Hey! New York Times Trump Headline

Hey! New York Times Trump Headline

-After four years of spewing
racist, anti-immigrant vitriol, President Trump read a scripted
denunciation of racism off the teleprompter yesterday, so the New York Times decided
to go with this banner headline, “Trump Urges Unity Vs. Racism.” TheTimeslater admitted the
headline was flawed and changed it
for subsequent editions, which brings us to a segment
called “Hey!” [ Cheers and applause ] All right, let’s take a look at a few seconds
of Trump urging unity. -In one voice,
our nation must condemn racism, bigotry, and white supremacy. These sinister ideologies
must be defeated. Hate has no place in America. -Hey, it doesn’t really sound like he was speaking
from his heart. I mean, even the painting of
George Washington behind him wasn’t buying it. [ Laughter ] You can’t say
someone urged something when they do it completely
without urgency. He’s already back
to quoting Fox News and attacking people
on Twitter again today. A better headline would’ve been “Teleprompter Urges Unity
While Old Man Watches.” I mean, hey,New York Times,is Trump writing
your headlines now? The only thing missing
from that were the typos. [ Laughter ] You’re supposed to be
the paper of record, not the paper
of record scratches. “Trump urges unity?!” [ Record scratches ] [ Laughter ] Hey,New York Times,
we depend on you. We need you
to learn the lessons of 2016, and one of them is
“Don’t just uncritically repeat whatever this president
reads off a teleprompter,” because he never means it. I mean, the real Trump always
comes out later in his tweets or his rallies
or during full moons. [ Laughter ] This headline was so weird, it was like when you read
a newspaper left behind by a time traveller
in a sci-fi movie and realize you’re
in an alternate timeline. “Trump Urges Unity”?! “Cleveland Browns
Win Super Bowl”?! [ Laughter ] Look,New York Times,
we love you. We depend on you, and that’s why
we need you to do better. I’m not saying
you’ll never make mistakes, I’m just hoping you’ll get wise
to Trump’s act, and when you do, I look forward
to reading the headline, “New York Times
Wakes the [Bleep] Up.” This has been “Hey!”


100 thoughts on “Hey! New York Times Trump Headline”

  • george plimpton says:

    Trump, the GOP, and the right wing media should all be indicted as co-conspirators in the heinous El Paso crime.

  • Trump has to concentrate so much when he tries to read. He's like a 'Learner Driver', so overwhelmed staring intently a the road 20 ft in front of the car.

  • If you haven’t gotten over the 2016 election results it doesn’t matter what trump says or does even if it’s perfect you’ll still complain 💯💯💯🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 propaganda at its finest 💯💯💯💯

  • Humboldt HipNeck says:

    New York Times is just hedging their bets. If they don't get a corrupt corporate dem they would rather have trump.

  • Donald's "denouncement" is as worthless as his word in general. And his "wink, wink, nudge, nudge" telegraphs to neo-nazis is on display for everyone to see.

  • So who wrote the speech? That person needs hung in the streets because they new it was lies. I'm looking at you Roger stone

  • NY Times is not exactly great at titling there articles… There was a 2016 article called "Wolves and hyenas hunt together, proves mid east peace is possible."

  • Marianne Kennedy says:

    Trump talks like Chekhov did in Star Trek II when that crustacean was in his ear and wrapped around his cerebral cortex. Flat, disingenuous, programmed.

  • “My son, if sinners entice thee, consent thou not. If they say, Come with us, let us lay wait for blood, let us lurk privily for the innocent without cause: Let us swallow them up alive as the grave; and whole, as those that go down into the pit: We shall find all precious substance, we shall fill our houses with spoil: Cast in thy lot among us; let us all have one purse: My son, walk not thou in the way with them; refrain thy foot from their path:”
    ‭‭Proverbs‬ ‭1:10-15‬ ‭KJV‬‬

  • I don't like to gloat but I said when I watched his speech, give him 24-48 hours and I guarantee he will say and do something to prove he didnt mean it. And he did it in spades! He is on video walking back everything he said in this speech. Gone back to cozying to White nationalists. Ramping up his hate speech against "Mexicans invading our country and changing how we live" Did everyone see the data on his Facebook ads?

  • Yet another modern-day Tokyo Rose or Axis Sally. He is a BIG LIE propagandist for the collectivist-totalitarian left. His heroes are the BIG LIE masters: Joseph Stalin and Joseph Goebbels.

