Hey Steve: Breaking the News to Dad

Hey Steve: Breaking the News to Dad

– Alright, let’s go. Where’s Deshaun? (audience clapping) Hey, Deshaun. (audience clapping) – Hey, Steve. I’ve been with my boyfriend
for about four years now and we’re thinking about
moving in together. But, the problem is, my dad’s a pastor and he doesn’t believe in
shacking up before marriage. Now, I love my dad, and I respect him, but how do I tell him? – How you tell him what? (audience laughs) – That we gonna move in together. – Oh, you gonna do it? (audience laughs) Oh, you just wanna find a way to tell him? – I gotta figure out how to tell him, yes. – “Oh! Daddy, hi. (light laughter) I’m fixin’ to move in with my boyfriend and we not getting married.” – We gonna get married, just later. (light audience laughter) – Okay, I don’t understand. – I mean I just wanna know how to… okay, put it this way, when… a couple months ago, my little sister had asked, she was like, “So, Dey Dey, when are
you and your boyfriend, gonna move in together?” Then my dad interrupted and he said, “When they get married.” – Yeah. – So. – Which is same thing I would say. – Aah (sighs). I mean… (laughter)
(audience clapping) Touche. – I mean, – Touche. – I mean, I’m a father. – Yes. – I have four daughters. – Yes – I’ve told all my daughters,
don’t even come to me with this here foolishness. – Uh huh. – If this boy thinks enough of
you, he wanna live with you, then let’s sign up to live together. – True that. – I mean, it’s no problem,
look I’m not old fogey now, people live together, that happens. I got it. I’m not knockin it. But I’ve just told my daughters, that ain’t the way we gonna do it. – Got it. – You know. So, now why do you wanna live with him? – Well we both live in
LA and it’s extremely- – Expensive. Yeah. – Expensive. And I also feel like there’s
a lot of things that you can learn about people after living with them. All of my roommates that I’ve had before, there were so many things
that I learned about them, that, like just our living
styles didn’t really coincide. And, I didn’t know that
until after some time that we had spent together. – Yeah, but you wasn’t
sleepin with them roommates. – (laughs)
True that. – So you fixin to tell your pastor daddy. That you sleepin with this boy, and y’all gonna move in together. – Mmm. – There’s no good way to
break that to your father. – I understand. – You just go in there and tell him, “Dad, I’m grown and this
is what I’m gonna do.” But he gonna be hurt. He gonna be hurt, you’re his princess, he gonna be hurt. He took care of you his whole life. He did the best for you. Now you just gonna go in there you just gonna hurt your daddy like that? (audience laughs)
(audience clapping) – Steve, you’re guilting me. (laughs)
(audience claps) Okay, Steve. – How was that? That was good wasn’t it? – [Audience Member] Oh yeah! – That was good right there? (audience laughing)
(audience clapping)


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  • Why are people so judgemental? Society has changed. Maybe living together before marriage will let her see what life is really like for them both.

  • Girl, you've been dating for 4 years and you don't know him yet? Then you'll never know him! That's a lame excuse though. If he doesn't want to marry you after 4 years then that's a sign that he's not the one. Living together is giving him all the benefits of a wife without being married. Honey, don't give a man your youth without him being invested in you.

  • Why is everybody trying to force marriage so much? It's 2019. People don't even need to be married. Not everyone wants marriage. And I sure as hell would not marry somebody before living with them for a while

  • Why get married if ur already having sex? Nothing will change except if you two get divorced and she takes half lol

  • Kuribohchaos8 says:

    He just need to watch this vid.

    But hey, everybody cant be raised to lived the same intended life their parents want.

  • Jacqueline Ramphal says:

    She is a pretty girl!🌎 She has a point , however, living with someone to see the real them is pivotal.

  • Texas.Made. The.Realist. says:

    Nope I respect that thought of marriage before living together, but just because I respect it don't mean it's the only way.

  • People say that you need to live with them before you get married to find out about them, but you'll learn things about someone AFTER you get married. 🤷🏾‍♀️So it's really not necessary and is a deterrent to getting married. If you are at the point when you will say yes to marriage, then you are to the point to accept and process through some things once you learn about the person, if not decide to divorce. However, ladies stop living with a guy when you're not his wife….you're cutting yourself short, new generation or older generation.

  • Grant Franchey says:

    How is it that if she choose to live with a guy all of a sudden EVERY one wanna act like the guys a evil villain and she’s this innocent child…she a grown ass ADULT not just a woman. Ladies it takes TWO to tango

  • Wanda Majette says:

    I have yet to find a woman that has been in a long term relationship reject a proposal from her man.
    A woman saying she's not ready to be married is because he's not asking you to be his wife.

