100 thoughts on “Hear Bill Clinton’s message to Trump after California shooting”

  • Blah….blah……blah……again RESPONSIBLE gun owners do not commit these crimes. Stop lumping responsible gun owners in with the crazies that shoot up Schools etc…. gun control is not the answer and WILL NOT solve the problem, crazies will still get a weapon and kill people and gun control will render Americans unable to defend themselves and their families. Killings have been committed with knives, baseball bats, water, two by fours, vehicles driving into crowds killing more people at one time than a shooting does, pipe, rope, homemade bombs, pillows, poison, peoples hands, neck ties, and the list goes on forever….are you taking all of those things away from Americans as well ? Gun control will not stop killings it will only render YOU helpless and put you and your family at risk during an attack, robbery, or home invasion, car jacking etc. disarming America opens the door to socialist control. Do your homework and research Countries where this has been done. Talk to people that live there, they will tell you they wish they had never done it.

  • Yeah go ahead and listen to a rapist That's what everybody should do Good lord this man's a rapist and he has something to say this man should be in prison and this guy was impeached for doing the nasty things he did. All this brought to you by CNN Russian news

  • If all you are worried about is staying in office because you don't want to pass a gun control bill then you don't need to be office.

  • I agree with Pres. Clinton!! I worked both of his presidential campaigns he was a great president! I’m still sick at heart that Hillary isn’t in the White House, we would have Bill back too!! Instead we have the orange buffoon!!!!! What a shame!

  • We the People would like a vote on his issue. It's time for change when classrooms have tournaqite kits. This is NOT normal & we adults are responsible for our kids wellbeing. Politicians are hindering parents and grandparents.

  • See nothing good getting done from the total distraction of a investigation of an allegedly corrupt Administration. The President is ignoring his duties, because of his own dig in the grave he allegedly created. What a crock! Impeach and vote out! Make America get back on the track! Not all these lame excuses of lack!

  • Rhett Butler lll says:

    Clinton's responsibility in the WH was screwing interns! It's too bad that he was so preoccupied to realize that it was the person….not the gun!

  • Ника Листопадова says:

    Не имеют права подписывать не одной бумаги ,!маринес !написала!

  • Phuck Bill Clinton!!! What, exactly, did "Bubba' Bill" do about school/mass shootings, and banning sales of assault rifles or restrictions on their sales?!?!

  • What a piece of shit! He is more of a scumbag than his wife. Lmfao, gun control isn't going to do shit because you have kids with parents who have guns to protect their family and these mental fucks get their hands on the fucking loaded guns and kill kids trying to learn.

  • America disarmed is exactly what the British Freemason Slepercell U.S. Government wants then once disarmed the Queen of England's face will be cast upon American's Currency just like CANADA AND AUSTRALIA

  • Solarfire Solarfire says:

    The problem here being that no one in the Trump-cockroach-family has had a cap popped into their asses and were then asked about the subject of gun control. Beyond all that, the erosion of humanity and morals in the US, to a point that mobsters have been enabled and elevated by the people of the US to represent their values (or lack thereof) on the world stage shows that an overwhelming portion of the US population meanwhile have more surface than content.
    If Trumps sorry ass were to ever have any character you can bet your ass he stole it from someone else.

  • LadyHotdogOfTheBun says:

    Issue everyone a gun with their birth certificate and social security number. Because you can't prevent people from getting guns…

  • LadyHotdogOfTheBun says:

    Okay, Sane man buys a gun… then it may be stolen, lost, borrowed, or passed on to someone following his death.
    Chicago kids get killed and no one has this discussion.

  • Have you heard of the nine year kid who took a BB gun to school and shot at 3 students? Where is his mentality coming from. Bring back prayer in schools. Never had we heard of this when there was prayers in school.

  • Clinton(s) concerned about gun violence? The Clinton Foundation received millions from the Saudi's after Hillary approved the sale of Military weapons used to kill thousands of innocent people in Yemen. Clinton arms dealership, trading human life for profits.

  • What’s happening with the Epstein story ?
    Duggan, ex cop is on the run in Russia,he has claimed to have the Epstein blackmail video files. He’s done interviews with Atwood about the Epstein tapes

  • Elizabeth TORREZ says:

    Trump loves our constitution..the left has it twisted while crying for gun control and speach control..democrats hate our constitution and keep trying to violate it!

  • Ivanovich is a good public servant and a patriot. Donald Trump is a corrupt, lying piece of shit, who needs to be dragged out of the White House.

