Harry Maguire Deal Close! Man Utd Transfer News

Harry Maguire Deal Close! Man Utd Transfer News

it's a wild world out baby hello and welcome to the united stand hope you're all doing very very well we're going to be talking about Harry McGuire and coming to Manchester night would be an imminent but let me just start off to say that the last couple of weeks of the united stand he sponsored transfer news by the universe log fantastic article really good articles about manchester i had really good writers and it's a very good article the link in the video description and emitters and who's a well-known manchester night writer writing about paul pogba necessity to be Roy Keane at Manchester United Italy stays the links in the video description give it a watch and also go on to the innovate blog and get all your latest Manchester United news breaking news on they're really really good articles but we're living our best live look at that back view I tell you what this is a year ago this is where I was doing all these videos so it's great to be back doing it here because I've been doing it on the balcony so this is where I was doing them a year ago so it's quite nostalgic I've gotten a little that in front of me playing in the sand with my middle daughter and it's just a nice nice nice view everyone should try and just get a week away from everything every now and again but let's fly into it Manchester I had news transfer news hairy McGuire's imminent I got a shout out the current phone as well because he bloody watched the video last night and said gold bridge says that Harry McGuire's imminency something's gonna happen on Monday medical Tuesday announced on Wednesday and I said to him look I'm not that's not what I'm saying this channel is not about that unless I say it's about that we talk about the latest Manchester night news well Harry Maguire is not trained with Manchester United today he's poorly sick he we all know how to Monday more I mean maybe you know maybe he stayed up night or late watching The Godfather trilogy I've done that before many a time on a Sunday night so all my old bosses there whenever I was off on a Monday normally I leave they've been on a big session or house watching The Godfather box trilogy thinking fuck life you only get one and watching The Godfather trilogy but you know what maybe that is the case maybe that's not the case but Harry Maguire has got to push this move I said this three weeks ago Manchester United need these people to push these moves and Harry Maguire is now doing what he needs to do is there's a week and a bit left of this transfer window do you want to be playing blue for Leicester or do you want to be playing Old Trafford at the theater dreams and whatever we are I'll tell you what this was the same in the 80s you know I'd were nowhere near tie it was in the 80s with Bryan Robson and that but you know I had always had a pull we've always had a pool and we'll always have a pull so it's a good good time Harry Maguire stop pushing this field I think it's imminent I think you know what I'm happy to say Harry McGuire's gonna come to Manchester United it's not a done deal to the signings been doing I think people get mixed up with that but those people like myself who said I think it's four weeks ago on Thursday go back through the back catalogue and tell me when it was and I said I've been told that Ahram choirs coming to Manchester United he wants to come Lester will sail but you know I'd have just got to pay the right fee that's exactly where we're at that's exactly where we're at it's em it's all about you know I paying the fee it's the same with Bruno Fernandez it's all about paying the flea that they're paying the fee for Harry Maguire and I think you know I gonna have to do it he's funny isn't it because I love it when you're you've had a beer and Aransas lb I've had a sangria tonight or two but somebody messaged me just before I went live because I'm not in the UK at the moment obviously this is not Birmingham and MUTV said had a couple of people phone up to be Glaser's out and they got cut off and I think that's a disgrace I said bloody disgrace but what do you expect MUTV is a Manchester United outlet they're only going to be positive you will never get anybody on MUTV like me you will never good Nessus no I'm only joking wisely I haven't good let's be honest we've built a great community but you're never gonna get me on any TV because I would go can I just stop you there and say actually I don't understand why our revenue + purchases are shit compared to how much money we bring in they wouldn't like that so you know cutting off people who are glazes out it's a bit like ringing up Sky Sports and saying you hate sky they're not gonna let somebody damage their brand so I understand why they've cut them off on the other hand what I would say is it just makes them look bad then it just exposes the fact that there is unrest amongst the fans at the moment and you know what you know I had a struggling with it at the moment we all know what United is struggling with at the moment they don't want to pay top dollar for players but then they can't sell players that they spent too much money on darmian rojo anybody else in the car coup we can't sell these players because we spend too much on them and then we're trying to say well we're now gonna be tight ass South doesn't work that way Nick D says if I see another mu T video of those spineless misfits from last season training like apparently they've never trained before I'm gonna be violently ill for the love of God ed signed some players and I'm glad Nick P said that and new club sponsor should be poly filler also covers up the cracks a bit like contract extensions given out by the club poor transfer window down your Brenly it doesn't matter what I say doesn't matter what the united