Harry Maguire Done Deal? Man Utd Transfer News

Harry Maguire Done Deal? Man Utd Transfer News

hello me and welcome to of the United standings caught me on the hop I'm in the conservatory Harry McGuire to Manchester United done deal apparently look look what I did a video on this a couple of weeks ago somebody I know from Leicester and basically said that Harry Maguire wants to come to Manchester United Manchester not want to sign Harry Maguire and if Manchester I'd go above 75 million the deal will be done so where's this coming from this Sunday night well it's exciting because one we need to start getting deals done quickly and Harry McGuire would be a very good deal for Manchester United to do and Dean Jones bleacher report is the is the real outlet I can find that are basically saying this not really somebody I would be saying is a you know nothing against Dean Jones but you know why wouldn't you get some information everything you know people get information and he's saying that Manchester United Harry Maguire finally a done deal 80 million pounds very expensive but certainly a player that Manchester United need and look I think he's gonna be right is he another plate is he another day is he another journalist jumping for credibility jumping a little bit early maybe you know we saw Duncan castles try it last Monday and it clearly wasn't a done deal because Harry Maguire has played two preseason games since last Monday I think people are jumping early on a deal that they know is going to happen and me for one I for one should I say would be very very happy when this is officially announced by the club for two reasons really one it gives us plenty of time to still do more deals I think if we can get Harry Maguire done in the next couple of days we've still got over two weeks the get another couple of deals done which I think many people are concerned about but more importantly welcome says that somebody more importantly the thing that excites me the most about how it gain Harry Maguire don't over over the line is that watching Manchester United at the moment there's a lot of things to be positive about and I think that you know there's that mixture of youth and almost in it my experience innocence the innocence of youth the fact that they just come on and they try really hard really really enjoying that but I feel that as I said this morning there is an opportunity for his fans to really get behind the manager really get behind the team and the way we're playing football as I said some of the young players we got coming through light green with like member Sakura's assigning as a young player fantastic Daniel James we just all know that we are a couple of signings away from realistically and going into the season with some positivity and I think that Harry McGuire would certainly be a player that will give us that I was starting to get a little bit concerned I always felt we were going to do this deal but I was starting to get a little bit concerned because you know you see what the club of going on about twin seve they're like always a player for the future and soul char is going to be a first team and you think well twang said be Lindelof Bay Jones Smalling Rojo that's six center backs are they trying to kid is that they're gonna get by with those those lot or and not go and get a second center back so gain Harry Maguire over the line shows that two things really one we brought in a sense back that we really need but two all eagerness all Shaw knows that we need a center back like that and look I accept that there's people out there saying I don't want the big slab head he's slow he's a donkey this that and the other but for me Harry Maguire is look I wanted kudi barley I'm not gonna lie about that and if I could have had four ants grinia despite her preseason game where Mason green would murder him he's still a good sends back I would have took those I would have took two lit but if you can't get those players you go down to the next level and Harry McGuire for me England's best sent back that is proven Premier League proven dominance in the air I mean this is the thing as far as I'm concerned when it comes to Harry Maguire that excites me the most he is so good in the air I'm not one who's in for stats I work and watch a game with Harry McGuire whether he's England or Leicester if a cross comes into the box he wins it if there's a corner there to the one he wins it he's got good movement in and around the penalty area as well and manchester United have missed this for so so long what I am saying is that I am NOT saying as the United stand that this is a done deal Manchester United is certainly not saying it but this afternoon there are a lot of rumors floating around that manchester United have got the deal over the line with Harry McGuire and 80 million pound deal and the main the main person I'm gonna give credit to for that is Dean Jones on Twitter who's a bleacher report journalist do I think he's jumped early maybe do I think he's lying no do I think this deal will be done yes I've been saying this for three weeks but I'm not gonna say I've got a definite yes it's going to be done there is a strong indication it's going to be dirt and I think that this we did have it last Sunday mr. George Manchester United with Duncan castles it could be another week until it happens but you can't move away from the fact that Manchester United want Harry Maguire there's no disputing that we put a bid in before and it's been rejected there's no disputing that Manchester United desperate to sign a centre-back and there's no disputing that Harry Maguire wants to come to Manchester United so I just the thing that gets me most excited about this is that we do need a player a hypnotist quality he is better than everything we've got you can have your arguments about Lindelof and Eric Bay but I firmly believe that Maguire is better than those players and that was the criteria that I is a fan set start of May and I think many of you did as well we need a dissenter back to come into this club and be a dominant leader certainly in the air and certainly of organisation can bring the ball out from the back and Premier League experience and one of the best center-backs in europe and i believe and i've got a lot of stick for this last week I believe Harry Maguire is in the top ten cents Beck's in Europe just and I certainly think he'll definitely be there in the next year or two for Manchester United I think he's a very good signing I'm not concerned about the price and as I said to sign him it was going to have to be 75 million plus and it looks like we've gone above that which is it's to be expected look you know is he worth it probably not but who's worth anything he's an England centre back you always play a premium for that Virgil van Dyck went the 75 million from Leicester a year and a half ago that's what