34 thoughts on “HBO's The Newsroom Sloan Sabbith and Don Keefer (Best Show on Television)”

  • 04:02 "Ich tun" means sth like "i doing". That´s pretty shit, grammar wise…
    He could have simply said "Ich" which woulda meant "me".
    Therefore "not as well as you think" was perfectly justified.

  • Joanna Brinkley says:

    These two💥💥
    One of the best shows on TV!
    "It's funny the things people try to control when they feel like they're not in control"💫

  • TheGr8stManEvr says:

    In real life Don would be the guy Sloan would use as an emotional tampon to cry to about the asshole she's sleeping with.

  • "Spricht jemand hier Deutsch?" — "Ich tun." — "Not as well as you think." (Says the character who butchered the pronunciation on that book inscription so badly that I can barely understand it even after knowing what he is going to say.)

    At least they're not trying to pass off any of the characters as a native speaker. Whenever Holywood tries to do that, hilarity usually ensues. (At least among native speakers. 😉 )

    While I perfectly understand why the German "ch" and the umlauts trip up Anglophones about as much as "squirrel" does the average German. 😉

  • "Why don't you just ask her out?" "After she's gone out with a professional athlete? Who's 10 years younger then I am, with 3% body fat, ripped muscles that have been conditioned over y'know, 2 days, sweating …?" "How long have you been thinking about this guy?" "How about I supposed to follow that?" "This is how most men think?" "This is how every guy thinks except for the guy out with Sloan right now." Truth.

  • Quasimodo 1848 says:

    How the hell can someone mistake "genießen" (the only german word in the signing that would make sense) with "shred"(zerfetzen/zerreißen) ?

  • I know people pointed out the whole cutting the best line bit. But im also sad you didnt include how Don comforted Sloan after Charlie repremanded her. It was just a sweet lil head tilt up but it was nice

  • mansoor ahmad says:

    The guy was an absolute jerk to his previous girl friend but now he paid a thousand bucks for a stupid book and all of a sudden he was a good guy. I wish life was a Sorkin Tv show where all people think alike and got forgiven just like that.

  • Respect/Walk says:

    So in this liberal fantasy world that is suppose to be some sort of reality does this chick continue to toy with him or does he ever get the prize?

  • Don is my hero. Almost by accident he captured the heart of a ravishingly beautiful, strikingly intelligent women with a heart of gold and the wide eyed naivety of a twelve year old. He did all of this by just being the nice guy that he is. I solute you sir.

  • Robert Porter says:

    I'm walking away from a heavy on the wow and light on the how mode of business.  So, sad that the investors will turn and burn as they tend to do.  Salesmanship only gets you to the question.   We have a measuring tape.Oh? too late and slipped away.

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