Hillary Clinton Pressuring Media To “Correct” Tulsi Gabbard Stories

Hillary Clinton Pressuring Media To “Correct” Tulsi Gabbard Stories

>>Several mainstream media outlets have issued
a correction on their reporting of statements that Hillary Clinton had made in regard to
Tulsi Gabbard. Now the statements in question were clear,
in my opinion. They were in a podcast, we had audio, in fact,
why don’t we listen to that audio right now?>>I’m not making any predictions. But I think they’ve got their eye on somebody
who’s currently in the Democratic primary. And are grooming her to be the third party
candidate. She’s the favorite of the Russians. They have a bunch of sites and bots and other
ways of supporting her so far. And that’s assuming Jill Stein will give it
up, which she might not because she’s also a Russian-
>>Right.>>Asset.>>So you just got the full context of what
she said, right, about Tulsi Gabbard. She even compared Tulsi Gabbard to Jill Stein
and referred to Jill Stein as a Russian asset. Now, with that said, what was the correction? This is from the New York Times. An earlier version of this article described
incorrectly an element of Hillary Clinton’s recent comments about Representative Tulsi
Gabbard. While, Mrs. Clinton said that a Democratic
presidential candidate was the favorite of the Russians. And an aide later confirmed the reference
was to Miss Gabbard. Mrs. Clinton remark about the grooming of
a third party candidate in the 2020 race was in response to a question about the Republicans
strategy, not about Russian intervention.>>Do you understand what’s happening here? This is one of the most pathetic things I
have ever seen. So Hillary Clinton people are walking back
her comment about Tulsi Gabbard because it’s got a lot of blowback. They are now doctoring history by going back
and yelling at the mainstream media and say I didn’t say Russians, I said Republicans. You heard the tape. She absolutely, positively said Russians.>>Yes.>>And not only that, she went on to say,
as Anna Pointed out, Jill Stein is also a Russian asset. Why did you say also a Russian asset? If earlier you were saying that the Republicans
are grooming Tulsi Gabbard and not the Russians. So it is a brazen, bold faced lie by the Hillary
Clinton team. And yet the New York Times apologizes and
agrees that they described it incorrectly. That is pathetic. That is not journalism. That’s saying who’s in power. The beloved Clintons. We bow to you. We bow to you, right? It isn’t about that they’re Democrats or Republicans. These guys bow to anyone in power. And they’ve been bowing to the Clintons, the
Obamas, the Bushs, the Cheneys for decade after decade. If you asked them to make that correction,
they would never do it. A regular person asked them, they’d be like,
no, you said Russians, we’re not gonna do a correction on that. It’s Hillary Clinton, we’re so sorry. You are right, we are wrong. We’re wrong, political correctness, it is
no longer Russian. We’re now changing the word to Republicans.>>No, I’ve gotta give you more. And by the way, why does Hillary Clinton have
aides, isn’t she a private citizen now?>>Yeah.>>Not a private citizen, but she’s not a
politician. I mean, aide is weird. But, anyway, let’s move on to the Associated
Press because it wasn’t just the New York Times. The Associated Press also issued a correction
and here’s what it said. In a story October 18th about Tulsi Gabbard
and Hillary Clinton, the Associated Press reported erroneously-
>>Erroneously, are you kidding me?>>That Hillary Clinton said she believes
the Russians have quote, got their eye on somebody who’s currently in the Democratic
primary and grooming her to be the third party candidate. She was referring to Republicans, not Russians
according to an aide.>>You did that, you said that you reported
that in error when you reported the actual word she used. Look, if you’re watching this video later,
you could rewind, you could see exactly what she said. And it wasn’t like Laurel or Yani. It was clear as day. She said Russians, what part of that is Republicans? Associated Press and New York Times, you ought
to be embarrassed.>>Absolutely.>>That’s not journalism. That’s craven sucking up to power. It’s not being watchdogs, it’s being a lap
dogs. I need access. What do you need access to Hillary Clinton
for? Well she might run again. My God, Hillary-
>>Please don’t.>>Clinton, bow, bow, bow, bow. So sad, and then they say we’re biased. No, you’re biased in favor of power.>>She injects-
>>Whereas we hold people accountable.>>Hillary Clinton injects so much toxicity
to everything. I mean this is toxicity. This is not something we need right now, especially
with the climate that we’re dealing with in the country. Just keep your comments. She said what she meant. She said what she meant. And she refuses, over and over again, to take
responsibility for her own failures in 2016.>>No, look, I don’t care what they think. We’re way better journalists than they are. Okay I used to say you’re calling us journalists,
we’re talk show hosts that’s crazy. The NPRs of the world go, no, my God, they
raised their voice. No, no, no, good journalists whisper, really? Is that something I missed in journalism class
that you’re supposed to whisper?>>They don’t really whisper.>>They whisper and they play banjos. Anyway, I’m kidding around. Okay, now, but on the serious point, look
at it. I told people after Hillary Clinton won the
primary, we’re honest. We call ourselves Homer progressives. I said vote for Hillary Clinton. Okay, so it’s not like I’m biased against
Hillary Clinton. But I can see and I can hear and with my own
ears, I heard her say Russians. I did one of the toughest interviews you’ll
ever see with Tulsi Gabbard. So it’s not like I’m soft on Tulsi Gabbard,
right? But she said Russians, and she has no evidence
for that, okay? So I don’t care what the New York Times and
The Associated Press does with their political correctness. And I don’t care that Hillary Clinton is in
the so-called Progressive Party. I don’t care about any of that. I heard Russians, it was Russians, that’s
a fact. And for them to say no, don’t believe you’re
lying ears, believe the Clinton’s instead. It is pathetic, it’s an embarrassment to journalism.>>So what do you think Clinton meant to say? And there are two options there, Russians
were grooming a third party candidate or Republicans were grooming a third party candidate? You can participate in this poll by going
to tyt.com/Hillary, tyt.com/Hillary.>>I guess it’ll be 99% to 1 and New York
Times and Associated Press editors will be like, yes, yes. No, no, no, she meant Republicans. She meant Republicans. Everybody cover your ass. We met Republicans.>>Yes.>>Sad, incredibly sad.


