29 thoughts on “HBO The Newsroom EP 10 "Maggie and Jim on the street"”

  • As undeniably genuine and tragic her rant may be, she still intended to insensitivity cause friction between Jim and Lisa. Still, bravo performance. 
    I hate Sex in The City.

  • Ballerina Tina says:

    This is one of my favorite scenes. Maggie could've stayed down there but she wanted him to see her. They both did! I almost cried looking at this. I would've went home with Jim and broke up with Don via text! Fuck Don! He never loved her anyway. He wanted to mold her into what he wanted. He needs pets not a girlfriend!

  • I roll my eyes everytime these two are on the screen all the time now. I feel sad that a show that prides itself on smart writing and realistic characters must fall into this swamp of a sappy love triangle plot… And when i mean sappy i really mean it!! The show made it clear from the first episode that they have feelings for eachother, but they have drawn it out for such a long time that it becomes uninteresting… Maggie has througout the season unintentionaly admited that she loves him over three times for her friends, yet she falls back to don like a lost puppy because she..?? has to be secure or something and even here when she admitted to Jim that she Loves him, she choose to fall back to don because..?? And to expect after telling Jim that she Loves him that he'd be ok with that is really selfish and mean…. Is this the way newsroom wants us too look at women? like lost unsecure, whimsey puppies just waiting for the strong man to save them and go where the wind blows, atleast a girl with a little bit of attitude like maggie has would have the guts to stand up to don in a situation like that when Don is asking her to move in..,And Jim is no better either… He is supposed to be the dream guy for Maggie but he have never been anything but plain nice to her… And the shows excuse for him not to tell his feelings is that he constantly becomes interrupted and then he chooses to go with the flow and admit defeat immediately.. I consider myself a nice guy and does not want to hurt anyone, but that does not mean i cant have a bit of attitude… I tell what i feel and dont accept being used by others…. Maggie and Jims romance is the one we are supposed to rude for, but somehow they misrepresent the types of people they are trying to portray… Hope the second season will resolve this mess ;p

  • love makes people crazy inconsiderate bitches. not that that's okay. all four of them should just stay single or behave themselves and date other people who are unattached.

  • Katie Currier says:

    Am I the only one who kind of wishes that Maggie would be on the ground crying having a panic attack and Jim will have to calm her down and then he kisses her?

  • More Melanin Please says:

    What was Jim doing on that bus but that speech Maggie gave was great lol at her running I can't was it that hard to say how u really feel. For the final season they must be end game.

  • I love this show, but I absolutely hate how the writing has made the female characters i.e. mackenzie and maggie to be hysterical and irrational

  • I want to like them but Jim doesn't have any balls. Dump Lisa, be with Maggie and call it a day. Quite simple.

  • Jim was on the bus because Lisa was a fan of Sex and the City and he had mentioned how he was trying to impress her and learn as much about it to the rest of the news team. Neal had suggested the Sex and the City tourist bus at the beginning of the episode.

    Beautiful scene. Incredible show. Second season premieres July 17.

  • They are such a perfect couple!!!! I don't understand why they kept lying to themselves….afraid of they gonna hurt Don and Lisa? they clearly are madly in love with each other, why wasting time on someone you are not even sure??? and wasting their time too.

  • Why would he be on that bus and what was he carrying when he got off of it?! That said, I LOVE THEM. They are literally the new Jim and Pam.

  • I bet you thought nobody could possibly come onto this video and not know you stole that from Jontron, aye.

    Guess what….. 🙂

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