100 thoughts on “Hillary Clinton suggests Russians are grooming a Democrat for 2020”

  • tulsi is young, smart, she has military experience, she is racially ambiguous, she is way on the left, enough to oppose all the wars that fake leftists have propogated for so long. . . . she is the perfect candidate. she is the only candidate other than Bernie that I have ever liked in my whole life . . . so there it is then, she picked Bernie over Hillary 4 years ago, and she opposes every stupid war that Hillary made happen. . . . and she wants to end wars while Hillary wants to start more of them. . . . . it is sad how obvious Hillary's intentions are. . . . she wants to be the queen of America, and nobody even likes her in the first place. . . . we all hate her, and we all still blame her personally for trump. . . . so just go away Hillary, and leave tulsi out of your bullshit.

  • From now on everyone that i argue with, and i disagree with, no matter the topic; whether thats sports, science, etc. i will just call them a russian bot.

  • Don't even waste a bullet on this fucking lunatic…shed just dodge it like sniper fire! How the fuck is this idiot not in jail?

  • Russia Russia Russia anyone who dares stray from the left's agenda is either a Russian agent or a Russian bot. I swear the word Russia is basically the same as the word racism. It means absolutely nothing

  • More proof that Hillary is truly a total hypocrite. She's all about women empowerment and the whole shebang. Unless of course that woman happens to think differently than her and can make Bill drool.

  • C'mon you corrupt twat …. announce your candidacy in 2020 … We MAGA fans would love kicking your stinking ass AGAIN !

  • I can definitely believe Hillary on this honestly. I never like Tulsi anyways and she has really been acting like a sore loser lately spreading ridiculous conspiracies and the DNC. This does have Russian trolls written all over it, they also did this in 2016 with Bernie Sanders. I assume Sanders wasn't in on that, he seems like an honest man. This Tusli though… when someone acts like a brat, they usually are. When she annouced her run she was already talking about making peace with dictators… yeah no thanks. We don't need to be friends with dictators Tulsi.

  • Hillary Clinton is the embodiment of corruption and evil. Not that trump is competent, but I often thank God we dodged her becoming president. She is one of the main reasons the dnc has gone to sht

  • It’s so obvious she’s the Russian asset, and she’s manipulating people into blaming others to bash the progressive dem candidates she doesn’t like so the front runners will lose against trump and she can continue profiting off it. She’s trying to backtrack her comments since her McCarthyism backfired and most people aren’t falling for it. Hillary and her power hungry elite friends need to go ASAP

  • The Hildabeast is totally unglued, she'll be jumping at shadows soon, anybody that disagrees with the Hildabeast must be Russian

  • I hope people who voted for Hilary see how crazy she is and repent. Remember one of the debate questions was if the candidates would accept the outcome of the election and she adamantly said she would, that not to would undermine the process itself. I am now even more thankful she did not win. She belongs in a hospital. We should feel sorry for the mentally deranged.

  • Watching this one clip is confusing to a normal person actually listening to what's being said because he asked each person a question & each person said some ridiculous shit back that literally was so off topic that 5 or 6 talking points,,,I mean conversations were being had. Reality is nonexistent in that room.

  • Biden supported the corrupt Hillary and now it is vice versa..Being called a ''Russian agent'' is a only a real compiment when it comes from Clintons mouth these days… It means that you are not anymore a blind supporter from the corrupt syndicat who captured peoples Democrats…

  • Hillary's own political advisor jon podesta said she smells like rotten cabbage, urine and farts lol true story He said that to a friend when writing an email to him. WikiLeaks stumbled upon this email.

  • I am waiting for the day on live TV where that thing from Alien breaks through from Hillary's stomach and her heads spins around 360 degree's and she vomits green pea soup over everyone around her

  • The Russians had groomed a Democrat…and Trump defeated her in the 2016 election. Now, all the far leftists have been attacking him since he took office. These leftists need to be eliminated. Deal with it.

  • Media today is in damage control straight LYING that Hillary said Republicans! LOL pathetic DNC/media collusion and obstruction 24/7/365

  • Feldwebel Wolfenstool says:

    Gabbard should be suspended from the military and immediately investigated for her obvious collusions with Moscow. She should also be forced to withdraw from the race. It's the only fair, honest and responsible thing to do…

  • 😀😁😂 Scandalous Hillary and her drama is bull💩 😀😁😂 😁 😀😁 😂😀 😁😂😁 😀😂 😀😁 😂😀 😁😀 😁😂😀 😁😂
    Russian Intelligence doesn't like Tulsi, but Russian Intelligence doesn't have it out for Tulsi. Russian Special Forces saved the lives of U.S. military personnel like Tulsi during Iraqi Freedom. Hillary and Trump are the ones who promote Russian propaganda on Twitter and national television. 😀😁😂 Hillary needs to go sit on a stump with Donald Jr. and think before she speaks again.

  • Everyone is a Russian.
    I'm a Russian, he's a Russian, she's a Russian, wouldn't you like to be a Russian to! 🎵 Sing along if you know the words comrades! 🎼

  • This has to do with behind the scenes interests keeping Trump. You don't need a Democrat actually groomed by the Russians. You only need the people to BELIEVE there is a Democrat groomed by the Russians.
    And — no one has to be pro OR anti Trump or Hillary for that to work. We do that kind of work ourselves with attack ads and social media trolling. So with a little smokescreen and money laundering any foreign interest can easily and cheaply … well, you know.

  • The funny thing is USA today came out with a story today stating that she never said what she just said on here. Interesting…..

  • Hillary Killery is a war monger ,remember we cam we saw ,and killed him ,on air ,and Barry Obumer ,and General MC Caine ,clapping there hands

  • Alexander Golubkov says:

    If the handcuffs are ever placed around the wrists of that old witch, she'll most likely die of convulsions before arriving at prison. What a beautiful sight that would be.

  • we can add crazy to crooked hillary. i think her crazy probably started with bill and monica …trump jus put the nail to the coffin

  • Way more people on Tulsi's side again—-The polls are lying she has way more than 2% of the vote. Look at all the comments on all of the articles about Tulsi, she IS the most popular Democrat by far!!

  • Tauriel Daughter of Mirkwood says:

    And silly me thought that there was „a special place in hell for women that don’t support other women.“

  • Ginger Snow White says:

    Hillary should be ashamed. I want my 2016 vote back. I happily donated 10 bucks to Tulsi's campaign after this nasty smear stunt.

  • This woman is nuts. With how she has been since the 2016 election… blame, blame, blame, excuse, excuse… excuse. Unfortunately she has just set back the possibility of a woman being elected president by 30 years.

  • Michelle Thorson says:

    Notice how she talks of "dark web and that honestly has to do with wikileaks leak of Hillary and Huma Abedin killing a little kidnapped or orphaned girl. Notice CNN cut that part out about the dark web??????

  • This, the only video CNN could post about Tulsi Gabbard in the last two months! Hillary Clinton has to smear her with this 2.5 years-long trail of "Russia" garbage to receive even this!

    "What happened??? to the love for

    1. Veterans
    2. Women
    3. People of color
    4. Women of color
    5. Members of Congress
    6. Faithful Democrats
    7. Active Military Officers

    Guess you have to be a CIA/NSA/FBI spook or a Republican war criminal to get any respect in the Dem party these days."

    ~OWS_ellie (Twitter)

    Well said, Ellie. Well said.

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