His Dark Materials: Season 1 | Official Trailer | HBO

His Dark Materials: Season 1 | Official Trailer | HBO

the north some twelve month ago,
and this is the first
of the discoveries I made.A myriad of worlds,of which the Magisterium
controls only one.
For centuries,they have been trying to keep us
where they want us,
on our knees.You promised the Magisterium,
you’d control Asriel. Then we’ll need to take
the matter into our own hands. DR. CARNE:Lyra,
there’s a great change coming
that will threaten us all.I’m going to give you something. LYRA BELACQUA: What does it do? CARNE:It has a part to play
in all this.
-And a major one.
-Wait! MARISA COULTER: Tell me
where the alethiometer is. Or I will destroy all of this. FARDER CORAM:We represent
a number of families
who have lost children.This is war. LYRA:I think this can help.(SOUND WAVES PULSATING) CORAM:
She can read the alethiometer.
She will be more valuable to us
than any soldier we have.We’ll get our children back.MARTIN LANSELIUS:
You may have heart,
but the Magisterium have muscle.
LYRA:What else do we need
to fight them?
(GROWLS) Has anyone seen a bear?! He’s a good bear,
you won’t have any trouble. (ROARS) -♪ (MUSIC INTENSIFIES) ♪
-(BIRD SHRIEKS) Witches have known
of the other worldsfor thousands of years.Asriel is bringing a great war.Then I hope I’m strong enough. Lord Asriel needs to die. Lyra, now is the time
to choose a side. ASRIEL:There are things…
such things…
Why am I so important to her?
ASRIEL:Once the world sees
the possibilities…
-No more oppression.
-Please don’t hurt me. No more abuse.No more darkness.Lyra, take my hand! COULTER:The fate of more than
this world depends on her.


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