Headlines—January 21, 2019

Headlines—January 21, 2019

hello I'm Christine Niles today's Monday January 21st 2019 here our latest church militant headlines the Vatican has been caught trying to cover for a predator bishop Sunday The Associated Press revealed the Holy See knew of Bishop Gustavo's and Cadiz homosexual abuse of seminarians back in 2000 15 years earlier than Vatican officials claimed San Cadiz former vicar general has confirmed that in both 2015 and 2017 he notified the Holy See that the Argentine Bishop had abused seminarians after resigning suddenly in 2017 from his diocese in Argentina Zen katha resurfaced months later in Rome serving in a top position specially created for him by Pope Francis a soon-to-be published book will expose the homosexual network in the Vatican French sociologist Frederic Martel will release his book titled Sodom on April 1st naming names of high-ranking Vatican officials who are actively gay Martel himself a pro-gay left-leaning activists who denounces the hypocrisy of clergy leading double lives calls the Vatican quote the largest closet in the city the book is the result of five years of research and includes interviews with some of the highest offices in Rome ecclesia Dei has been officially suppressed in a document published Saturday Pope Francis announced he was ending the Pontifical Commission set up specifically to help Catholics attached to the traditional liturgy the Commission will now be absorbed within the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith but traditional Catholics remain worried in light of the fact that bishops around the world continue to oppose the old Rite of the mass in their diocese in spite of a ban by Gonzaga University ben shapiro plans on speaking on campus anyway in december the Jesuit school refused a request by the college Republicans to host the popular conservative commentator claiming his so-called offensive views with sparked protests but Shapiro sticking to plans to speak there this spring and a date to be determined Gonzaga recently announced the resignations of two of its top leaders after it was revealed the campus had housed at least 20 predator priests who were given easy access to students California senator Kamala Harris is announcing today she's running for president as former Attorney General she's pushed for taxpayer funding of Planned Parenthood and abortions in California she also spearheaded the attack against the pro-life Center for medical progress and investigative journalist David daleiden in 2016 after the organization released undercover video showing Planned Parenthood trafficking in aborted baby parts Harris was slammed recently for anti-catholic bigotry shown towards one of trumps judicial nominees I'm Kristine Niles those are your church notes and headlines please watch the vortex today Michael talks about calling the cops and check out the download the panel discusses the lies of the left god bless you


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  • Please stop bugging the "Pope" with these trivial issues. He has "refugees" and climate change to look after. </sarcasm>

  • Laura Anderson says:

    the bride of Christ is being attacked from within. Pope Francis protecting sex abusers is at the heart of the attack.

  • Sylvia Donato says:

    Can you make a report on the fake news the students of Covington High are being accused of by a Native American elder?

  • I believe that anyone who gives any of these videos from Church Militant a thumps down must not truly be catholic because they only spread the truth for what it is, I know this is a side step of what’s being talked about but I can’t help but notice that there are always thumps down on the video and just figured that I might bring it up. That might actually be a good video to talk about 😂, I don’t know it’s just a thought. God bless.

  • One time Pope Francis speaking into a microphone said Jesus won't turn a homosexual away now perhaps this was edited I don't what Pope Francis said before nor after that type of comment.But Jesus will turn away a homosexual who permanently engages in same sex sex acts and thinks it's right to do so for Jesus informed I never knew you depart from Me you who practice lawlessness.Jesus also declared marriage is exclusively for one man and one woman !.

  • Christine…and your ChurchMilitant amigos! Thankyou for ALL the pain and suffering you have stood up to as we destroy the homo priesthood snakes.
    We are with you all the way to victory. Close..very close to evaporating the perverts calling out their saintly nature.
    No more fake bishops..no more fake priests.
    Victory for the true Laity.

  • Peter Macander says:


  • The French writer is spot on with his remark about "the largest closet in town".
    He is also right about the hypocrisy of leading a double life and hiding their "sexual identity".

  • Anne-Marie Peter says:

    What's so offensive about Ben Shapiro: he's pro-life, pro-family and pro- common sense! The university should let him speak. He will certainly open up their roboticized minds!!!!!!

  • And surprise!…..None of this is covered by CBS, NBC, NYT and ALL the main stream media.

    Liberalism on display: suppress free speech while covering up sexual assault.

  • How do these men not fear our lord? Do they believe hell isnt real? Do they think just because they're priests, bishops, cardinals, popes that they are automatically given a ticket into heaven? O lord Jesus have mercy on their souls and those who dont believe!

  • Hmmm… Gonzaga is a Catholic university (nominally) and Ben Shapiro is an orthodox Jew, yet Gonzaga won't allow Shapiro to speak there. So, where's the interfaith dialogue?

  • Giovanni Serafino says:

    That Bergoglio lies and is part of the problem of protecting and promoting homosexual Bishops and priests should be no surprise to anyone .The deceit and hypocrisy continue from the Vatican . No one takes Bergoglio or this pontificate seriously! He has been a disaster! The traditional Latin Mass will soon come to an end. God help us and Holy Mary intercede for us .

  • Novella Nurney says:

    The woman is a bigot. She should never be president, God help us , she never does. In these times it is most prudent to rely on the Traditional Catholic church for its teachings. Especially concerning those that are to have the secular right to govern us. As such secular and religious in the United States is a trial. As Catholics, we should instinctively know,this women has no place to lead us, the children of God the Father, Jesus Christ the Son and Redemmer and the Paraclete the Holy Spirit, the giver of wisdom . Oppose her as you would the Father of ALL Lies Satan himself.

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