  • MsButterflyheaven says:

    I moved in with my first bf a long long time ago about 20 years ago and I still remember that my dad had disowned me because he felt like I disappointed him and he probably thought I was going to ruin my life! I ended up being finding out who this person was it was all fun and nice the first 3 months and then things went very wrong! We both worked full time and I still was going to college part time and my dad didn’t want my little sister she was 13 at the time to go and visit me and I had to go home and make up an excuse said she was going to the library to see me and then I would drive her back home a couple times! Well this guy person ended up eventually cheating on me with the ex and then he was abusive I never told my dad about it because I was embarrassed and then he had done it all to my mother as well growing up! I became very sick later on and I guess he forgave me but until today I had to learn on my own what was good for me and I don’t know if I want to get married or not based on my family upbringing on domestic violence 💔and my own. I rather be alone then end up being with a person who doesn’t respect me and be unhappy for the rest of my life!😭❤️

  • The Money View The Money View Group says:

    I married b4 moving in together at 20 and it was an abusive marriage that took the rest of my life to escape finally got free at 50. Please… Girl move in if thats what u believe is best for u. All these Men r not marriage material. If it was my daughter l tell her to live life, dont have no kids with him, save ya own money, in keep looking to do better.

  • I mean, but like, not everyone wants to get married. The guy may not want to but she wants to, yet they are still happy with each other, or maybe both parties don't want to and again they are still happy. You can raise your child yes, but you can't control them, raise them the best you can, but they won't have the same views as you do, things and time change.

    Marriage doesn't equal happiness, lol, in some cases it means the exact opposite

  • Mitch Tatsuoka says:

    Nope. Living in with a partner before marriage is like investing with no definite returns. Hehe.. no need to get too religious. Lol

  • im 22.. completely agree with steve…

    Never gona do the dating thing… so superficial… u love a girl.. make her your queen… make her yours…

    If u cant do dat U AINT A MAN. period

  • Why women want to get married so bad? Seriously? Is it because of the benefits yoy get if you divorce? Im so serious and would like to know the truth.

  • After 1 year she will come back.to ask advice how to recover her father from anger and how to do justice from the guy who leave her alone with problems and babies…Steve it have been always very clear…to protect yourself for future dissapointments

  • As soon as Steve answered and she sighed some guy in the audience started laughing extremely loud and it is seriously making me laugh idk why but it’s hilarious! She definitely didn’t get the answer she was looking for.

  • Giving bf husband benefits ..hell no.
    I don't care who think its ok.not me.
    I not moving with no man without no ring or plans to get married.
    If you feel like you should move in together good for you.

  • My take is this, if you don’t want your daughter living with a man, especially as a pastor then do what you’re supposed to do as a father and be your daughter covering until she is married meaning she lives at home, and you provide for her until a suitable man comes for her.

    Today men like her father and likely Steve will let their daughters go out live on their own, and have sex with whatever man they choose, but then want to expect a man to come to him for a blessing when you have already abdicated your god given responsibility as her covering.

    I wish I would go to any man and ask him for his daughter hand in marriage when she don’t live with him and she out giving the box up.

  • Thanks Steve. That's the real truth. You're a Christian. U can't behave lije the rest of people. Once you talk of boy and girl friendship. There is always sex involved. Don't dare your father's temper sister. Do it according to the principles of a Christian family

  • If my daughter told me she was going to sleep with and move in with a man, with no regards to marrying him or taking seriously the sacred oath of commitment.. I'd go to my grave in tears

  • Matias Heiberg Andersen says:

    Dayum you guys are old school over there. ✌️✌️✌️ Luckily in most part of Europe finding the one and only and getting married is not something that is pushed down on you. Millions of people live and love together as partners before getting married or without ever getting married. Each couple is their own, you can't generalize and say that people will live a better life if they live "God's way". That's pure arrogance. Now, I've never lived in the states so I may be ignorant about how life is over there. Maybe it makes sense for people to secure their marriage before committing to living together. That's all fine. But, at least in Denmark people have a strong economic and social security that moving in together risking having to move apart later isn't a risky choice what so ever.

  • Nasser Kimbugwe says:

    What does it mean to get married? what does it take? Marriage is just parents approval to stay with their daughter. People are having sex day in day out but they say they are not "married"!!!! May be marriage means legal way to steal man's property(in the west)

  • Stop pretending. Quit fooling yourselves. Get married already. You're going to share DNA and expenses. Might as well share those vows as well. That's the bottom line. That's the real proof of love. Anything else is a poor imitation and a recipe for disappointment.

  • Learn Through Music and Lyrics!!! says:

    I disagree with Steve on this one. It is a good idea for a boyfriend and girlfriend to move in together after they have known each other and been together for a while to see if they could live together well enough and then possibly pursue marriage. You can only play the roommate game for so long before you decide you either want to live alone or live with a loved one from that point forward. A lot of people forget that marriage is a legally binding contract. A wedding (ceremony) lasts one day; a honeymoon lasts a couple of day. Marriage itself lasts a lifetime from the moment the two people in a couple say "I do". A married couple essentially own each other for life. Only death and divorce can come between their eternal togetherness–legally, domestically, and even romantically to follow. So until two people know who each other are inside and out in every imaginable life situation–especially in everyday routines like living under the same roof and splitting absolutely everything down the middle, nobody, absolutely nobody, should tie the knot. Jumping right into marriage even when a couple feels and looks like they are head over heels in love with one another can end up being the biggest mistake when things are not thought through ahead of time.