  • No matter how much gun control you have it will not stop people killing people.gun control does not work this is 100 percent proof.this kid was probably bullied you should stop that first.The 90’s are long gone bill the second amendment is a civil right.we have background checks already it’s really dumb to say we need to pass background checks? Fix the hate problems first.

  • The birth of America was chaos and violence we meet to start healings these traumatic wound for the young people that going through so much from our mistakes Iam sick and tired of both party not coming together for our kids are dying on the streets everyday why we choose gun over people that is stupid republicans and democrat act like grown up and stop playing game this not a joke listen to the kid and passed the strongest gun law in the country everywhere in this-country no matter what race you are need protected

  • They are going talked about it like they usually do and forget about it till the next one happened the party don’t grow a spine they are bought by the lobbyists they love money and greedy to do anything but I blame that vote for them Iam so angry when I see these young babies dying on the street and the grown that debate can’t come to a compromise because they are serving their interests stop worrying about raising money and do what is right for the people or else step aside because you taken too many space and let the people elect someone that will do the job for the people this is long due we have so many crisis now we need to get on very fast climate change opioid homeless a lot of problems stop playing game republicans and democrat need to start healing the nation stop dividing us stop fighting get alone we are all Americans we need to take of each other you are my brother and sister no matter what race you are thank

  • As if President Trump needs advise from Bill Clinton. The Schifftocrats are crashing along with CNN which is full of LIES (no Republican is in favor of impeachment because it is a joke with no crime what so ever involved) The only people who believe CNN are die hard Hillary fans. Hillary could care less about her fans; she is interested in power and nothing else. President Trump 2020

  • Benjamin Romberg says:

    Clinton was right in saying there's no excuse because your being impeached, your the president and you were hired to do a job for the amrerican people and let your lawyers figure out the rest, but we know trump is for trump and to hell with the American people and anyone else in the world who needs our help.

  • When I was growing up mentally ill children was sent to special school and Hospital where they can be monitored. Now we integrate them in our schools and tell unqualified teachers to monitor them this was a way for state to save money closing mental institution and putting burdens on the schools. Put the blame where It goes not on guns

  • I'm sorry but when it comes to kids, the last person you wanna hear from is Bill Clinton. A rapist and probably child molester from his frequent visits to Pedo-Island with his wife.

  • America is so far beyond 1994! Why does it take some Journalist so long to get street sense. Do you have kids and even if they're grown how can we allow our kids to be on TV with their arms up running out of school buildings? What kind of people let that continue and keep their own kids in harm's way? America.

  • AFBarr are those continuous lies coming out of your mouth really worth the "big payday" and your kids freedom, lives and happiness? Your grandmother, mom and dad, brothers, sisters, neighbors'? That is not the America our Founders' intended to be Earth's last best hope. God doesn't judge is on the color of our skin. Our entire country has been built on a racist foundation so we all are products of it but we can begin again with knowledge gained and eyes open to the danger of corruption and party loyalty. For that I thank President Donald J. Trump.

  • Hey Bill Clinton I have a quick question? How come you were on Epsteins private jet 27 times? Was your destination fuck island, we want the TRUTH?

  • Philip BadAwesome says:

    Bill wants gun control since doesn’t want to get shot by a patriot for being a pedophile with Jeff Epstein on Lolita Express. Fucking perv, listen to him chuckle at 6:06 when he says “bend over backwards”.

  • I think something needed to. Be done talking about mental health. They don't need no guns allow to be in mental health they need to be check back ground check need to be allow so this won't happen we are losing our kids left and right . We need to take away guns how did this boy get a gun. It needs to stop get all the and burns them all . Parents needs to hold your kids tight and pray so God needs to be back in schools.

  • Everyone knows the Deep State or Admin State staged these distractions so called shootings. Then try and blame with identity politics. Clinton is involved to his eyeballs. You not fooling anyone anymore with these tired outdated tactics. FAKE NEWS

  • Whatever, Clinton is a sicko pervert and a crook just like his wife. Hard to take someone like that even half way serious. Just sayin……

  • Huh, a rapist, murderer and child molester telling others what they should and should not do… He's literally giving a sitting president advice on what to do in the Oval office. Ain't that some shit?!

    Also, it's a magazine, not an "ammunition clip".. and many shed some light on; "assault" knives, "assault" fists, "assault" blunt objects, and "assault" handguns kill more people every year, individually, than any "assault" rifle. Why ignore this fact? Because it isn't juicy enough?

    Fact is, no sane human being would ever want to see more kids getting hurt in schools, but anyone with any sense knows you fuckers don't ACTUALLY give a shit about kids. Power and money is the name of the game, and these kids are just pawns to use for your ill gotten gains. If not, you wouldn't run ads on segments about school "S" word events… Or maybe you could donate the proceeds to the kids and their families… Nope, right straight into your fat fucking bank accounts.

