Heldmaschine RADIO SHOW – Episode #2

Heldmaschine RADIO SHOW – Episode #2

Hey guys ! Welcome again …. to the Maschinenfunk Radio Show part # 2 ! I’ve created another great playlist for you it is full of songs that have to do with Heldmaschine in one way or another Enough said … Thanks to all of you who were online last time and the chat was fun – worked really well Of course now the live chat is active again ! So feeel free to comment, ask and whatnot… and I’ll be chatting with you while the songs are playing Again – let me know what’s on your mind ! Of course I brought a lot of music … And the first band I’ll play … is called ‘Erdling’ ! Remember them from our ‘Nacht Der Helden’ winter festival in december 2019 ? Heldmaschine did a remix for them a while ago ! The first song today is the Heldmaschine remix of ‘Es gibt Dich nicht’ by Erdling .. enjoy ! That was Erdling and this next band played on our ‘Nacht Der Helden’ summer festival ! We knew them quite a while before, though Rockharz festival is where we both met and both played so that was the beginning and we figured let’s invite them to our ‘Nacht Der Helden’ summer special I’m talking of ‘Tanzwut’ and their singer ‘Teufel’ who happen to have released a new album ! This is the single: ‘Seemansgarn’ – Enjoy ! Check it out, Dears !! Welcome new listeners ! The live chat is open for you guys Many of you are already in there – Thanks ! Actually it is a lot of fun chatting with you while the songs are playing Let’s hear some more music, I’d say Remember the ‘Eisheilige Nacht’ festivals ? The band who started that festival and keeps doing it until today they had invited us back then … they are called ‘Subway To Sally’ ! And until today, we meet them time and again on one of their shows they definitely are one of the nicest bands we’ve ever met. So here they are: Subway To Sally with ‘Sieben’ ! In a Heldmaschine Radio Show … you also have to have .. Heldmaschine ! So, from our latest ‘Im Fadenkreuz’ album I brought one my favourites with me really love this one Here is ‘Die Geister die ich rief’ ! The years is 2019 …. and we played ‘Volle Kraft Voraus’ festival ! which was really awesome ‘Eisbrecher’ is the band who organizes that festival … Wohoo livechat !! Welcome to all new listeners ! This is the Maschinenfunk radio show coping with that darn corona blues (Actually you just did NOT hear Eisbrecher) and this next band we toured with before … twice already. I think it was in 2017 or was it in 2018 … … dunno … math is not my thing as you know anyway playing with them was so cool we just HAD to do it again and that second round was even more fun than the first. They really are super nice guys … of ourse I am speaking of ‘Megaherz’ ! Here is ‘Miststück’ ! Fits that corona virus pretty well .. Megaherz and ‘Miststück’ ! I got one more Heldmaschine track right here it is our current single … AND video ! To me it is another very fitting track these days …. Here is … from us … … to you : ‘Gottverdammter Mensch’ ! Gottverdammter Mensch … oh well, dears … let me use this spot to thank all of you who have been amazing in supporting us !! If you want to support us get yourselves stuff from our official MAM shop or just keep the tickets you’ve bought. That btw helps ANY band, club or venue, not just us. We all know these are rough times for all of us, not just bands so if you can afford to support – awesome ! So – only if you can: Keep your tix or get yourselves some merch ! Thx ! Thanks everybody for joining !! And thanks for chatting like crazy ! Thank you again for the amazing support if you liked it, give it a thumbs up, subscribe, or comment below !! Whatever floats your boat We’ll keep you updated if you subscribe .. stay tuned. This was our second Maschinenfunk Radio Show for you ! Stay healthy And know it always goes … WEITER!


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