you've got a claim so very very pleased and as I said at the start of video the thing that pleases me the most is if we can get this deal over the line by Tuesday then that leaves is well over two weeks two weeks and two days to get at least another deal in and I am TBG says what's the latest on Bruno Fernandez well brilliant Fernandes Manchester United I think that that's another deal I've been pretty I've been very consistent with you I've said the United will do another two deals after wamba soccer I've been saying for the last few weeks well long last few months with Bruno Fernandez but for the last three weeks that Harry Maguire will be one of those and I firmly believe that Bruno Fernandez will be the next one I also think that Manchester you know I'd do a deal at a time do I agree with that no I think it'd be nice to have a double sign but I do believe that Manchester United are doing a deal at a time so the sooner we get this first theall done the sooner we work we we move on to the next one I'm not taking credit for this breaking story this afternoon this is coming from Dean Jones who's a bleacher report journalist and a couple of people have rung me and asked me to go live about it and discuss it I did a video three weeks ago where I was told that Manchester United and Harry Maguire was going to be done you know I just needed to go above 75 million which is always a question mark with Manchester United and I reiterate what I said this morning Bruno Fernandez and mansion and and Harry McGuire will be Manchester United players the players want to come to a club the manager and the coaching staff want them a club the only doubt is the board and whether they pay the money and you cannot ever say hundred percent with Manchester United's board because we've seen them walk away from deals before that the manager in the player wanted we saw it with Paris each we've seen it with a couple of others so you know I have got to pay the money they've got it back the manager and I do think that you know for all the negativity for all the glazier out movement which I don't have an issue with and for many reasons I agree with it I did say you've got to wait till August the 8th to really assess this situation because I feel a lot of the unhappiness at the moment is based on a poor season last year and a poor transfer window so far but August the 8th will be the date that we we assess this transfer window and where we're at with it and at the moment I think that you know I have still got time to to deliver a transfer window that we wanted 80 million pounds look you know what you've got awesome fans at the moment telling us about players I've never heard of that are better than mates in Greenwood cuz they're scared you got Liverpool fans saying it as well and Bruce there's a good striker for Liverpool and you know I think he will be a good striker but soz makes in Greenwood he's a player to be really excited about and he's only 17 years of age and we've got a lot of things to be excited about and if people are people want to take the mickey out of us for signing Harry Maguire for 80 million let them crack on let them crack on with it because the reality is we need to sign Harry Maguire that's what we need to do and Manchester United are this is a deal that Manchester I don't need to do and I think we've all said it many times before why are we moaning about signing players for a load of money well and then we're moaning that the blame the Glazers don't spend money if there is a hypocritical angle to that and I've never moaned about a team in her in wire and a lot of people have I will say he's probably not worth that if he's not English I think if he was hairy man Cheney from Italy probably be worth fifty to sixty million but he's Harry Maguire from England and that's why is worth eighty million and I think you know I had fans who are you know making out that they're embarrassed about the fee that we're going to play it's it's hypocritical to be embarrassed about the money that we're gonna tell you for him because you moan about the glaziers not spending money we moan about you know Woodward and whoever else is involved in it like you know bartering to the nearest penny and then you spend eighty million on Marion of why enough was all we've been robbed but we've spent eighty million and and I think again you know there's a lot of people saying oh we're gonna spend only gonna spend a hundred million but we're not we're not we're gonna spend more than that home we because if Ari Maguire comes in with what we spent on bamboo soccer you know you're up to nearly hundred and thirty million there regardless and I think there's going to be more coming in so it's an exciting time and I tell you what we've struggled through this transfer window a lot we have struggled through this transfer window a lot but we've now got something to hang our hats on we've got performances and a style of play with ollie which is progressive and pressing and tenacious and we need a sense about we need two midfielders hopefully this deal now will get done in the next couple of days and then we can move on to the next deal we certainly should not be leaving these deals for the last week get it done unless they need to get a replacement in how soon will Harry Maguire be announced as a Manchester United player if it indeed is done I don't know whether Leicester will provide will sign a replacement first interesting stuff to talk to um the eight o'clock show about Paul popper in the situation there we are still gonna be live at eight o'clock this is a very quick video reacting to their breaking news this afternoon the Harry Maguire to Manchester United is a done deal it's coming from a journalist for the briefer Bleacher Report's so at the moment I do think this deal is going to be done it's only the same thing I've been saying for three weeks I don't know whether this journalist has jumped a little bit early we'll find out in the next 48 hours it will be done at some point but let's hope it's done in the next two days because then it gives us two weeks to get another bit of time over I think we will get Jim Silver Bridge on the 8 o'clock show please do smash alike on the edit and the video everybody well we're nearly at thousand likes already so I think there's some positivity about this Harry Maguire deal which is great to see smash alike make sure you subscribe if you are new obviously we'll go live if there's any breaking news for you and we are live at 8 o'clock tonight and every night so I'll see you at 8 o'clock thanks all for watching tuning in get in the comments how you're feeling and we can pick it up at 8 o'clock or there's some big news on pub before you I'll see you at 8:00 but thanks for all for watching I think this is a positive deal you know all those people is then


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