    Also, I did not vote for Donald Trump.. Just in case it comes up in the backlash. Fuck off!

  • Socrates Inglessis says:

    President Clinton saw being President as his job.
    Unfortunately president Trump has never had a job in his life and has no respect for people who work with jobs.
    He sees people who work for a living as suckers and treats them as such.
    The loyalty that blue collar workers give Trump indicate that on this at least, Trump is right.

  • WatchwomanOnTheWall 2015 says:

    If you people really think American's will give up their guns, you are very wrong. People who own guns lawfully, according to the Constitution, know why it is in our Constitution. People who own guns lawfully do not use their guns for evil. It is only people who are filled with hate and love lawlessness, use guns to murder. The problem certainly is mental health. Only crazy selfish brainwashed evil doer's murder the innocent. You people will never wake up. Teacher's need guns! Too many children today are on prescribed drugs which cause this type of behavior. Don't believe me? READ THE PACKAGE INSERTS! Guns do not kill people. People kill people. We haven't forgotten Bill has no morals.

  • Hey BILL !!! Keep your penis out of the nation oval office !!!! Keep your penis to yourself BILL !!! You lying sack of sh!t !!!! I did not sleep with that woman Miss Monica Lewinsky !!!! Yeaaahhh you did BILL !!!!!

  • Wipe your own ass clean and spotless first BILL !!! You're in no position to give President Trump any advice.Go shove a cigar into Hillary !!! Fluck you BILL !!!!

  • Where ?? I say where this guy find the balls,where ?? Where he find the balls to open his mouth after what he did inside the nation oval office ?? You cant even keep your penis to yourself BILL !!! Your penis is a SHOOTER too !!!! Monica is still wounded by the ordeal BILL !!!

  • You can’t enact legislation to stop evil or stupid. No legislation would have stopped this or any of these shootings. People have to put away their cyber persona and get involved in reality. We need more direct parenting, emphasizing empathy and stewardship. Additionally, the NRA is a group of like minded individuals who appreciate their constitutional rights and manage the most robust gun safety program in the world. No member of the NRA has committed a mass shooting. I’m sure every member is just as appalled at these acts of evil as any parent. Lastly, the AR15, or any modern weapon is NOT an “assault weapon” which fires more than one round with a pull of the trigger. Taking weapons from law abiding citizens because you don’t like guns is what liberals are really asking for. Reactionary policy creates a police state that evil will take advantage of.

  • Bill Clinton is the responsible for all these shootings. When he was in office he shut down 95% of the mental hospitals . Now every one looks surprised as to why all of a sudden these shooting started getting out of hand. You can pass every law in the world to regulate the shit out of guns and this will do absolute nothing for the shootings. People who want to do this will find a gun . Only people who fallow the law will not have the guns. Last I knew drugs like cocaine, meth, and speed were illegal and how much of this is out there?? The mental health of the individuals using the guns is what the problem is, not how much ammo the gun can hold ,not how fast it can shoot, not how you buy a gun. None of these things are what is killing people. Mentally ill people is who is killing people. Even if you took every gun in America and destroyed them the same mentality unstable people would find another way to kill people, like running a car in to crowds of people , building bombs, knife or swords. Solve the mental health issues in this country and you will get a handle on mass shootings .

  • yeah, the vast majority of these mass shootings take place in areas w/heavy handed gun control already in place PLUS all school shootings take place in gun free zones…now that should tell you there is no "positive" correlation between gun control and prevention of crimes committed using firearms.

    But hey let's try some more gun laws…

  • I was at the shooting in Vegas, and live a mile from this school, where my sister attends school. And while yes every shooting is tragic and unspeakable. Yet in no way do i think more gun control is the answer. The democrats just want us unarmed so they can further control us. While if you look at the facts an armed society is a safe society. Come on people open your eyes and see the truth. You are all just brainwashed sheep following and believing whole heartedly what these democrat politicians tell you.

  • Actually, if Trump spent less time on twitter he may have more time to work with others to actually get something done in a bipartisan manner.

    Of course, he would have to leave his enormous ego at the door, behave like a real grown-up and that may be more of a compromise than he is amenable too!

    Instead, Barr and this administration continue to make excuses for Trump while the rest of us are wondering if Trump has a bad case of a learning disability!

  • Christian Nemesis Fell says:

    bill clinton is a dangerous criminal. Clinton has to be arrested. Now. Clinton is a sex monster. He is dangerous.
    Girls, be on your ways !!!

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