Hey FOX News Viewers: WAKE UP!

Hey FOX News Viewers: WAKE UP!

why do conservatives hang onto so many crackpot theories and really really I
mean a big diff their feet and there is no such thing as
global warming taxing the rich is going to be a disaster ya to cut taxes on rich people I there
shouldn’t be a minimum wage you know working people hold these believes these
conservative beliefs that have no basis in reality the when they’ve been tried fail and yet
conservatives hold these been average people who call themselves
concert is why is this Pew Research the interesting piece over
on AlterNet by Amanda Marcotte about this why conservatives opt for propaganda
over reality Pew Research set out to find out what’s going on with
this increasing political polarization and she read spew discover the
Conservatives are consuming a right-wing media full allies and misinformation
whereas liberals are more instead media puts facts before ideology conservatism became more conservative
because a propaganda whereas liberals are becoming more
liberal while staying very much checked into reality she points out that people who are
mostly are consistently conservative that number has grown from 18 to 27
percent in the last ten years during that same
period the percentage of americans who are mostly are consistently liberal has got
gone from 33 to 34 percent over the last 10 years so why are they
can serve is growing so rapidly hostesses conservative media is rife
with the message that everyone’s out to get your you conservative your in only the warm
black in a blanket right wing propaganda will keep you safe
and that message according to Pew has really taken hold man Mr Cartwright she says Fox News is
one of the main factors parts possibly the main factor driving political
polarization in this country huge chunks the country now listen mostly or solely to
relentless stream movement misinformation coming off Fox news
coupled with warnings implied or even boldly stated to avoid
listening to other more factually accurate news sources at
the lamestream media they call so the sounds pretty outrageous pretty
extreme right until you consider what happened on Fox
News Justin dare be yesterday or the day before I was on
Wednesday we had this republican who was on Fox News is being
interviewed by Fox News and this is this is a sitter is Jay
Finch effort Chaffetz is the Republican from Utah
airs on Fox News nieces is criticizing the white house right
about a ball and he said and why do we have a ball is our and this is why I have a surgeon-general
had this up at least you have someone who has a medical background has been
confirmed by the united states senate that’s where I think we should actually
be going this a Republican in Congress who said
this keep in mind give a doctor Vivek Murthy who almost
two years ago President Obama nominee to be surgeon general has been filibustered
continuously by Republicans in the Senate now here’s where it gets really wild jason Chaffetz says this on Fox News so
the Fox News viewers all believe we have an attorney general in
our president is refusing to appropriately use that person so a they get that the lie from the from
the republican congressman unchallenged by Fox News and then be on
Fox News is website they change his quote so doesn’t sound
so stupid a change is quote to are that why doesn’t president at why
doesn’t do it but the President Obama have the acting United States Surgeon General is
there is you know that the number to guide the
organization is acting as the number one uses so on Fox News page it’s just its lies right if it’s if it’s an inconvenient truth
it’s not out there another story that you’re not going to hear from
Fox News Talk so-called use or any other right-wing media new article published in the journal
love Epidemiology and Community Health this is over at Stockholm daily
exceeding ScienceDaily from Stockholm University and I quote
there is a general correlation between unemployment and suicide among men but the stronger the unemployment protection
in the country the weaker the correlation for Scandinavia for example if the the
45 countries in Scandinavia there was no association between increased
unemployment suicide not but in the SS is huge our the this is from the /url lead
researchers is our results suggest that a strong welfare state mitigates the net
a negative affects every sessions on
population mental health often proxy by the suicide rate for
skinny be there was no association between increased unemployment suicide I can hear that from republicans in fact
in today’s financial times gerry’s or in writing the GOP is now the Great Wall
party is a republicans are all about barriers wanna keep millions of uninsured
Americans are the health care system they were acting a black black people
from voting they’re hoping to stop gay people from Mehreen their foreign policies seal the border
put up a wall stop illegal immigrants top germ stop those those Islamic terrorists his republican
thinking has come to bridge any agoraphobic that’s you know what people are so
frightened they won’t go either house just imagine a whole nation a Fox News
yours the I can’t open those legs bowlers
immigrants Thursday people oh my god and discuss it was largely that’s what so team Fox News viewers you being lied
to guys wake up this is the Thom Hartmann program


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  • RepublicansAreNazis says:

    The main reason why KKKonservativism is grown. Is, because of fear and racism! Its have grown because of Obama being president.

