Gentlemen there is a war raging right
now with the Magisterium between those trying to keep us in ignorance and those willing to fight for truth and freedom Who will stand with me? This kind of heresy is the highest
priority to the Magisterium I need to know where he’s going
and what he intends to achieve Your uncle is packing up to leave You’re not leaving! I can’t stay! The North is no place for a child Lyra The Masters asked if I can find a place for you and I want you as my assistant You’re an explorer too
just like my uncle I can teach you to wield power but you must let me mould you We believe there is an organisation
that is stealing children and taking North Sometimes children can just disappear I promised to do everything I could to
protect you from harm This it’s an Alethiometer it is illegal unless approved by the Magisterium What does it do? It tells you the truth She has to make a journey One which I’m afraid includes a great betrayal You’re hurting us! Lyra! Lyra! It’s trying to warn me of something I suspect it’s time to warn you of everything Lee Scoresby I can fight I can fly What questions should we be asking
you that we are not The magisterium have muscle I would ask where I could obtain services of an armoured bear Lorek Byrnison I’m ready to fight These people need our help Lorek
Let’s go give it How am I supposed to trust you
if no one tells me the truth? It’s time I know


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