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  • Phil Town's Rule #1 Investing says:

    Hey folks, thanks for joining me for my first premiere video! Sorry the chat closes so quickly after the video is over – drop your questions below! Did you like watching together and chatting? Want me to do it again? Leave a comment and let me know ⬇

  • I still say 1987 market crash wasn't a natural force. It was a conspiracy to collapse the Soviet Union, at the cost stagnating Japan's Economy. And why the World Trade Center was hit due to the collapse of the Soviet Union. And the US thought it was Japan or the Soviets when the World Trade Center was hit but won't say it. Japan, Kamikaze that they knew that their economy is wrecked, Soviet that their empire collapse. And still say the Soviet during the collapse wants China to focus on the economy make the world interest focus on them when it comes to economy, while Russia pivots the world in the other direction. So there won't be favoritism of their main goal, between Russia and China and have less manipulation in the middle by some other country, in economy. And I still say why China is only doing this is finding the reason what/who actual cause the Soviet collapse not by country, but by name and who, saying this can happen to any country, that you build yourself up they can take you down in swift. I'm always dismayed that economist always keep it in an economic only scope, but what if there more out there. Passion, Desire, and Dream, like collapsing the Soviet Empire.

  • Hugo Carlson says:

    One thing that I don't seem to grasp is that Phil says that you should buy great businesses ("focused investing") and not the market. However, wouldn't buying the market correspond to buying an index? I know that Phil promotes buying index funds if you are not capable of stock picking.

  • LoveMyAbeshaWomen says:

    One suggestion Phil.. please please cut out the background music. It drives me insane.. I still love your videos

  • Prashun 'PC' Chakraborty says:

    Hmm ever since the 2008 crash a lot of analysts are saying that the severity may have been lessened in the markets i.e. the fall may not be too steep because the rise hasn't been too steep either. Market is cautious on both ends so it faces some corrections here and there but is up trending in a slow and steady manner. Your take on this one Phil?

  • Thanks for the video . What matrix do you use most for valuations? Price to earnings? Price to book? Etc….

  • Hello sir, when approximately do u see global crashes or recessions coming, is it in 2019-20 ? I see it has already started from Jan 2018, I'm a research analyst, wud be great if u cud reply, mail me on [email protected]

  • Loved the video! Thank you so much for taking time to look back and reflect! Would love to see more history videos like this.

    Happy new year!

  • Victor Victor says:

    Stock Market Crashes Benefit Businesses, Millionaires and Billionaires they Don't Have to Pay Back Investor's and Keep the Money it's not Like the Money is Incinerated the Stock Market Decline is Coordinated by the Ultra Wealthy .

  • Jonathan Mc Govern says:

    Scared of investing, never have. There are signs though of major crash in 2019, might just try then. Is present stock market drop precursor to major 2019 crash? Buy now or wait 2019?

  • Boom and bust cycles are no mystery. All markets are manipulated and if you are an insider then you always win.

  • Hi Phil,
    So, you're saying that I shouldn't invest in VTSAX? But you're also saying that the market recovers very quickly, and that crashes don't matter as much as we think… so why not purchase VTSAX?

  • The Starting Line says:

    What about the crash of 1920? Government didn’t intervene and it corrected in a year. It was worse than 1929. But they don’t teach you that…

  • Most people are taught to only buy stocks or bonds. You can also buy physical rental real estate, a business, and precious metals. Right not stocks, bonds, and real estate are grossly over valued yet precious metals are grossly undervalued. Buying a business is always an option as long as you can properly evaluate the business.

  • Matthew Thrasher says:

    The current downturn – over, or wait it out a bit more? I suspected it would fall to around S&P @ 2,500, which we just hit Friday.

    Also, MNKD!!!

  • Can you please suggest books on investment ,your vids are helpful in understanding markets, thanks
    When do you think next economic crash is coming? My bet is mid-2019

  • Dennis Claros says:

    How does everyone feel about bit coin right? It's so low but I feel it's going to be just like the market always dos. Crashes and then goes up crazy money

  • Rfgdgd Rdfgdgd says:

    Please invest in a proper teleprompter or talk discussion points….. see’ing your eyes go back and fourth as you read a que card is very distracting

  • Sarkar Uttam says:

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