100 thoughts on “Health Care Workers Speak On Overwhelming Toll Of Pandemic | NBC Nightly News”

  • Odd, the hospitals around where I live have no cases. The hospital my sister works at has no cads two states away. Videos all over the net of empty waiting rooms and ambulance drivers admitting it's been slow. Not to mention CBS having to use footage from other countries and try to pass it off as a New York hospital because the New York hospitals are just as empty. People, its time to open your eyes and look at what is really going on.

  • The incharge of the hospital should know that if the nurse who working to much than 8hrs is very pron to the virus because ic lead there body to weak and tired. In the Philippines all nurses only work for 8hrs even there so much patients. USA should keep there front liners safe because they are the only 1 who knows and take care the patients. USA should know that


  • I have home Health Company, and our supplier McKesson Medical Refuses to sell us PPE.
    I do not believe they dont have enough. We have to turn down wk on people who are too sick to get out of bed. This is a crime and there needs too be something done. Trump will only send his to hospitals. There are others on that need them too.

  • Blanca Labarda says:

    Lockdown the US, implement curfews and heavy fines on violators, just like what other countries are doing…This will help in slowing down the spread..A lot more will get infected and it wont stop because people are stubborn.

  • As a Marine veteran, my heart goes out to you doctors and nurses on the front lines of this virus. America will forever owe you all a debt of gratitude. There's no shame in having a breakdown due to fear or exhaustion. The only shame is in not getting up from it, and letting it control you. Hold the line!!!
    Semper Fi..

    During any emergency or crisis, you will find that some people will rise to the occasion, people like many of our Governors, and especially the nurses and doctors who have been on the front lines of this crisis since day one. And unfortunately, you will have some people like Trump, who will categorically fail during a crisis. They will not rise to the occasion. Instead they will fail at the moment of truth. In the end, the true character of a person will always be revealed when they are faced with adversity. And the eternal question will always be, what did they do when it truly mattered?

    “THESE are the times that try men's souls. The summer soldier and the sunshine patriot will, in this crisis, shrink from the service of their country; but he that stands by it now, deserves the love and thanks of man and woman."
    ― Thomas Paine, The Crisis

  • gerard jandayan says:

    It's like a war front liner dodging bullets from unseen snipers with just a revolver in hand. But holding their ground. Total respect.

  • So our current health system is not working….right? How do we fix this? If we don't fix this…it might happen again…

  • ThePaulfullTruth says:

    Among 330 million residents in the USA there are only 3,988 severe cases of c-virus in all the country at this moment. Are you telling me that that with 4,749 acute care hospitals in the USA, there are not enough resources to handle that tiny number?

  • Guard the Soul says:

    So frustrated America is lacking of providing proper stuff to medical teams ?????????
    So frustrated i really mean

  • Anna Notherthing -12 years ago says:

    Too bad I didn’t get the virus last month when the beds and ventilators were plentiful. Now I get to stress out for the next six months or maybe drive to golden gate and jump off? Can’t decide…


  • Angelica RoseMarie says:

    President Donald J. Trump … Today is 3/31/2020.
    Can you listen to these front line medical professionals, asking for more P.P.Es & urgently needed medical technical equipment/supplies?!?
    Why are these courageous people seemingly in mental distress/crying … still asking and pleading for our federal government to help them feel safe & protected enough to go to work in hospitals statewide?!?
    Why are nurses, doctors, mental health professionals quitting?!?

