Help! We’re Hooked on Social Media! – Lacie and Robin

Help! We’re Hooked on Social Media! – Lacie and Robin

Honey, I want to talk to you about my increasing
addiction to social media. Okay. I can’t rest well until I have checked Facebook. Mm hmm.
Twitter. Mm hmm. YouTube. I have to check the comments. I scour these social media for
any signs of connection. Yeah, I understand. There’s some kind of comfort in knowing that
you’re completely connected to what’s happening right now. Last night, I came home from writers’
group and I was like, “I’ve been offline for three hours. Did Donald Trump implode yet?”
I think, for me, it’s more about it’s so self-centered, it’s practically unbelievable. I go on and
I look at, not my feed, my tweets. I read my own stuff. I go through my own stuff that
I put . . . You do? . . To see what other people have responded back and re-read my
own stuff. And then I’ll say, “You could also go and look at other people’s stuff.” And
then, I’ll got and look at other people’s stuff and I’ll . . . I will get sucked into
that all the time, too. Yeah. There’s so much to get caught up in, it’s, it’s just incredible.
I go to Facebook sometimes to get comfort. But, what I’ve found is that I get comfort
and fear from the same place. Mm hmm. Well, it’s all mixed in. It’s like a caramel ripple
in your ice cream.You don’t know what you’re gonna get. You know what it is? I was thinking
about this the other day: the word “feed”, you know it’s a “feed” on Facebook. Yeah.
It’s a “feed”. Twitter “feed”. You’re brain is feeding on the feed. It’s like zombies,
they need brains, you know? My brain needs to feed on the feed. Exactly. That is exactly
what it feels like. And, I don’t even realize I’ve done it. Like, I’ll literally say to
myself, “Okay. I’m gonna go on Facebook.” And, then my other side will say, “Well, didn’t
you say you were gonna try to not go on Facebook today?” And, I’ll say, “Well, yes, but I’m
just gonna check my notifications and messages. I’m not gonna do anything else.” Okay? But,
inevitably, the second I get on the page, I just get sucked in and I’m scrolling through,
and I’m looking at dogs and a baby gorilla. All of a sudden, it’s like 20 minutes later
and I’m like, “What happened to me?” If you could just exercise the superpower tomorrow
of not being sucked into . . . not . . . wanting to look at Facebook and being able to swear
off it completely, would you take that superpower? I have tried. Like, I did for one day. I said,
“I’m not going on Facebook at all for one day.” I actually felt better. But, that did
not in any way prevent me from getting right back on Facebook the next day. I’ve done the
same thing. And, I felt great, too. From time to time, I feel like a need an intervention.
I mean, I actually make myself very uptight over Twitter and Facebook. My perfectionism
actually gets activated by social media. I want it, obviously, to be funny and good and
everything that we know how to make it. I mean, it tips over into hostility. I mean,
just, anger at myself. There’s so many ways to step in a pile of shit on social media.
You can post something that nobody cares about. Which, that’s one of the worst. I, in fact,
posted something the other day that absolutely no one cared. I think I got two likes. And,
I was very tempted to just take it off ‘cuz it was like my shame was just hanging there
in the breeze. Yeah. But, I stood by it. It was just a . . . whatever, little article
that I thought was funny. No one cared. Another one is auto-correct. I can’t tell you how
many times my auto-correct has changed “love” into “lube”. There’s just never gonna be a
time that I wanna use the word “lube” in a Facebook post. When I put “love you”, every
single time, it corrects to “love tut”. I just wanna let you know, “I never mean to
say “love tute”. Ever. I have this image in my head that all the people that are following
me on Facebook are just sitting around, doing nothing else but waiting for me to post something
and, when I do, they’re just kinda like, judging it. You know, they’re either, like, “I don’t
care,” or “Yeah, okay, here’s a like,” or, they’re into it. Or, they’re sitting there
waiting, going, “When is she gonna post something. I mean, is she in this or not?” So, that’s
my social media anxiety for now. I’m sure it will be fine. Uhh, things tend to work
out, I wanna let you know, I’ve had some real moments of anxiety about social media. We
love you guys. If you have comments about social media, any thoughts you have about
this, please share them below. Also, if you enjoyed this video, please subscribe. We love
you. Thank you for watching. Mwah! Bye, you guys.


26 thoughts on “Help! We’re Hooked on Social Media! – Lacie and Robin”

  • Social media the eternal time suck!

    I deleted my Facebook 4 months ago. I feel surprisingly better… And if someone dies or has a baby or has a breakup I rely on my wife to clue me after she's read it on Facebook. Hahahha I guess that means I didn't quit all together!!!

  • I always considered myself a true romantic when I loved them and lubed them while professing my endless love tut. I may have missed the thesis…..

  • King tut da da… I check FB and Twitter a gazillion times a day! Robin don't delete your posts. Sometimes they get by me!

  • Not sure addiction is the right word, Lacie. Do you get high from reading your feeds? Is there a rush when your like count goes up? Maybe then. Otherwise isn't it more of a habit, or compulsion? Dunno. I follow a lot of people in the same field as me and we commiserate on FaceBook through the day. That's really nice, especially when I don't work near anyone else doing what I do.