  • All hypocrites are… get married first. Okay! Like if marriage is a problem solver. You all probably married but been cheating. 🙄

  • Had like 4 relationships so far where we lived together for over 3 years and in the end it just didn't work out. Really wouldn't have wanted to have to deal with a divorce on top of that too. Marriage isn't for everybody.

  • Dad I'm shacking up. Dad I'm a baby mama. Dad I'm a single mother. Dad I'm a single mother of 2, 3. And he didn't raise you to do that.

  • Honestly i dont understand how it ever became an idea that you shouldnt live together before marrying. It doesnt make sense, being together and living together are 2 entirely different environments, and entirely different challenges, why would you not make sure youre compatible with eachothers life in that kind of environment before marriage? Its literally backwards logic to me, growing accustomed to one anothers lifestyle doesnt happen when your just together, you have to LIVE with someone in order to create an environment between eachother, and thats a very crucial foundation that should be made BEFORE marriage because only then will you learn their everyday lifestyle and their quirks and only then will you know your tolerance.

  • This woman's idea makes sense. It seems more logical to move in together first and test the waters before getting married and having a binding legal contract with that person. If you get married and then realize you hate living with them then you are screwed.

  • You dont do it. The act in itself is disrespectful due to the fact you KNOW GOOD AND WELL HIS BELIEFS.
    She was disappointed when Steve didnt take her side.

  • LUaipouomalo Pritchard says:

    Thank you for that Mr Harvey that is pure love telling the truth although it hurts her but is for her own good. GOD BLESS YOU Mr Harvey..

  • I actually agree with steve and no i’m not that religious or anything. I think if you wanna live with a guy, and you want a real relationship where he values you truly, then you wait until he can prove that by proposing. That’s a real man.

  • lmao. if i plan on marrying somebody, we got the rest of our lives together, it's fine to take our time before we get legal and have a big party about it. i would wanna live with somebody a couple years before marrying them so you can get to know them in a way you can only get to know them when you live together. if you find out you're not compatible, then you're not dealing with divorce. if you find out you are, but there are a few issues, you can learn how to deal with those before getting married. i don't see the point in rushing if you really plan on spending the rest of your lives together.

  • If you have been with him 4 yrs then you ought to know all you need to know about him ! If not then you won't find out by living with him !

  • 0o Minato Namikaze o0 says:

    This is exactly how marrage happens in Islam, the exact as steive said. And all new 'cute' ways of proposal that happens in the show and in other shows too is from islam too
    Thank god that im muslim

  • Preach Steve that’s what people need to hear, I always have a say why live like you married and with the benefits of being married but not married??

  • So…. Steve told his daughters that they gotta get married before moving in together this what he did ? With all them women he was with ? 😂😂 Ok

  • My Sister and Brother in Law were dating for 8 years before they got married. Last month they celebrated their 5th Wedding Anniversary. One of my closest friend's parents got married when he was 11 years old and was together for years before that. My friend is now nearly 30.

    When the time is right, the time is right.
    If they wanna live together first, let them.

  • Yes, but this is her life, not his. She should be able to live her life as she wishes and a real father, a loving father, a selfless father, would be there for her. and, if she falls, he should reach out his hand and help her stand, because that is what families do, that what people who love do.

  • All these people trying to force their beliefs onto other people. Listen, there's people who dated for over 10 years and only got married after and are happy. There are also people who dated for 1 or 2 years, got married and now they are divorced. There is no rule or right date for anything, people are free to make their decisions according to their current will and circumstances.

  • I feel like you should move in before getting married… theres alot you learn through living and paying bills together. Steve was bias on this, gotta think smart.

  • "….we are gonna get married, but later…"
    I don't get it. Either you wanna spend the rest of your life with that person or you don't and if you don't, what's even the point of being together ????????

  • No respect for her father's office and not ashamed to publicly disgrace him. Woefully disobedient and ungrateful and will the consequences will be terrible for her

  • Withering Daisies says:

    If she wants to move in with her boyfriend, she should be able to. If its turns out to be a mistake, it'll be a life lesson.

  • 🌸 Dating for 4 years 😳 what no engagement ring 💍

    that chap will just use u 4 free milk and then play with another silly cow that’s also giving away free milk. If he truly loves u and he would have realised it after a year, he would have married you

    After 3 years he’s settled, he’s getting everything he wants without having to grow-up
    Four years, he will never marry you

    Most people that live together before marriage get bored when they are finally together because it’s like been there done that
    Nothing is new or magical.

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