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  • Hillary is and has been criminal and crazy — and you wanted her to win – and were depressed when she lost. Of all the women for little girls to look up to — Hillary is not the one. AND Sanders would have had a heart attack within three years of running.

  • bruce cockinson says:

    What!? The young turds have finally admitted that hellary and the media are complete liars and that they cover for her?
    Trump has been saying this for years!!!

  • bruce cockinson says:

    Young turds will get defunded for airing this u all know better than this. Do like the rest of the clinton media and just dont even cover the story yall are supppse to act like nothing ever happened…..

  • Good video. Now why don't you call out your own bullshit smears against Tulsi Gabbard as well? You've received tons of pushback on it and still continue it. Hypocrites.

  • Chuck why don’t you cover a story abt…who actually took money from Russia/Ukraine?
    Who is really “Russian Assets”
    To me…what if Trump throw stuff on his opponent saying…
    Mistress, prostitution, or womaniser.
    That exactly Hilary is/was doing to people so that no one call her as aRussian Assets.

  • Trump has altered the sacrosanct quality of truth in American politics. HRC has just pulled a Trump attempting to engineer documented recent statements.

  • This seems absurdly unnecessary. If Hillary Clinton wanted to wriggle out of this, she could simply point out the fact that she never named the Democratic candidate who she claims to be groomed by the Russians/Republicans. And then she can continue to refuse to name who she's referring to. In fact, she could turn it around on Tulsi Gabbard's side by saying, "hey you're the ones who are saying it's Tulsi Gabbard, not me."

    Her actual defense seems rather pathetic. Even if she really meant that Gabbard was being groomed by Republicans, that's only slightly less bad. It's still a smear meant to cast a sort of treasonous or duplicitous light on Gabbard.

  • LogicIzCool Alonso says:

    Lol the double standard here. You idiots said trump said all Mexicans were rapists and the entire group of kkk were all great people. Now you want to be specific when it fits your narrative. Thats why this is entertainment journalism and not real. You are the ones who should be embarrassed🤣

  • George Michael Petty says:

    Cenk, why are you lying? This is embarrassing.

