headlines with jay leno 2004

headlines with jay leno 2004

it’s time for headlines all right this is this is say it with a smile this is a dentist advertising his whereas I just like look the dentist has included his favorite recipe for caramel corn okay to sugar bread little drum up a little business for a shop possibly their calves this one concerns you Oh house is a it’s almost as if they knew this is a drastic Kevin Kevin bond banks well you know it’s funny it actually got to you that’s the best part it did we didn’t have to do that when Colin Powell’s on no but I like this one this one was addressed to I need a bath you want to know what’s wrong with government here you go County to pay $250,000 advertise their lack of funds look we want people to know we don’t have any money giving anonymously is gaining I think that’s true daddy I know your dad’s a deacon the judge we’re giving without just giving anonymously without getting credit that’s probably the greatest thing I like this giving and honestly is gaining ground chevy dealership owner Andy Budd anonymously donated a truck now no one knows that Andy Budd gave that truck I think it’s good luck with this volunteers searched for old Civil War planes let me know how that works out ok plenty man Kevin the front row is stunned there are no planes in the Sun uh this is a clear plant panel umbrella stamens are all black umbrella but feature the large clear plastic panel in the front allow you to see clearly or walking or driving see one of the odds of this happening huh police officer witnesses doughnut shop robbery gee one of the that a cop would be in a donut shop explain this to me look what dialing 911 zero how much easier can again we’re just telling 9 boy this is a bad ad the results are in Harris Teeter sour cream was preferred 5 out of 10 times the brakes man so half the people hadn’t liked it okay Greenland meteorite maybe from space this sounds painful gentle eye remover out you know I don’t know it’s more amazing this is – the dog it’s you they won’t if you want to dump – that I know it’s more amazing than the dog has an arm if he’s wearing a wristwatch hey is this a brochure for the Rocky Mountain Wildlife Park is that the most flattering angle we could get of the thank you yeah well we’ll come to your Park to stop this isn’t much better home and garden show continues today couldn’t they have waited until they were finished planting theirs oh I love this one attention people with Medicare now you don’t have to strangle your wife let me say some strip club owners are among the most innovative people okay because they want you to know what’s happening but in the family newspaper you can’t say strippers or I can’t say nudity I love this sugar show bar home of the fabric free entertainment here’s how you know a product is made in China okay this is sensitive talking dog so smart he’s a motion detector anything crosses his path and he responds with Wang Wang Wang Wang Wang Wang Wang Wang oh this is exactly dumb criminal senses police blotter you know the police have a very hard job look at this January 2nd Philips man called requested to speak with an officer the caller believes several people are watching him from outside of his house the deputy went over there determined the caller saw his reflection in the window somebody watching me on the phone oh this sounds like fun the hoxsey medical clinic holds a weight loss seminar with dr. pig as the guest speaker now this is an ad for uh absolutely motor tuneups it just I guess this guy does RV repair just the bad sentence is why you want a professional good tester I have been servicing motorhome since 1968 and Kenneth since 1970 how bad is this Atlantic City weekend well weekly look tourism that blows what kind of pressure is that here’s another photographer in a hurry again just wait two minutes wait two minutes to take your picture this is the glamour of the federal election campaign could you wait till the man stops urinating a drug will you take the picture


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