  • RockManDo KeeperOfTheStones says:

    America seems lost. Russia and countries where most effort is actually applied to managing the population like China have far brighter futures supported by solid policies uncorrupted by corporate boardroom profits and stolen tax pool dollars. USA will lose many due to leaders placing a higher credance upon corporate donors hooked on tax dollars they have no right to above the lives of millions. … Bring on communism I say
    Governments primary function must be management of public assets not the sale of them to corporate mates and destruction of regulations controlling business by weak and corrupted corporate puppets parading as politicians supported by billions corrupting the main stream media and people's reality… Perhaps the virus will do us all a favour by creating such a tough time the largesse of the corporate elite and thier puppets will be rejected violently finally by the hungry sick masses realising corporate profits are like cancer to society, revolt against corrupted demented leaders is inevitable and we may witness the modern day age fall of an empire simply due to its false leaders false belief in debt driven entitlement and economic corruptions.. The health of the people is the last thing on these leaders minds. The cost to corporate puppet masters is first as that is cost to themselves really. Second is maintaining the mirage of competence (fail), third is how to profit from others misery. Fourth is protecting the opinion of thier own performance shortcomings and finally your health rates as an issue they are responding to, after you get sick and die in your own lung fluids handing your debt onto your unsuspecting children to become slaves to the same debt pushing thieves in suits. Perhaps this clever virus will do us all a favour by inoculation the human race against thieves in suits exploiting the less fortunate as everyone will be hungry and intolerant of foolish suit wearing thieves stealing the societies futures fir a qwik buck and a few lines of coke on the dashboard of the tesla…….. Personal advantage gained by exploitation of others is not business it is oppression and exploitation performed by suit wearing thiefs and rapists for thier own short term pointless greedy gain. I look forward to the New World after this mess where those redponsible are dealt with as the callous murders they are via thier decision to sacrifice a single human in preference of profit. That is what will become Unacceptable to human race. Moron businessmen cutting off thier noses to spite thier ugly thieving faces… by a single strand of rna. How dumb where the slaves for so long.?

  • Doctors are wearing the wrong type of mask for this virus. They need gas masks with P3 filters.

  • Stop saying this is not what you sign up for. People are dying and you, the health care workers have the ability and knowledge to help the victims. Think twice before you say something like that. Can a soldier not to fight charging enemies because that is not he or she sign up for.

  • To all of you Doctors and Nurses…I am so very sorry you are going through this. You are amazing! You need to protect yourself first!!!!!

  • Digitaldeath 187 says:

    There is absolutely no one at my emergency Room in Indianapolis, Beginning to wonder what's really going on

  • Ruud Doeternietoe says:

    Do not wait for your govermand,help them NOW!!!!

  • Sorry for my lack of sympathy and as much as i love our first responders but this is the field u chose so as they say if u cant take the heat get out of the kitchen. My bf was an Israeli medic they see alot worse daily. From a former Democrat

  • So the PPE is not going out the back door? The democrats and governor Andrew Cuomo are keeping all the PPE, ventilators, testing equipment coming from the Federal Government (the Trump administration) in a warehouse in New Jersey, and people are on CNN, MSNBS, and all the left-wing Media complaining and blaming President Trump for the shortened of PPE. I would not trust any other Democrat Governor in any states neither!!!!

  • Every day we listen to Trump saying what an incredible job he's doing in providing more than enough PPE, testing kits and ventilators and then we see videos like this from healthcare providers in the trenches talking about how they don't have enough of any of these things. For an eye opener, I suggest watching a Bill Gates Ted Talks speech of 4 years ago on why we should be preparing for a pandemic. Obviously, nobody paid attention to Gates and Gates even had a meeting with Trump in 2018 suggesting the same thing but Trump didn't listen.

  • Ngeow Hoi Wan says:

    When the medical workers are crippled; even with millions of the best equipments will just be useless! So protect them, so that they can protect you!!!

  • I feel so heartbroken about the one nurse who left just because of not feeling safe! My thoughts are with all the current healthcare workers and as a grocery store worker, I have so much love and respect for anyone who is going through this battle of taking such a big risk everyday! This should've been stopped or handled a lot better earlier and it feels like we are behind instead of ahead. 🙁 🙁

  • SeeMyBlessings Hallelujah says:

    2 Chronicles 7:13-16 ✝️?✝️
    “When I shut up the heavens so that there is no rain, or command locusts to devour the land or send a plague among MY people; if MY people, who are called by MY name, will humble themselves & pray & seek MY Face & turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin & will heal their land!”