  • First of I want to say sorry bad English. I am an Liberian and live New York. I think the word is stigma? Everyday when I take monkey for walk I get people stop also run!!! I have rope monkey neck and cane behaviour. Why you people no respect Liberian man? What you problem? Monkey wear contraceptive no problem. I no like take monkey walk so I take underground train. Subaway I think. No one talk to me no one like Liberian man. You are backward people.

  • Pew Research set out to find what’s behind what it considers the increasing political polarization of the United States; why the country is moving away from political moderation and becoming more and more divided between liberals and conservatives. Its first report on the phenomenon, which examines where people are hearing news and opinion in both regular and social media, shows that this is happening for very different reasons among people moving to the right than for people moving to the left.
    Or that’s the charitable way to put it. The less charitable way is to say Pew discovered that conservatives are consuming a right-wing media full of lies and misinformation, whereas liberals are more interested in media that puts facts before ideology. It’s very much not a “both sides do it” situation. Conservatives are becoming more conservative because of propaganda, whereas liberals are becoming more liberal while staying very much checked into reality.
    That this polarization is going on isn’t a myth. Previous Pew research shows the percentage of Americans who are “mostly” or “consistently” conservative has grown from 18% in 2004 to 27% in 2014. During that same period, the percentage of Americans who are “mostly” or “consistently” liberal stayed a little more consistent, growing from 33% to 34% in 10 years. (These statistics don’t measure what you call yourself, but what you rate as on a scale of beliefs about various issues.) While liberals became more liberal, conservatives both became more numerous and more rigidly conservative over time. What gives?
    Enter right-wing media, which has a nifty trick of convincing audiences it’s the other guys who are the liars, all while actually being much less trustworthy in reality. From conservative screaming about the “media elite” to Fox News’s old slogan “Fair and Balanced,” conservative media is rife with the message that everyone is out to get you, conservative viewer, and only in the warm blanket of right-wing propaganda will you be safe.