  • Dorian sapiens says:

    Hey, trumpsters, when Trump says, "I am the least racist person. Black, Hispanic, and Asian unemployment is the lowest in history," and you accept that as a good argument…. Do you think there's like a knob labeled "Black unemployment" that sits on the president's desk, and they turn it up or down depending on how racist they?

  • Headline: Trump's speech writer attempts to get trump to read something that sounds somewhat human. Trump immediately goes back to being a childish dickhead.

  • * * * Must See !
    Trumpclown's Failed Overseas Golf course Debacle:
    Impeach Trump @ Change.org
    We MUST do this for our children.

  • One can only speak from the heart, when one has a heart. Trump has a pacemaker, his heart stopped working as a child. He is part robot, you can tell when he reads a TelePrompTer.

  • "President Obama had 32 mass shootings during his reign. Not many people said Obama is out of Control."

    A: A President doesn't "reign", as "reign" is defined as "holding royal office; such as a king or queen".
    B: Trump has had 600 mass shootings during his presidency (323 last year alone. Ten times Obama's 32). 600 is out of control compared to 32.
    C: While Obama's character can not be said to inspire the shootings during his tenure, some shootings during Trump's term can be directly related to Trump's character.

  • Luqe Prisecaru says:

    no no no no , let New York Times report the official appearences, all you're doing here is shaming a shameless president into doing the right thing, hard work but it's slowly working. because he's scared of jail. keep it up, all methods are allowed, but striking Ego is bestest.

  • Part of why so many of the people I love think Trump is doing fine because so many newspapers and local news channels try to be " balanced " instead of fact checkers. It really sucks. I wish they would all take responsibility for how they spread lies by covering so many lies spewed by corrupt politicians and talking heads without fact checking or adding context that shows the way the words are not representative of the actions. Also can't they cover the cabinet other actions the president's appointees are doing. Many conservative American people trust certain papers and their local news anchors but won't listen to my favorites like Rachel Maddow, who connect the dots and reveal the widespread corruption and destruction of Trump's appointees. Why aren't more news. Outlets covering the actual dealings not just the tweets or speeches. Trump has brought in such am abominal cabinet and other appointees who are actively destroying our government agencies that are made to protect and and provide services that America's people, land and resources count on everyday. The actual harm already done is incredible but my family and friends have heard nothing about it from their news sources and dismiss mine as lying radical left (Washington Post, MSNBC, the Journal)

  • He is a moron who is so in love with himself he will never see himself doing anything wrong. Even wanting to sleep with his daughter.

  • epstein committed suicide? I am waiting for the deamoncrat mayor/governor or maybe oblama to narrate the video from the camera in a deamoncrat NYC suicide watch cell. Hey, maybe the clinton hate crime family could narrate the video since epstein was a co founder of the clinton hate crime foundation?

  • Christiane Montazer says:

    Wow – I think they drugged him so he wouldn’t screw up his blabbering. Wonder what kind of psychotropics he’s on – side effect – tilting his heavy head back and forth, shrugging his shoulders (more like a twitch) 😳😳

  • Great title for your segment. Please. Grade 11 theatre arts could do better and would be given a fail.
    Btw : guess you haven’t been paying attention, but the NYTimes is crap. And has been for a while.
    You’re in big trouble if you are depending on that rag.

  • Published headline that wasn’t against trump gets taken down because the left went crazy that trump did something right. Unbelievable, definition of fake news right here New York Times

  • Lookintomyeyes says:

    What is up with the NY Times? Our local movie theater had an ad for the Times that featured Steve Bannon leafing through a print edition. But when was the last time you saw any coverage of Steve Freaking Bannon and what is his connection to the NY Times now? I was so startled I almost dropped my popcorn.

  • Jeffrey Beaver says:

    The media doesn't get to dictate headlines. Librals are literally destroying their credibility every time they do this crap.

  • Gregory Freeman says:

    Flawed??? That is a colossal understatement. He is a disingenuous phony. Whenever he is propped up before a camera and reads a prepared statement in that dead, lifeless monotone voice how is anyone convinced of his sincerity. Then some will praise his presidential strength. Do they live in a vacuum or suffer from short term loss and haven't taken note of the pattern of behaviour?

