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    Many US troops express ‘disgust’ with Trump’s calamitous Syria policy

    10/16/19 10:55 AM

    By Steve Benen

    In a recent piece for The Atlantic, Mark Bowden took a closer look at what it’s like for U.S. troops to serve under Donald Trump, interviewing “officers up and down the ranks, as well as several present and former civilian Pentagon employees.” The results were striking.

    “In 20 years of writing about the military, I have never heard officers in high positions express such alarm about a president,” the article noted.

    This, of course, was before the president ignored his national security team, withdrew U.S. forces from northern Syria, and effectively invited Turkey to launch a brutal offensive against our Kurdish allies. As the Washington Post reported yesterday, Trump’s decision isn’t sitting well with many U.S. service members.

    U.S. veterans have supported Trump in part because of his often-repeated promises to extricate the U.S. military from a generation at war, numerous polls have found. But the calamity on the ground in Syria has wrought angry reactions from service members like few other recent foreign policy decisions.

    Troops have reacted viscerally in interviews and on social media despite Defense Department restrictions on them expressing political opinions.

    The Post spoke with many troops who “expressed disgust” with the president’s decision.

    “I can’t even look at the atrocities,” one Army officer who served in Syria last year said. “The ISIS mission is going to stop, ISIS is going to have a resurgence, and we’re going to have to go back in five years and do it all again.”

    A day earlier, David Ignatius wrote in his latest column about a conversation he’d had with a retired four-star general who described Trump’s retreat from Syria as an “unsound, morally indefensible act” and a “disgrace” to America and the soldiers who serve this country.

    Ignatius also spoke to an Army officer who added, in reference to Trump’s decision, “It will go down in infamy…. This will go down as a stain on the American reputation for decades.”

    The president seems to assume that he enjoys broad political support within the military, which he perceives as conservative, and there’s probably some truth to that. The Military Times reported a few months ago on a poll of U.S. military veterans and the results showed Trump with a 57% approval rating, while 41% disapprove. This is roughly the inverse of Trump’s support with the overall U.S. population.

    But if the president believes those numbers can never and will never change, he may be disappointed.

  • music gene Watson the farewell party says:

    .Isn't that the 'Harry Reid' that initiated the fake Russian dossier with the EX-CIA idiot Brennan? Why are we listening to this never-trumper talk, shouldn't he be in jail?

  • So the biggest crook in the Democratic party tells them not to underestimate Trump huh? Harry just go back to Nevada and die!

  • Trump will use hes rallies in future to connect people. There is thousands singles over there who share same point of view. When he some day brings that up there is more groud than now. Also tv full of trump unaited us stuff…

  • Guy with glasses and red ties, make me sick, he always say in the middle to protect himself and desperately want to be loved 🤮

  • I'm not a smart man myself but I look like freaking genius next to a lot of these Dems / liberals TRUMP WILL BE THEIR PRESIDENT AGAIN IN 2020 AND IF by chance he doesn't win it will be because Dems did something dirty like they do scumbags

  • Lovetta Campbell says:

    You. Tell'em judge don't. give Biden a pass that crook your right and deep down everyone on the show knows it did you see. their expressions. Finally. Some air time hope to see more of you

  • Attn sa mga noypi filam. ang puking Biden ay ibinenta ang US foreign policy sa mga intsik at nadamay ditto ang SPRATLY ISLANDS. Kaya pala wala kang madining na protesta sa mga sa kano. wag nyong iboboto mga kupal na demokrats.

  • Trump has done more for the country then any recent president, thank you Trump the dems have no one at the table that can even give him a run, Trumps economic results say it all.

  • dems in desperation panic damage control,
    self destruction their only option now…..
    self engineered total destruction of the party from within
    seems to be their strategy.. no turning back now, crashing in flames


  • Marina Tower Property Manager says:

    Trump has absolutely no honor, respect or loyalty.
    Trump cares only for himself, and has proven he will throw anyone under the bus.

  • Only thing he ever said that is 100 percent correct,..tactfully strategic,and so are the rest of us republicans…and we love the Judge

  • NOT TRUE……

    They took Trump VERY seriously.

    They ALL piled on!

    has there EVER been such a congruent, concerted, worldwide, ATTACK on ONE man
    other THAN Donald Trump.

  • I want to thank Harry Reid's brother for beating him so hard that it ended his career.(don't believe that silly malfunctioning exercise machine story). Rumor has it that he died years ago, his body is animated by a demon.

  • It’s always the fault of others. Media, fake news, Democrats, his piers that are in jail. The 37 piers of his that pleaded guilty, the person that paid off hookers, manefort who is in jail, his former attorney…..Sad.

  • That's not counting the more American that sitting at home that doesn't go to rally but will votes for Trump in 2020 will add millions .. the more Democrats and haters for president Trump the more votes he will have .

  • Having closed hearings against the president should be illegal you're supposed to be allowed to face your accuser God bless you Donald Trump for trying to put America back on track previous presidents have tried to turn America into the New world order and Donald Trump stop that

  • John Brittingham says:

    The Democrats can't beat Trump because they're nuts. Trump is just doing what he promised, the Democrats have no intention of doing any of the things they are promising, because they can't, it's impossible and they know it.

  • Im so jealous of you American citizens.
    Wish south africa had someone special from God.
    Appreciate and support him.
    His once in a lifetime.

  • Under the FOX logo, there is this word "NEWS" 😅😅😅, for lemmings and Sheep only😅😅😅, or cultists😅😅😅!

  • Actually, …it's… don't underestimate the stupidity of the American people. We're a consumer culture conditioned to respond to marketing. Trump is a mediocre mind who's only real experience and ability is marketing, and the con.

  • Lourdes Corrick says:

    democrats needs to wait on impeach him now and throw away the impeachment.they show fear to trust the American people they know the people will choose him.. that impeachment is inlegal.its by force they want to win and they know is not honest to do.the people made the choice who they want and impeach him is not the people voice

  • Alexander Kunitsa says:

    Biden served the country give an fing break
    He got rich off the countr's taxpayers They gave taxpayers funded aid to the most corrupt country in the world and extorted with the other hand

  • Let's see smart and intelligent no corruption in your background that exempts all of the Democratic Party and when I say the word party you might as well say party members socialist Party members

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