    "They’ve got their eye on somebody who is currently in the Democratic primary and are grooming her to be the third party candidate. She’s the favorite of the Russians."

    If the Russians were grooming her, these sentences would be reversed. Why lie Cenk? She was clearly just talking about Republicans, the "they" is in the context of her total comment.

    Here’s the full quote from the podcast:

    Plouffe: “So [Trump’s] gonna try and drive the people not to vote for him but just to say, ‘you know, you can’t vote for them either.’ And that seems to be, I think, to the extent that I can devine a strategy, their key strategy right now.”

    Clinton: “Well, I think there’s gonna be two parts and I think it’s gonna be the same as 2016: ‘Don’t vote for the other guy. You don’t like me? Don’t vote for the other guy because the other guy is gonna do X, Y and Z or the other guy did such terrible things and I’m gonna show you in these, you know, flashing videos that appear and then disappear and they’re on the dark web, and nobody can find them, but you’re gonna see them and you’re gonna see that person do these horrible things.’

    “They’re [they clearly being the GOP, referred to above] also gonna do third party again. And I’m not making any predictions but I think they’ve got their eye on somebody who is currently in the Democratic primary and are grooming her to be the third party candidate. She’s the favorite of the Russians. They have a bunch of sites and bots and other ways of supporting her so far, and that’s assuming Jill Stein will give it up. Which she might not, ‘cause she’s also a Russian asset.”

    You should be booed for this one.

  • Careful Cenk don't wanna end up on that famous Clinton hit list. 😂 (also let's be real she has "aids" because she's basically a running a (political) mob and their really just her henchmen lol)

  • The young turks would have blown their load if Killary would have been elected.  Funny how they are talking shit about their golden goddess. Just think we just missed having Killary in charge. And guess what the media is FAKE AF…TYT = bias AF  Socialism sucks so do triggered libtards.

  • I listened to that podcast. It clearly said that the GOP was grooming someone. It's truly bizarre that the media is reporting this so wrong. They have abandoned the most basic principle of journalism and turned into pure propaganda.

  • America MUST shut down ALL THE MEDIA TV STATIONS and start again-setting up new rules that will ensure OBJECTIVITY-diversity representation and ownership -NOT A JEWISH MASS OWNERSHIP OIF ALL THE MEDIA !
    The corruption is beyond hope of cleansing as things stand!!

  • andy klompenburg says:

    its odd but the first time I heard it I thought she misspoke as it didnt make sense. But she should have walked it back immediately and not fester…

  • I'm sure you've gotten a lot of variations on this comment but… WELCOME TO THE NEWS MEDIA!!! They do stuff like this often, but it's generally in favor of a narrative you guys are more in line with. I made the mistake of reading all the "right wing" sources along with the mainstream media and so on and started noticing issues. Eventually realizing that in many respects, crazy as it sounds, Fox News is actually doing better journalism than some of the legacy institutions, which have become overrun with disinformation and "non-lie lies" as I like to call them. Things that are technically true but presented in a way as to misinform.


  • I voted for Hilary in 2016 because I did not want to vote for Trump, but I left Democratic party in 2016 and now I'm No Party preference voter and I strongly believe Hilary wasted my vote because she did not have good strategy for the middle west states like Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania. I also believe that Hilary had her chance and she blew it and now she should shut up. Pleeeease.

  • Hillary is trying to pull a "Trump" on us all. Just say it's not what she said, even though we all heard it with out own ears. Slimey…..

  • The AP and NY Times are both now officially less credible then Nickelodeon. Grow a spine….or at least TRY to be less obvious that you have an agenda and not kiss the Clinton’s ass.

  • Didn't the Clintons groom Trump to become President by telling him to run? Didn't the DNC and Clinton campaign groom Trump with its pied piper strategy?

