18 thoughts on “Headlines ARYNews 1100 26th July 2019”

  • Sarmad Qureshi says:

    Headlines update is always too much late… now it's 2:25pm and last headlines update is 11AM. Neo news and other channels are very fast.

  • Palestine freed says:

    Shut down corrupt media like ary geo and don are owned by scums politicians who looted Pakistan. Hang them one by one including Hamid Mir.

  • Syed Muhammad Raza says:

    O Bhai koi hukoomt sy htt k awaam pe b aa jaoo… Selaab aany wala hy ap logon ny naam tk ni liya… Kchh news awaam ki b rkhoo.. Kal oppositions k dhrnon ka bhi naam ni liya fya… Khuda ka khof kro

  • Abdul Hussain Najfi says:

    بلاول تیری اردو بولنے پر لعنت ہو ،

    ایک تو بولنے نہیں آتی اور پہر ایک ایک لفظ دیکھ دیکھ کر پڑھ رہا ہے ۔۔

  • Look at 3:06, this is what your police is, chamcha giri. You need to rebuild your justice institutions before you try these thugs.

  • Mohammad Latif Bhatti says:

    Dear sabir shakir and arif Bhatti sb AOA, 26-07-19 please convey this message to our hakumet ke all terrorists must be hanged straightaway without any judicial procedure which becomes hurdle to punishments all corrupt and money launders seek shelters and relief by oneway or others, your reporting is appreciated for reality and sincerity to pakistan ,

  • Fatima Batool Channel says:

    Kitni khushi hoti hai jab pak e watan ki tareef puri duniya me hoti hai insha Allah ek woh din ayga jab pakistan me gurbat or load shading khatam honge پلیز خوبصورت آوآز میں قرآن پاک سننے کے لیےمیرے اسلامک چینل کو سبسکرایب کریں شکریا

  • Mahnoor Qureshi says:

    Sixer by maulana Fazlul Rahman , “ when Imran niazi will be arrested, inshallah, give him everything, AC, TV, home cooked meal, EXCEPT POWDER .”????

  • Fozia Bashir Alvi says:

    ☆☆ ن لیگ۔۔۔۔۔زرداری لیگ کا یوم سیاہ منانا احسن اقدام ہے ۔
    اپنی اپنی دس سالہ کارکردگی پر ۔

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