HHS to cut services, expand internment camps

HHS to cut services, expand internment camps

this week the Department of Health and
Human Services announced it would be cutting educational recreational and
legal programs for children separated from their families currently in
detention deputy director of Americans for immigrant justice Michelle Ortiz
told the Miami Herald these are children even death row
inmates have access to educational and recreational services psychologists warn
these cuts are likely to cause an increase in the self-destructive
behavior already well documented in these children and cutting legal
services also makes it more difficult for children seeking asylum to navigate
our complicated immigration process causing longer stays which is great for
the private company running the nation’s largest children’s internment camp the
one in Homestead they took in close to a billion dollars in federal contracts
over the past 18 months that’s a lot of soccer balls senator Elizabeth Warren
and representative Primula jayapal are calling for an investigation into how
former White House chief of staff John Kelly came to sit on the board in their
letter to caliber and CEO they write general Kelly was at the center of the
inhumane and poorly planned immigration policies that put children in cages
while separating thousands of families that that benefited your company last
week 705 pages of court documents were filed by lawyers who spent substantial
time inside the documents painted a portrait of migrant children subjected
to prison like regimens potentially sustaining permanent psychological
damage due to isolation from loved ones for long periods of time Yahoo News is
reporting that Border Patrol agents are now confiscating medicine from children
as they cross into the country which makes it no surprise this week also
marked the sixth child to die while in border patrol custody since December
conditions have become so crowded this week HHS also announced they’d be
opening up three additional facilities for up to four thousand refugee children
including one in Texas later this month we’re oil workers were previously housed
the family separation policy has been an abject failure as last month a record
number of migrants showed up throwing themselves at the mercy of the richest
country on earth only to find there is no mercy for them at least not from this
grifter president and his incompetent administration if you found this
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