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  • So, can we get PAST the idea that Trump’s Cult actually, “believes,” in Trump’s, “words”??? Can we just talk about WHY Trump fans, “Fake Believe”??? They must WANT a Putin Style, Single Party, Totalitarian State? They WANT a FAKE, “Opposition,” for, “Appearances Sake,” in a PRETEND Republic. We need to talk about the PROPAGANDA that has turned them AGAINST our Republic, don’t we? The Cult HATES, Dems (their fellow Americans, FFS!) SO MUCH, that they simply DON’T CARE about the FALL of DEMOCRACY!

  • Remembering the day that Democracy spread, and that Russian Totalitarianism collapsed? That will send a SHUDDER down Pompeo’s spine . . . Oh, wait . . . Pompeo doesn’t have a spine, does he? A chill in his Depends, then? . . .

  • اصيل مثنى:انا اصدقك انه قد يكون حصل لك نوع من غسيل للمخ او تنويم مغنطيسي او ايحائي، تستطيع الاستفادة من خبرة الدكتور خالد سعد الدين الشريف، ايهاب صالح حسين اليماني، واخ زوجته محمد… انهم يتقنون هذه العمليات رالخلايا تعتمد عليهم في ذلك.
    سعود القحطاني واخيه سلطان، احياء ولايزالوا متسترين علي زهرة وزوجها وعهرهم السيبراني، شكرا. It's all about AL-QADA 11-9, 7-7-2005 andisis and alots of 28-10-19evidence.

  • Making Turkey attack the Kurds in north Syria, letting Russia attack Ukrain by retaining the money Ukrain needs to buy weapons to defend themself and now making Iran have nuclear weapons. wow! Well done stupid Trump!

  • Female Ranger of Norrath says:

    Regarding Germany.
    So we tear one wall down and build near Mexico?!
    That sucks.
    So.. ?
    Regarding German language online with my free time.
    (I learned this one).
    This is what I'm gonna do.. ?
    I'm gonna buy a cabbage closer to Christmas.
    I'm gonna put it in my husband's stocking. ?
    "Kohl" (pronounced "Coal") in his stocking in December.
    For the family name of Kohl.
    The real life Cabbage Patch Kids! ?
    For those who doubt this. Please look up that word with Google translation.
    I'm also not a bot.
    I told the CEO's at Kohl's Department store on Facebook.
    They did not find this amusing. ?
    Never try that. ?
    Love from ?
    USA ??
    Peace ??

  • Thanks Trump for putting the Entire World in Jeopardy! As far as the Spineless Republicans that allowed this to Happen on their Clock and Senseless Decisions!! Vote them out 2020!! Obama is the Saving Grace that defused this Threat, Trumps/ Republican Party loves War!! God Save us All!!!

  • Iran was not developing nuclear weapons. Donald decided that he needed to massage his ego and 'show' that he was better than Obama. He destroyed a treaty that Iran was respecting and they are refining uranium. There are idiots who believe that Trump is not an enemy of the human race.

  • Hingle McCringleberry says:

    No!! Pompeo is going there for wall research. You know, like for the southern border. I can picture Trump asking him to go there and find out why they brought down their wall.

  • Top headlines from around the world – in a slot that’s under 5 minutes. Christ.

    That’s one reason I don’t like visiting America – the outside world almost completely disappears from the news there.

    I travel quite a bit around the world, but America is the only first-world country I go to that’s completely disinterested in the rest of the planet, and only cares about itself – the end result: a particularly shocking lack of news about the rest of the world, and a populace – the average American – which is pretty ignorant about the rest of the world, which explains a lot about Americans’ generally shoddy knowledge and increasingly odd views.

  • You're getting a statue of Reagan whether you want it or not. Surely the Germans should have the final word but we all know of U.S. diplomacy (or is that politics).

  • Hey guys, don't forget to register to vote this Xmas. 2020 is just around the corner. Vote KAG 2020 for the future of America.

  • Donald Trump despises the deal that Obama did with Iran and pulls out of the deal. The U.S. imposes sanctions on Iran. Iran enrichens nuclear fuel. Israel bombs the site. The Iranians retaliate against Israel. The U.S. supports its ally Israel sending the middle east into a meltdown. Thankyou Mr. Trump for starting it all.

  • How IRONIC that Pompeo goes to Germany regarding take down of their wall, while his Moron Boss wants to build a wall. GOPs wont see that irony.
    Give me a break

  • H o t r e t a r d e d c h i X says:

    You lost me when your boy in Berlin could barely describe one of the biggest events in modern history. You obviously hired him for his butthole and not his brains. And I say that in all seriousness

  • "The world is missing USA:s involvement in the Cold War?" Stupid! The Cold War was USA vs. Soviet, and we don't miss the nightmare of the Cold War. Now there's no Cold War anymore, thank all supernatural agents for that! Russia of today is an intermittent annoyance compared to Soviet — Putin is not important, and his days are counted anyways. We don't need USA as a big budy threating our Enemy, we need a rich trading USA to stabilize the world market, rather than China doing that in its place!

