Here Comes The Trapper 2 – Breaking the Rules – Dead By Daylight

Here Comes The Trapper 2 – Breaking the Rules – Dead By Daylight

Notice that I’m first. Not Wraith. I’m easy too! Hey! In this first match I’m going to change things up by finding all my traps and putting them in one building. Let’s go! (click) (click) (click) (click) (click) (click) (click) (click) (click) (click) (click) (click) Okay, bye! Let’s try that again. That look like good place to put all my traps. I running out of space. Hey you, Meg-a-death, come look at my traps! Yeah, that way…no, wait, to your right, I mean your other right. Yeah, dat way, in the building. N-NO.. you going wrong way again. Yes, oh wait, nevermind. I have visitor. I’ll just put you outside, outside I guess. Okay, please try to not step in traps. This is a trap museum. (Suggestive grunts and moans) When did I lose control of the situation? Party over! Go home Dwight. Okay, let’s get serious! I’m bringing Nurses Calling, Bitter Murmur, Brutal Strength aaaand Franklin’s Demise, cuz why not. As for add-ons, Fastening Tools and Tar Bottle which is… a bottle of tar. Already off to a good start. Stupid Meg! Okay, now watch me play pallet mind game. Hello! Isn’t that life tho. You try to hit a Kate but you smack a Meg. Step in trap. Step in trap. Yes! Thank you! Oh man, I’m not doing so well this match. Time implement Plan B. Kates mind is like a steel trap: rusty and illegal in 37 states. (Studio Audience Laughs) Thank you. I’ll be here all week. Wait.They let her die. That never happens! Step in trap. Step in trap. Step in- aw. He know. Well, that wasn’t… DWIGHT MOVE! Shirts now available at Walgreens. Ugh. Gotta stop them from doing last gen. Okay, where are you. I know someone is here! Oh! There you are. Also, OW! Step in trap! Step in trap! Yes! Things are starting to look up for the Trapper! Hehee. I see you doing the no-no. Well that was dumb. And where do you think you’re going? Okay, pallet mind trick again. Oh right. Well, back to Dwight. Oh-No! Hehe. Now we see if plan B works! Ah, someone at door! No! I’ll just put trap back. Time to finally put an end to this annoying Meg. Down she go! Bye Byeeeee! Stupid Dwight. Okay, other Dwight at door! There’s no escape from the… the… Hold on let me try that again. There’s no escape from the… the… the Trapper! That’s right. Okay I opened the door! Now you can all leave. Oh wait, you can’t Hehehehe. GG! So wait, he saying… as the Trapper… I’m not allowed to use my traps?! Let’s see here. Trapper Chapter… Yep! There it is! Rule #158. I will uninstall game now. NEXT! This time I bring Nurses Calling again, BBQ cuz I’m hungry. Bitter Murmur again, and lastly Agitation. Addons include Oily Coily and Trapper Bags. Let’sa go! Okay, let’s find some survivors! (Explosion) There they are. I go to explosion and of course, nobodies here! Oh. She hide good. That…that did not go as planned. But don’t worry, I’ll get her. See. You want some of this?! Jake: (Screams) Yeah, that’s what I- that’s what I thought. Jake: Hey! Jake: It’s me Jake! Just keep doing that. Whatever that was. Jake: Hey! Okay I’m done done talking to him. Crap! CRAP!! How’s that for a balanced landing. Hehe. Sorry to interrupt the doctor/patient meeting. I like it when they stand still so I can hit them. For example. Okay, don’t screw this up- ahhhhhh I’m going to name him Clicky. CRAP!!!!!!! This looks like a good place to set a trap. Well what do you know? It was! She not the smartest Nea in the- Oh man, I gotta write some new Nea jokes. Okay Trapper, time to focus! They only have one gen left! I see you! Crap. Why you doing bones? Or totems? The gates are powered! No Clicky! I said no! You.. you didn’t get it opened… Hehehe! Can we see that again in slow-mo? Okay, okay. That’s me hitting Clicky. Now nothing is happening here. It just dead space. Now Clicky is going back to pull the lever again, but he run away too soon… Leading to… the death of Clicky. Two birds with…uh, two survivors with one stone… trap. Don’t do it! I said don’t do it. Great hiding spot. Really. No, not really. Dead and dead! GG! Oh, it not over. What’s going to happen next? Will he make it? No, he step in trap. Ugh. When you struggle, you sound like you’re clearing your throat. Get a losange! GG! (Wind sounds) Uh, GG. LOL? (Studio audience laughs)


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