  • I never liked Cats until Facebook. I now watching every cat video that gets posted. Cats are hilarious and evil at the same time. It's amazing

  • Lmao! You ladies are hilarious! Social media isn't that serious but the fact that you ladies choose to make these videos is amazing! Keep up the good work! πŸ‘πŸΌ

  • You guys are too funny. It's even harder for us sarcastic people to be ourselves on social media because sarcasm just doesn't translate well. I'm definitely more cautious about what I say on my Facebook because I have family and co-workers on there. On my Twitter I'll just say whatever the hell I want because none of them are there. Do you guys have the same issue or are you equally filterless on all social media?

  • I gave up social media/electronic entertainment for Lent. Yet, here I am. I've been pretty successful ignoring Facebook, but tumblr and youtube always suck me back in!

  • Where the Hell are We Now? says:

    I think social media is great but you need to know when you've been doing too much.

    I plan to share all my travel videos on my channel, hopefully make a living from it too (would be nice anyway) & I get sucked into watching too much YouTube or reading too much Facebook or too many Instagram photos.

    I try to stick to the rule of no tech in the bedroom but I end up falling asleep on the couch then…. At least I don't have that issue when I'm traveling & there is no data signal. That solves it πŸ™‚ – PepΓ’

  • When I get into bed, the first thing I do is take my turn on Words with Friends. Then it's off to Facebook. (Should really be called insomnia book!) I will be taking a FB vacation since things have shifted from cute animal videos and family pictures to political rants. The last thing I need is to get all riled up when I am trying to settle down for the night. It's like it has become a combination of Angry Birds and Words with Friends. (Angry words with friends!)

    At least I can end the day right every Wednesday night watching your funny videos. They are creative and always worth watching. If only I can get you to make more than one a week!

  • I share your fascination with social media although I don't consider it a negative. It is simply an outlet to express myself creatively. I admit that I have a sense of shame when I don't get as many "likes" as I felt the post warranted and when I see more mundane posts that get dozens of responses, it sends me back into high school mode when I question my popularity and self-worth. I will say that I always enjoy seeing posts from both of you; even if the subject matter doesn't speak to me personally, I always get a mini-rush just from being reminded that you two exist. I have a number of Facebook friends that I feel that way about and that's as good a reason as I can think of to keep my social media obsession fed.

  • I hate that I am addicted too! Unfortunately, my GF is not on ANY social media and she hates when I say things like "On Facebook today, someone…" It drives her crazy!

  • lol You ladies are right about social media addiction.
    I am also waiting for the current Mr. Wonderful to implode.

  • I find I am spending a little less time on Facebook these days. I don't like all the political stuff that's going on. Some of it is downright hateful. It is fun though to be able to be connected to people you would otherwise almost never see. πŸ™‚

  • I recently found your you tube channel and I have to say I love the videos. You guys Def. gained a new fan!Β Β  πŸ™‚

  • Corinne Towery, LMFT says:

    Now I'm just commenting so you have something to check before bed. Also, I'm getting caught up on your videos πŸ™‚

  • I'm constantly checking FB, YT and twitter. Lord help me if my employer decides to check my browser history!! LOL , you two lovely ladies are my new addiction on YT hence why I'm up at 1:15 am EST binge watching your video's!

  • Let's talk about ppl who post gym selfies ERRRRRDAY on my feed! Like every single day they have to tell me about Barry's Bootcamp, how they are such a lunatic for working out at 5am, what jackass post photos from a machine….#LA! So sick of gym photos clogging up my feed, but also like if I block them I might miss an adorable kitten video or something crucial like curing cancer from a cat. The struggle is so real.

  • Lacie and Robin- you both are beautiful,very funny and have valid points. I also constantly check social media. New to your vids love the paper plate video…even laughed the next day. Keep up the great work. Love you guys

  • I also go through my old tweets and posts, so Lacie you're not alone there. And I get the addiction to checking for feedback. I THRIVE on comments on my fics especially. hahah and love to lube, that's great

  • I'm kinda used to the silence πŸ™‚ but i hear I'm an odd Leo πŸ˜›

    It's the "you've hurt me" reactions that really freak me out. (in internet, no one can hear you smile) πŸ˜› I think those have to be the worst for me.

    I admit, I go looking into notifications, because the like is the little reward pellet for my hamster brain πŸ™‚

    Because I post my comics on twitter/Fb/Reddit/Stumbleupon/Tumblr… i do find myself in the same boat each time….
    gotta post the thing with the tags…ok, now maybe a little bit of scroll….why is it 5pm?

    I have noticed though… my scrolling gets worse, when my anxiety is worse.

    "I'm upset, therefore I must find all the information that ever was because information protects me!!!" (even if it's information about goats in pajamas… πŸ˜› )

    could not tell you why that is. but yeah.
    the more upset i get, the more I need twitter and FB and tumblr to calm my shit down.


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