    The message, the Pew research suggests, has really taken hold. Pew researchers gave respondents a list of 36 popular media sources and asked how much they trusted each one. Some were liberal, like The Daily Show or ThinkProgress. Some were conservative, like Rush Limbaugh or Fox News. Most of them are fairly straightforward news organizations with no overt political agenda, like NPR, various network news, CNN, and the New York Times.
    The findings were astounding. Out of the 36 news sources, consistent liberals trusted 28, a mix of liberal and mainstream news sources. Mostly, liberal respondents generally agreed, holding out a little more skepticism for overtly ideological sources like Daily Kos or ThinkProgress, but not actually distrustingthem, either. The only news sources liberals didn’t trust, generally, are overtly right-wing ones, such as Fox News, the Blaze, Breitbart, or Rush Limbaugh’s show.
    Conservatives, on the other hand, saw betrayers and liars around every corner. Consistent conservatives distrusted a whopping 24 out of 36 outlets and mostly conservative respondents distrusted 15 and were skeptical of quite a few more. The hostility wasn’t just to well-known liberal sources like MSNBC. Strong conservatives hated all the network news, CNN, NPR, and the major national outlets, except the Wall Street Journal.  Respondents who are mostly conservative fared better, but were still hostile to the New York Times and the Washington Post, as well as skeptical of mainstream organizations like CBS and NBC News.
    The fact that conservatives are this paranoid should be alarming enough, but it becomes even more frightening when you consider who conservatives do trust in the media. Consistent conservatives only trusted 8 media sources–compared to the 28 liberals trusted–and of the eight, only one has anything approaching respectable reporting or reliable information. And that one, the Wall Street Journal, has good straight reporting but has an op-ed page that is a train wreck of right-wing distortions and misinformation. Most conservative people were a little more open-minded, trusting USA Today and ABC News, but still were supportive of openly distorting sources like Fox News or the Drudge Report.
    The trust conservatives put in conservative media is utterly misplaced. For instance, both consistent and mostly conservative people love Glenn Beck, though he’s a well-known purveyor of outrageous conspiracy theories that percolate up to him from fringe characters. Breitbart and Sean Hannity also rated high, despite their shared history of championing right-wing fringe characters like Cliven Bundy.
    But what is really frightening is the reach of Fox News. Fox News rated as the only real news source for consistent conservatives, with 47% of them citing it as their main source of news. Nothing even came close to touching it, as the second most common answer, “local radio” was cited by only 11% of consistent conservatives. Eighty-eight percent of consistent conservatives trusted Fox News. Mostly conservative and even “mixed” people also liked Fox News.
    The problem with this is watching Fox News actually makes you less informed than if you don’t watch any news at all. In a 2012 study, Fox News viewers rated the absolute lowest in ability to correctly answer questions on a quiz about recent news events. People who didn’t take in any news programs at all did better on the quizzes. NPR listeners rated the best. Consistent liberals in the Pew research were big fans of NPR, by the way. It was the second most common outlet cited as a favorite by consistent liberals, topped only by CNN.
    Fox News is one of the main factors, possibly the main factor, driving political polarization in this country. Huge chunks of this country listen mostly or solely to a relentless stream of misinformation coming from Fox News, coupled with warnings, implied or even baldly stated, to avoid listening to other, more factually accurate news sources. Unsurprisingly, then, more people are becoming conservatives and people who were already conservative are becoming more hardline about it. If you have any Fox viewers in your family, you probably already suspected this, but now Pew has given us the cold, hard facts to confirm your suspicions.

  • Karl Harvy Marx says:

    Isn't it illegal to take advantage of mentally incompetent people for money? Most Fox News viewers seem to suffer a variety of brain afflictions such as dementia, PTSD and paranoid schizophrenia. Why is Murdoch allowed to prey on these people for profit and at the expense of worsening their suffering and endangering everyone else? I realize we have free speech in the US, but (non-religious) scamming generally doesn't count as free speech.

  • RepublicansAreNazis says:

    Chris Ross, No! you are just to use to listening to reich winger propaganda medias! that tells you how to think and when to take a shit. FOXAGANDA PROPAGANDA NEWS ! the only source for propaganda news KKKonservative Racist and bigots depends on most !

  • It is not just FAUX News it is TV period they are all media and all media is propaganda. You know they just recently passed legislation to make it legal to propagandise the American Public . I am not certain why pass these laws now because it has been going on forever but I figure it is to avoid lawsuits . Anything to keep you from getting any of their precious money which is their god.

  • Right Wing Conservatives have on the lately been on that BS since 2005….My brother left the party from their bullshit after the war in Iraq…….He's former Navy and saw the BULLSHIT

  • Liberals are just as stupid as conservatives case in point voting for Hillary despite the fact she lies about everything, uses pay and play while Sec of State, is a racist, is a 1%er and hates poor and probably middle class white people, represents the military complex and wall street. I am a fan of everything you say Thom but I feel that people following Trump and voting for Brexit are people from both the left and right who grew up in the 60's and 70's seeing the complete destruction of the society we grew up in due to Neo-liberalism and trying to get it back.
    Thom I think for us to get back America and the West we need to organise new socialist or labour parties with leaders like Eugene Debs etal. maybe Corbyn and I think people with the gift of the gabe like you, George Galloway, Nigel Farage etch must unite form a party that is reaching across borders and take it to the streets

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