Headlines – Tamil Crime short film

Headlines – Tamil Crime short film

Varatharaj My name Working as a temporary press reporter The reason why I am sitting idle is because I’ve gone crazy for a girl. The day started as usual and everyone were doing their work I was also doing the same. Come in Button yourself up! When I have appointed you, what have I told you? Within three months, I should give headlines sir. Did you give headlines? I am trying for it sir. But it doesn’t seems to be… Look, If you aren’t giving the headline within 3O’ clock today, you can better go home. Sir, someone has come to meet you! Mm, ask him to come. Can you please wait out? Okay sir!! (Phone): Ask Varadhan to come in. The one who has come now is a big shot and I have heard a lot about him. He use to help orphan children and recently he has started a new business it seems you have to make an article regarding this. Okay sir!! Hmm, you can leave now. Hey, put up your button. One tea please! your deadline is until 3’o Clock. Job is important for us. Phone ringing… (Customer Care): We are happy to strive you. If you would like to set this song as your caller tone, please press the number 1. Huff! Torturers. He is a big shot and I have heard a lot about him. Naayar, Hmm, , I would like to have some more money. Why? I’m not sufficient with. Mm, if am not giving you so? Then the things will be interchanged, Naayar Okay, then I’ll give you. People use to say that, god will punish for the committed mistake. But I have already committed mistake by punishing the god before I enter into this field. Now you have committed wrong, my boy !! (Phone): Hello, (Phone): can you please ask to stop the printing? (Phone): A new headline has come!


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