Hillary Shields of Indivisible KC on Fox News

Hillary Shields of Indivisible KC on Fox News

Patan senator from Arkansas some lawmakers both Democrats and Republicans have skipped their Town Hall events drawing even more criticism others have gone and then charged that the angry voices were just paid protesters joining us now hilary shields of indivisible Kansas City a group organizing – I guess it’s fair to say express your displeasure with President Trump that fair well I think that we’re a group we’re really organizing to try and help constituents make their voices heard with their members of Congress it’s not about President Trump it’s about telling our stories to the people that represent us in Washington and not a parade protester what do you mean by you say you’re not a paid protestor who funds individual Kansas City no one I pay for copies out of my own pocket I have lived in Missouri since I was seven years old I love this state I love my country I believe in our democracy and I just don’t think that our representatives can be our voice in Congress if they’re not listening to us so whether you agree with my positions or not that’s okay but I think that my members of Congress whether it’s a Democrat like Claire McCaskill or a Republican like Roy Blunt they need to meet with their constituents and listen to what we have to say get wise I want I want to get to each of those individual senators in a minute because but both of them have interesting stories in terms of why they are not there and I want to hear your opinion too but I want to get to this issue of sort of who indivisible Kansas City is because we pulled up your Twitter account and it says you’re nonpartisan issues focused grassroots not paid protesters just concerned constituents but then if you look at the image that you guys have this is indivisible united we indivisible we stand it says indivisible a practical guide for resisting the Trump agenda so how is that not anti Trump how is that not part of so sure so I see us as being progressive but not partisan you know I’m taking my message to Claire McCaskill and I’m taking it to Roy Blunt both a Democrat and a Republican now we take our inspiration from the indivisible guide which kind of gives you a blueprint of how you members of Congress think and how to take your message to them but for me this isn’t about party this is about letting constituents speak with their members of Congress we have a representative democracy and that only works if our representatives are engaging with their constituents all right let’s get to the issue and you say you’re nonpartisan you say you’ve gone after both Claire McCaskill and Roy Blunt the senators from Missouri Claire McCaskill those in the IDS I disagree with you saying that we’re going after them this is heard yeah well you say what your Twitter feeds going after them when you start when you create the hashtag where’s Roy and another hash tag of resisting Trump Tuesday’s I think that would be fair to say that you’re going after people wouldn’t you well I think saying where is Roy is saying where is this senator who represents all Missourians why isn’t he having public town hall meetings during recess week which we call it recess week but really it’s home district work week this is the week that they have off from DC so that they can be in their home states all right so just so we can kind of move along here Roy Blount we thought we found out was overseas on a trip he sent us a statement here from his office they said the group referring to you all knew ahead of time that he would not be in Kansas City on the day and that they had people in Springfield yesterday I guess you guys sent protestors down there the dates of the Missouri GOP Lincoln days has been known for months so he was at a constituent event he was at a GOP Lincoln Days event how is that not interacting with his constituents so I think that it needs to be a public open forum that’s open to all of his constituents not just a partisan event and I don’t fault him for not coming to my town hall that I had yesterday I fault him for not having that single open public Town Hall during this entire week do you fault Claire McCaskill for not having a single open Town Hall as well and if so why didn’t you do a hashtag of where’s Claire well Claire McCaskill sent a representative to our event she sent someone from her office to do so so long as somebody sent a staffer my guys hashtags and I also think that she’s going to be holding some of she says that she’s going to hold some public Town Hall events in the near future as well so if you send it so if you send a representative or a staffer that gets that gets you a free pass is that the idea not not a free pass but I think that you can laugh but they’re not aware there’s not four hundred where’s Claire hashtags on your Twitter account well if Roy Blunt had sent a member of his staff we wouldn’t have had to use a cardboard cutout to represent him well I I guess we’ll check with his uh his staff to see if they’ll send somebody next time appreciate you being here great conversation thank you so much thanks so much


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