  • If this is your modern civilization ?
    then congratulation to me on tha corona virus

  • Buy your own protective gear like everyone else…. think not what your country can do for you,. But what you can do for your country…. be smart…

  • There are full face snorkeling masks that could easily fitted with a respirator filter… buy one for youself and quit acting so stupid!

  • nikorn chinakul says:

    Is there any concrete proof of this news coverage, NBC? Or is it just another one of your Show and Tell with no substantial evidence, as usual. Greeting from Germany.

  • Where to send DIY mask cover to these brave med? From Hong Kong. Is not perfect but we make do and hope to provide US what we learned from fighting this since December since hong kong fighting the Communist

  • We Are ON OUR OWN: Don't Trust The Government? And 5G Is The Oxygen Killer, ?Fear Not Of Wuhan, It's Man We Need To Fear But ?God Will Win In The End!!

  • Ingrid Johansson says:

    This is why I don’t even wanna go to the grocery store because they’re packed like sardines at market basket! Why in the world the owners of that store don’t set rules on how people should be shopping!

  • Every day my husband is going outside to keep his job making the freeway wider! We can wait on that! Then he comes home and EXPOSES his family. Every day for the dang freeway! Keep the OC 405 Partners freeway workers home.

  • Johnna Funkhouser says:

    MASH comes to mind…. PRACTICE self care because we need you now and far beyond the peak,. You are learning how to get us through this new disease . as inspiring, but please take breaks and don5 get too worn down before you stop for a while. ,

  • pedro ramirez says:

    Cure Against Covid-19 is not in Creating a Vaccine that Protects Against Virus
    Damage, if it is not Attack Poison with Poison, first because the Virus attacks
    the proteins of the Body, you must try anti bodies created by the same animals
    . What poison kills the virus?

    are all defensive. 1- poisons that destroy the Virus, there are 2 very strong,
    scorpion, cobra snakes and Mamba, rattlesnake, etc. and there are already
    antidotes. 2- strengthen with Body Proteins, omega 3, 6 and 9, Chlorphenamine, Amanatadine,
    paracetamol, and stay with the Respiratory failure, which attacks the
    Huayoquim, to recover breathing, 3- and a glass of water with a spoonful of
    Salt 3 times a day to neutralize kidney failure. Please, if someone can Comment
    to the Scientists I have never been wrong, and I do not think that it is the
    First time, I am from Guerrero, Mexico, and I plan to help my Country and the
    Others too, look at everything that has logic that they would lose by trying to
    warn. my name Manuel García Guatemala use their Brains, Today 29, March 31,
    2020, They are sent to you by our Creator from Heaven.

    I will explain the Reason- FIRST- because when entering
    the Body as the first filter through the lung, the antibodies do not know how
    to defend against Covid-19, and what they do is to solidify the lungs, and
    therefore the Cough and the lack of breathing , what the body does is try to
    expel the virus by that means, SECOND- as a second filter are the kidneys and
    liver, which causes the anti-bodies to respond with urine and diarrhea, by
    trying to expel them in this way and make them exaggerated work which proceeds
    as the kidneys, when removing all the liquid from the body, heat the body and
    raise the temperature, it is not due to fever, but due to the response of our
    immune system that does not know how to respond, which results in our body
    begins to Absorb blood and take it out of the body trying to keep expelling the
    Virus, THIRD- which results in the Huayoquim that they sell in similar ones
    stops the immune system from working, and rec It covers the lungs because this
    medicine has a better function than any cough medicine, because it covers the
    lungs with a substance, so the antibodies do nothing but let the medicine do
    its job, expelling most of the virus sooner to let it advance, in case it
    passes, FOURTH – there is Chlorphenamine, Amantadine, and paracetamol, (rosel
    in similar), they would stabilize what Dolores is and the acceleration of the
    liver trying to expel the Virus, thus leaving the antibodies that the drug also
    makes their work, FOURTH – what Salt water in a tablespoon and a glass of water
    1 glass in the morning another in the afternoon and another in the Aryan night
    is that our immune system would not remove the virus through the urine but
    would try to leave to the virus, resting the kidney and liver, through Sweat,
    neutralizing excess work so that the liver and Kidney do not work excessively
    with the Blood, since after that while Thus the latest is reviewed- FIFTH- that
    protein kills the virus, and with it the poisons since they are made of animal
    proteins, and this virus only seeks to spread as a host, which is only another
    more Lethal protein but that already has Antidotes It would neutralize it, the
    scorpion venom, snakes, etc. SIXTH – the Virus does not attack is simply a
    host, what kills us is our own Immune system – and what does not affect them is
    because their antibodies do not respond to the Virus, they simply remain
    immobile, leaving the Virus to die inside the host body, the covid-19 virus,
    attacks blood types that are not (or +).