  • WOW. I never thought I'd see the day

    The Young Turks are actually criticizing Hillary Clinton and telling the truth. You got a like for that guys. Good job

  • If you listen in context and pay attention to the tone of her voice when she says Gabbard is 'a favorite of the Russians', and I am no HRC fan whatsoever, she is technically correct that 'they' was not specifically in reference to Russia in that sentence talking about grooming, but she did clearly imply immediately after that Tulsi was a 'Russian asset' by the way she referred to Jill Stein ('also'). I suspect HRC would argue that 'also' was in reference to Trump rather than Gabbard, but that's a bit bullshit to me. She's trying to nitpick with a goal of muddying the waters.

  • Jeffrey Epstein says:

    Killary : Murdering Money Laundering, Drug Running, Human Trafficking Fake Clinton Foundation, pedo rapist Pant suit wearing Demon for President!! 47th times the Charm

  • Wow.. tyt telling the truth.. I'm shocked. But come on guys, the mainstream media lying or bending to the will of the deep state.. that isn't shocking.

  • Addison Ezekiel says:

    Name some names, TYT! It's not "NYT" or "AP". Get us some names of people who made the Orwellian edits. Shame them, on a professional basis.

  • Lol, to the common people this stunt makes Clinton look worse. Hahahaha. Nobody would be fooled by this stunt. Nobody. Keep diggin' Clinton. Keep diggin'. Lol. And even if she meant Republicans, then the correction would be her correcting herself, not the original coverage. The correction would be "Hillary Clinton misspoke and meant Republicans."

  • CENK AND ANA HAVE IT RIGHT FOR A CHANGE on the Russian influence with Tulsi and Stein. Really surprised you didn't take it over to Trump's influence from the Russian.

  • hillary and the dems have lost their minds with all this stupid shit. she is a menace and a nutbag .. the world is better off without her.

  • Hey gang 😁 Faces it, Hillary Clinton is running for president again! She is waiting until Warren/Biden clears the field then will take them out in a scandal. She'll be handed the nomination, she can poll 40%, then we will have a reenactment of the 2016 election…it's 🥜's
    While I do agree polititians lie, Hillary is in a league by herself, no one else even comes close.

  • Crocked Hillary said RUSSIANS..
    She is such a corrupt polititian and a cumpulsive lier.
    Has never worked a day in her life and has millions in capital, through donations to their foundation on their "pay for play " scams
    Its a disgrace to see how corrupt corporate media is in USA, trying to save face for this crook.
    How more swampy can this be???

  • TheDiaryOfAnOxymoron says:

    Whenever Hillary gets backlash or gets exposed for what she has done or said, she just denies and blames it on Republicans. Hillary truly believes enough people are that stupid to actually believe her crap. Classic projection and deflection technique on full display! She is just so arrogant and condescending. She is always flat out wrong and she embodies everything that is wrong with the politicians who have been in power for too long.

  • Barry McCockiner says:

    Genk , where the hell have you been buddy ? In the Demorat cellar ? The Clintons have been doing this shit for 45 years now . Controlling the media , covering up their scandals , doctoring narratives . Just another day in the office for them 😨😱😵😲😂😰😭😛😝😜😷😬😮😯😣😉😕😶😯😎😫😋😦😧

  • What’s confusing is how TYT has waffled on Clinton. They were giddy on election night. I don’t like her, and as a progressive never fell for it. I didn’t celebrate either candidate, but TYT did, until they realized what was happening, then “switched” back. You should be just as embarrassed as the reporting you called out. Cmon, be consistent

  • I wonder if the staff at The NYT and the associated press look at each pther and thought "WTF, we gotta do what?" When they got the word from the cooperate office?

  • Tulsi gabbard and Jill Stein
    Are Russian assets knowingly or unknowingly.
    I actually like Tulsi gabbard, but, the more I listen to her she is less and less appealing

  • Hillary Clinton is an infuriatingly irresponsible person. Her Neo McCarthyite smears against Gabbard and Stein are horrible. The fact that the media cave in to her attempt to rewrite history is Orwellian.

  • Equality Ofoutcome says:

    For once I give credit to Chenck & TYT for calling out the crooked media and tye Queen of Warmongers Hilary Clunton.

  • And these same people was shattered when Clinton lost in 2016..they have finally woken up to where progressives are headed and like any good mirror man are climbing on board like leeches.

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