  • OMG im just a normal person outside America…i dont really know why all these media folks are a bunch of stupid idiot leftist democrats…

  • Do you know we had a stabbing in Australia today? A guy went on rampage in our biggest city and passers by on the way to work took him down with a milk crate. He killed 1 person over like 10 mins. Imagine if he had semi-automatic.

  • NY TIMES is been on a Trump hate mission ever since his election. It's readers expect no less from this left-wing rag now otherwise they erupt in protest. NYT is the paper of record for the leftist socialist Democrat Party now. NYPravda now. Eff U NYT. Eff U Seth Meyers.

  • Seth & his mind numbed cackling well trained Seals, question for ya. Do SOME illegal aliens kill, rape, rob, assault Americans. Yes or No ? Yes they do. Welcome to the Trump Racist Club. You dimwitted jackasses.

  • dailywire.com/news/50728/leaked-transcript-nyt-staff-meeting-reveals-james…

    6 hours ago · Leaked Transcript Of NYT Staff Meeting Reveals Leadership’s Plan For Reporting On Trump For Next Two Years From "collusion" to "race" and "division." ALASTAIR PIKE/AFP/Getty Images … On Monday, New York Times executive editor Dean Baquet presided over a "crisis townhall meeting" of the Times' staff after the paper was met with massive …

  • Denounces racism, the leftists lose their minds. What's the current narrative, oh that trump caused the shootings. Maybe Marilyn Manson caused columbine, or maybe BLM caused all those attacks on police officers. A few statements glues together over the past 3 years does not make a hateful narrative.

  • jeffery williams says:

    Unfortunately people ready this supposedly news paper are getting lies, some that may cause the paper to go bankrupt. The paper has slandered several people that can afford to pay a attorney millions of dollars. After apologizing to Trump and Spence last year the paper retracted a story they made up to destroy Trump's presidency. Fortunately for them Trump and Spence excepted their, I'm sorry and it will never happen again page. Unfortunately the paper forgot and continued to spread lies to help Democrats trash Trump and others. Trump has had enough of the lies and attack's. He didn't except the papers sorry note this time. His attorney's are now taking on several other of Trump's associates,nine in all. Each associate is demanding that the paper pay 100 million dollars per person. Trump is demanding a payment of 50 billion dollars due to his name. The paper continues to spread lies realizing that their already in jeopardy. The paper use to be the number one around the United States now it's near last. After reading the lies years ago I stopped buying the horrible paper.

  • poors Prwesidents Trumps was sent by the sweet jesus to be our hero and saves us from the evil liberals and the swamps…also saves us from evil hilarys and evil Obamas who wants the immigrants to runs wild and rape the white women. I am a Trumps supporters from kentuckys and the reals americans. Ims the patriots and dont you call me a racists! Trumps magas 2123!

  • Democrats party of slavery KKK Jim Crow planed parenthood 30 million black babies killed take the time to research it facts history plane for all to see New York Times leading dumb down viewers with a carrot that is all a lie wake up you are smarter then the lie

  • Focus in Spygate Scandal Shifts to CIA, Former Director Brennan – The Epoch Times.

  • As a daily reader, I see that the NYT and its readership have become a self-contained ecosystem of political activism of the extreme left, which includes animus toward all things Trump, and includes an incomprehensible adherence to identity politics and grievances.
    The NYT is no longer a newspaper but a propaganda tool for the Democratic Party and its fellow travelers.
    The entire publication shows signs of psychological damage from HRC's loss, to which the organization has not yet reconciled.
    It has adopted dishonest methodologies to achieve its political goals, including lying, obfuscation, headlines not borne out by the story, a complete ignoring of certain news, burying news, using words in an artful and tendentious way, and so on.
    These methods are tried and true, but you used to not expect that from the NYT.
    The name of the paper should be Pravda.  Its motto should be "All the news that's fit to fake." 
    It wlll never recover from its role in the delusional "Resistance".

