since she’s married to a
complete sociopath VOICE (CONT’D)
There’s also a baby who shows up when its convenient. VOICE (CONT’D)
A son who…we’re not sure if we’re allowed to make fun of… VOICE (CONT’D)
And a brother-in-law cop who’s terrible at telling jokes…and
even worse at recognizing that his own family is running a crystal
meth empire. VOICE (CONT’D)
Prepare for five epic seasons packed with awesome unforgettable
moments… VOICE (CONT’D)
Aw man that was awesome right there. VOICE (CONT’D)
That was freakin cool VOICE (CONT’D)
Oh man that was so good! VOICE (CONT’D)
But you’ll also have to sit through a lot of this… VOICE (CONT’D)
Yeah I guess that did take a long time to pay off VOICE (CONT’D)
But that made it totally worth it! VOICE (CONT’D)
Get ready for a show where anyone can be killed at any time, and in
any way… VOICE
From box cutter… VOICE
To bike lock… VOICE (CONT’D)
To ATM machine… VOICE (CONT’D)
To decapitated-head turtle-bomb…. VOICE (CONT’D)
To exploding grandpa. VOICE (CONT’D)
To Jimi Hendrixing. VOICE (CONT’D)
To Pontiac Aztec. VOICE (CONT’D)
Now that’s product placement. VOICE (CONT’D)
Starring… VOICE (CONT’D)
Breakfast VOICE (CONT’D)
P.O.V. Shots! VOICE (CONT’D)
The Color Purple VOICE (CONT’D)
Corpse barrels VOICE (CONT’D)
Bald Guys. VOICE (CONT’D)
Foreshadowing VOICE (CONT’D)
Magnets VOICE (CONT’D)
Er… Minerals. VOICE (CONT’D)
Roof Pizza VOICE (CONT’D)
Half of Mr. Show VOICE (CONT’D)
Malcom’s Dad VOICE (CONT’D)
and the world’s greatest Price is Right contestant VOICE (CONT’D)
Breaking Bad . VOICE (CONT’D)
Seriously, you better tune in fast or be ostracized by white people…it’s pretty much all they ever talk about.


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