6 thoughts on “Hollywood United Methodist LGBT Veterans' Day TalkBack”

  • Sakura Blossom says:

    The only thing I don't like about this conversation is that DADT is made out to be such a vile thing. While in reality DADT in theory (not practice) was meant to be such a positive thing. BUT the SOLDIERS f'd it up. I live in a family that was affected by DADT, I understand the harm it caused, but it was not meant to. We must recognize that it was meant to be a good thing.. And for the time it was enacted it was the best option (politically things were sooo different).. I am happy that it has been repealed, and that there is no longer any discrimination (lol), but show some respect for the ideal and hope that DADT was.

  • also cali, i know the story you told, simply because of "soldiers girl" which i've watched a ton of times, but i've never heard you speak of it, it was moving hearing you speak of it, even just briefly, thank you.

  • oh calpernia, lol "i was a strange bird back then" that made me giggle a bit, but whether or not that is true, you are a BEAUTIFUL "bird" now. you're the best

  • AbeVonThrash says:

    Calpernia Is such an inpiration to alot of people, Its because of her that I am now more knowledgeable about LGBT's in the military, and Dont Ask Dont Tell.. A true Hero.

  • There really needs to be a part two of this video, because I would love to hear the rest of this panel. As it stands, though, I am grateful that you have shared this much. It is so great to see that there are folks out there who support our men and women in uniform who are LGBT; they need all of the backing and assistance they can get in the toxic climate created by the crazy extremist Evangelicals in our military. Thank you for supporting our service members!

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