  • There is 1 orange man who was well aware of China back in December. He chose money money over the health of our people. At least China shut down their nation to correct the situation.

  • Why didn't we get corona virus testing kits (which gives accurate test results in 5 minutes) from South Korea instead of China; because China sold U.S. their INACCURATE CORONA TEST KITS; and because Chinese government are scary psycho liars, Chinese people angry and scared of their own government for locking corona patients in jails to just let them die. And South Korean doctors in Korea figured out how to treat Corona patients; and the KOREAN PHARMACEUTICAL COMPANY are using their NEW CORONA VACCINES on Corona patients, and IT IS WORKING!! South Korea have actually treated their patients, and patients leave the hospital cured and healthy-NOT DEAD IN BODY BAGS!!

  • Nashuwa Renee Miller says:

    these nurses will die if they are not protected. I am a SARS nurse i went blind and end up in a coma . Today , I continued to be disabled and I am yet to be compensated by Canada. Yet this time they would love to have me back on those front lines. I dont think so. Even if my daddy was there

  • Sophie Devereaux says:

    This is heart wrenching to watch..nurses love to do their job. Doctors rarely feel helpless, we are in serious trouble people. Gird up your loins and pray.

  • Don't worry, the billionaires and megamillionaires and anyone in high profile government positions will get excellent medical care.

  • This coronavirus has exposed all the flaws in our Health Care System. It is a reminder of how fragile our Health Care System is and why we must fight for better Health Care.

  • HaMashiach 2Ruach says:


  • And Trump said he is doing a great job at 10/10 and plenty of supply, anyone who needs it will get it. Best in the world.

  • theres a second wave of corona soon to be in states that eats cells period its so voracious the enzymes bounce under a microscope and can be passed Air borne by cig smoking and planes through air

  • angelfirelite says:

    This is such B/S, especially when a doctor switches to being a patient to play this crap up. Folks, this has all been done to try to ruin Trump yet again.For America to hold such a psyop with the whole world involved is scary in itself. This country will stop at nothing and spending tax payers money to run the Show!

  • Andrew Castellon says:

    I just wish Russia dropped some nukes everywhere. Everyone should just launch their nukes. Do you guys honestly want to live this pathetic social distancing, and locked down life? Besides all you Christian's and Catholics can finally go to heaven???

  • Mark S Gravelle says:

    Sometimes when I physically and mentally work with certain lazy people they are pushing it talking work interrupting but really not doing their part barely working smoking something forgot something taking off etc. I hate to say it but you barely take a brake. Fallback after going that extra mile when you've done so much extra recharge your battery tomorrows another day. Wash yo hands. We will get Buy.

  • The numbers in total, do ot warrant pandemic status. Matthew 6:10 is a better promise to think on
    Phil.4:8,9. Thinking on the True, Honest, Just, Pure, Lovely, Good report…and the God of Peace shall be with you. But only if we think on these things in His Word. God bless. The devils servants want you to think on other things, to scare you.

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