  • If president Reagan was anything like Trump the wall would have come down, but the difference is that all of Germany would be part of Russia now.

  • Those who voted for Trump
    I hope you are happy, we are getting another North Korea
    A rogue country with nuclear weapons
    You have deaths on your hands

  • " IRAN blah blah blah against the nuclear deal blah blah blah…"
    Are you hypocrits referring to the nuclear treaty that Trump unilaterally pulled out of ?
    Is that the one?
    If so , why do you expect them to now abide by a treaty that is no longer in existance ?
    This is not reporting , it is gaslighting.

  • So puppet pompeo is in Germany to celebrate the anniversary of their wall being torn down while back here he'll praise puppet master's tRUMP for trying to build one? What a hypocrite!

  • Sergio Scarponi says:

    Reagan had very little to do with this. It had already been decided by the USSR's involvement in war. They were broke. They happened to be lucky with Gorby.

  • Remember how the take down the wall thing got the germans to do that? Well it didn't. It was an oopsie made by a politician who said " oh yeah, we're gonna do that" so everyone went abd destroyed the wall.

  • sharon scherzer says:

    amazing, since americans now love walls almost as much as the isralies and why reagon, the president best remembered by the people of berlin, is john kennedy…..

  • sharon scherzer says:

    so america, you are the biggest threat and danger to the world…you honor no agreements, promises etc. which is historical so why again not practicing what you preach… one listens any more.

  • NObody should check that block on their tax returns to give to the PRESIDENTIAL CAMPAIGN. Revealed last wk, how TRUMP CLAN, stole over $5.5 mill from VETERANS DONATIONS from their FAKE CHARITY, full of lies, for personal use.

  • Instead of checking the block on tax rtn for campaign funds, write a check/ direct deposit your tax refund to the local DAV, VET HOSP in your city, bypass the US GOVT for any VET donations, going into TRUMP CLAN FAKE CHARITY. He stole $5.5 mill from VET DONATIONS, last wk.

  • Um, you think the educated Germans will allow a statue of a fascist Republican be allowed in a public space? Especially now, since they are having a resurgence of fascist ideologies? Was someone asleep when this idea came to the table as an option? Don't be surprised if it gets vandalized….just saying.

  • Anyone who has donated to the PRES CAMPAIGN in the past, turn that around & give tax refunds, any donations to VET HOSP, DAV in your local city, find the direct link to go into that local facility, or take check to their business office. DO NOT SEND IT TO GOV in Washington DC. TRUMP CLAN, Donald, son, son in law, daughter, stole the DONATIONS.

  • Trump cancelling that Iran agreement sure is working out great… for Iran. Now they can make nuclear weapons. Wait, doesn't Russia work closely with Iran? Oh, this benefits Russia? Everything Trump does seems to benefit Russia. Crazy, isn't it?

  • We the world are watching Democrats and Democrat politicians make fools of themselves. Fakenews CNN and MSNBC are portraying Democrats as petty and weak. I hope they're wrong. Cheers from Toronto

  • Very concerning news coming out of Iran. Haven't the people there been through enough? A nuclear meltdown from using 6th gen containment systems would be a tragedy. I hope they are making Potassium Iodine readily available.

  • 3:39 what deal? there was a deal which ended when the US withdrew from it and reinstated sanctions
    don't tell me that Iran is doing in violations of a deal that no longer exitst thanks to the US

  • He who receives his intelligence reports in cartoon form or 2/3 words (one of which has to be his name) pushed Iran into their stance by a bad faith decision to withdraw from the Iran Agreement achieved after years of hard negotiations djring the Obama era. Trump is responsible for the apparent restart of Iran's nationhood, ultimate, defense again.

  • Names and addresses of clients in the U.S.?! Hmmmmm….Trump is said to inhale Fentanyl through the nose. I wonder if he's a client too?

    Do you suppose Trump and Epstein would "BOOF" Fentanyl? Is there a recording? Can someone please upload it to YouTube?

  • It is ironic that now the current American president is building a wall, is operating detention camps and keeps children in cages.

  • "Berlin Didn't Want a Reagan Statue-but It's Getting One Anyway". I wouldn't want a statue of that fool either. But look on the bright side. There is a chance it will trickle down and no longer exist.

  • Remember when "The Chosen One" lied on Aug 17th, 2017, falsely sating "Wages haven't gone up in a long time" when at that time of the lie, they'd been rising for at least 3 years

  • Otakun The vegan says:

    That wall went up for a reason, to keep Germany down to never harm the world again. Do not blame communists when they saved the world.

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