  • Vikram maru Rathore Po says:

    People are persecuted in Pakistan in 1947, when all Pakistan was born, then the population of Hindus was 23%, today, Balochistan was a free country, Pakistan was illegally captured and to this day, 5 lakh Bloch people in America, India , Atrocities on Sindhi people living as refugees in England; Atrocities in Pakistan Occupied Kashmiri; Their voice is suppressed; Terrorist attack in Mumbai or New York terror Terrorist attack. All terrorists meet in Pakistan. Minorities were 30% in Pakistan. Today 1% are left. Minority community should look at the world. Kashmir talks that people of Kashmir are made terrorists in the name of religion; 5 lakh Muslim people kill in Bangladesh Who killed the Pakistani army,& IsI how safe are the Muslims in China, why does Pakistan

  • Vikram maru Rathore Po says:

    people are perѕecυтed ιn paĸιѕтan ιn 1947, wнen all paĸιѕтan waѕ вorn, тнen тнe popυlaтιon oғ нιndυѕ waѕ 23%, тoday, вalocнιѕтan waѕ a ғree coυnтry, paĸιѕтan waѕ ιllegally capтυred and тo тнιѕ day, 5 laĸн вlocн people ιn aмerιca, ιndιa , aтrocιтιeѕ on ѕιndнι people lιvιng aѕ reғυgeeѕ ιn england; aтrocιтιeѕ ιn paĸιѕтan occυpιed ĸaѕнмιrι; тнeιr voιce ιѕ ѕυppreѕѕed; тerrorιѕт aттacĸ ιn мυмвaι or new yorĸ тerror тerrorιѕт aттacĸ. all тerrorιѕтѕ мeeт ιn paĸιѕтan. мιnorιтιeѕ were 30% ιn paĸιѕтan. тoday 1% are leғт. мιnorιтy coммυnιтy ѕнoυld looĸ aт тнe world. ĸaѕнмιr тalĸѕ тнaт people oғ ĸaѕнмιr are мade тerrorιѕтѕ ιn тнe naмe oғ relιgιon; 5 laĸн мυѕlιм people ĸιll ιn вangladeѕн wнo ĸιlled тнe paĸιѕтanι arмy,& ιѕι нow ѕaғe are тнe мυѕlιмѕ ιn cнιna, wнy doeѕ paĸιѕтan noт тalĸ aвoυт ĸaѕнмιr? wнen waѕ ιт ĸnown тнaт ĸaѕнмιr waѕ ιn paĸιѕтan ιn wнιcн cenтυry, reмeмвer тнaт paĸιѕтan occυpιed ĸaѕнмιr ιѕ alѕo oғ ιndιa, тнere are вoмв вlaѕтѕ ιn aғgнanιѕтan, paĸιѕтan arмy ιѕ alѕo a тerrorιѕт вecaυѕe oғ paĸιѕтan тerrorιѕтѕ. #тerrorιѕтan #внιĸarιpaĸιѕтan @ιмranĸнan.pтι

  • If you only listen/read the far left media, yes, you will think Trump is racist. However, he definitely is not. Unfortunately, the New York Times finally wrote something good about Trump, and he is not all bad, the left went nuts so they had to retract it. I’m not for Trump and I am a Democrat but I want the real news and not just one side. I am still a Democrat but not sure how long that will be the case. Democrats are destroying themselves. We used to be the party that said we may not believe as you do but we will fight to our death for you to have the right to believe as you choose. Now we are the party that does nothing but scream racist racist racist with the left media cheering them on. They are doing nothing but trying to divide us and portraying this country as racists to the world, which is why the world was shocked when we elected Obama. Yes, unfortunately, there are still racists in this country but there were the fewest in our history and racism was a dying thing until Obama was elected. He brought racism back and he was racist himself. I sat and watched him divide this country like never before in my lifetime. Democrats are becoming authoritarians. Trump won so get over it. They’ve been screaming impeachment from the very minute he was elected. Then they started talking about doing away with the electoral college. Then they totally destroyed Brett Kevenaugh in a sick way as I have ever witnessed. Then when they couldn’t prove their ridiculous lies and he was appointed, they wanted to change the Supreme Court just so they could have the power back. Then people started getting fired and shunned just because they are for Trump. I could go on and on but no doubt about it, Democrats have turned into a bunch of authoritarians who will stop at nothing to get all of the power. They will even go as far as to destroy this country. I do not want a one party country. I do not want a country with only media for one party. What part of all of this do Democrat’s not understand? Democrats have turned out Party into a radical religious cult. Who else shuns people for their beliefs? People cannot even walk down the streets of some cities wearing a MAGA hat without their lives being in great danger. That is exactly like living in Iran or Saudi Arabia etc. these are the reasons Trump was elected. I’m not sure why Democrats do not get it but obviously they do not because it has made them even worse and now they are making certain Trump is elected again by trying to impeach him.

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