Headlines—January 24, 2019

Headlines—January 24, 2019

hello I'm Christine Niles today's Thursday January 24th 2019 here are your latest church militant headlines a New Jersey bishop is threatening to sue church militant bishop arthur Tsereteli of the Diocese of Paterson is demanding that church militant take down an article exposing a questionable relationship between two priests in his diocese Serritella has been aware of the incriminating selfies since at least the end of November but has refused to offer any explanation to our multiple media queries Tsereteli has a reputation for being vindictive and using legal means to bully his critics in spite of his legal threats church militant is standing by our report the Bishop of Covington Kentucky is asking students not to speak to the media after a group of Covington students spoke to Fox News and other media outlets to defend themselves against leftist smearing of them as racist Bishop Rodger Joseph Foy's instructed the boys against giving further interviews a petition is currently circulating demanding that boys apologize for his earlier condemnation of the Covington students where he threatened to expel them from school in Arizona lawmakers proposing attacks on porn to pay for the wall a Tuesday Arizona Representative Gayle Griffin proposed a bill that would demand phones and other electronic devices to block porn on their devices unless a user pays a $20 fee the bill was killed however citing constitutional hurdles porn has been acknowledged as a public health crisis by several states including Utah Virginia South Dakota and Florida America's tallest building has been used to celebrate abortion after signing the country's most radical abortion law Tuesday the anniversary of roe v wade New York Governor Andrew Cuomo directed the spire of the One World Trade Center in Manhattan to be lit pink faithful Catholics are calling for Cuomo a self-identified Catholic to be excommunicated for pushing New York's radical abortion regime forward brazil's president is vowing that the left will not prevail speaking of the World Economic Forum in Davos Switzerland Tuesday jair bolson arrow rejected the leftist policies of his predecessors which he said had left Brazil an ethical moral and economic crisis nicknamed the Trump of the tropics Bolton ro has pledged to build a new Brazil were the right to life from conception to natural death is respected and to fight socialists push to legalize euthanasia human cloning and so-called gay marriage I'm Christine Niles those are your tricks Milton headlines please watch the four flex today well Michael talks about Detroit's archbishop and check out the download with the panel discusses unmasking the lavender mafia god bless you


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