stand may say there is a there is a there is a swarm come there is a storm coming welcome to Habad Cohen and I'm sure we had a super Chuck there from mister clearly says while he is telling the truth and they have to they have the sale of Lukaku lined up what actually goes into a medical are they racing to the window to get him fit for sale look the cock who's gone as far as I'm concerned but with regards to Manchester United I just find it irrational what we're trying to do as a football club and look I'll tell you what we will sign a Maguire we will sign Harry Maguire but ultimately whether that's going to be enough I don't know I don't know I just feel that where we're going as a football club is the unknown and when you look at those players from that season and I want to talk about yeda beignet dough and Yamina because there's an update with those but when you look at those players from that season the reality is I'm on the same page as what Nick Dee said I don't trust those players I don't trust those Tech players at all and I've been in these situations in life and I'm sure you have as well you've got a shit boss I've got a shit friend you've got a shit boyfriend or girlfriend's about both and bio what judge me but you know seriously I haven't been but you know if you are so what what what's problem right you know but seriously we've all had those people who've let you down and then I'm gonna change I'm gonna change I'll change I'll change well we'll look why is it taken me threatening to get angry with you for you to change why didn't you change in the first place and that's how I feel about this man chest you know a team I don't trust them losing at homes accorded who do you think you are quite seriously I don't think that gets taught or spoken about enough like why little shits he's on one today and that doesn't get spoken about enough about this team and Cardiff like they lost a card if I'm home you got outplayed by Huddersfield over the years Newcastle and everybody else like embarrassing embarrassing football from him from people who have paid a lot of money you want me to believe that Holly's gotten running around a little bit and playing a different little bit of football oh we're a new team no we're not a new team the only way to make this Manchester on a team a new team is to bring in a new mentality and one bussaco has got that new mentality you can see wants to run through run through all sorts of stuff with Manchester United it run through brick walls but they need more of those sort of players you need more Harry McGuire's you need more Bruno Fernandez you need three or four players to come in and supplement I think Rochefort Marcial have got the potential to be good I think Lindelof as well Luke sure as well David daheia maybe even Paul Pogba but there's some players in that squad who need to go you're Alexis Sanchez and everything like that but we will get Barry McGuire deal done I think if you want a little bit of positivity we can be negative forever and on August the 8th old judge of this like I've said before but we will get the hiring the GUP mcguire deal done and and what I said to you yesterday appears to be true I think that it's going that way Olivia bringing it I think it's going that way so I think it will I think it will end up being fine with Harry Maguire we'll get that done we wanted six players in now we have to do with forces audit but Naga no we won't we won't we won't get ball players in we did need four and we won't get four in never in a million years will we get that many in it's just not going to happen we might get two in if we're looking and that's what I say it's about what we can do let's talk about Ben Yoda for a minute because smutty says come on we're streaming live from the beads that's got to be worth alike hey no one does content like the United stands I've always done this for you we did this a year ago on the beach well always look people say you're a holiday like white still doing stuff but do you stop supporting Manchester night because you're a holiday I look around the hotel pool and everybody's on their phone looking at Twitter and stuff I have more spare time on holiday than I ever do la has I spend from 8 o'clock in the morning till midnight with my family going and sitting on the beach for 20 minutes while they're having a bit of a play on the beach and stuff is nothing I'm told McGuire will be announced Friday 9:00 a.m. mark my words says Rafa and Assam egg Bell says Bruno he's not coming the interesting thing about Bruno Fernandez is yeah I was crying yesterday his wife's apparently put something out which I haven't seen about you know always which means they're leaving but maybe he's not coming to unite you know maybe we've screwed that deal up I don't know I'm not I'm not gonna I think we'll sign Bruno Fernandez I think all you gonna soldier I want Bruno Fernandez but I can't tell you when it's gonna happen because I don't know Harry McGuire things gonna happen this week and I think it probably will go like I was told yesterday something happens today something happens tomorrow Wednesday it gets announced because remember we're playing the game tomorrow Zachary purpose says thoughts on the idea that we want to do a three-way announcement I feel just feel like that they will make us happy just before deadline I'll tell you what if you know I'd do a three-way announcement it's a bit like a three-way isn't it it'd be fantastic we won't happen I just I just think that's mythical stuff it's like people who monitor monitor planes like just get in the real world we've got owners who enjoy sucking the blood out of a football club and but there is an update with Ben Yoda remember that Ben Yoda was considered to be the done deal to replace Lukaku well he's apparently refused a deal to China as has Gareth Bale I will take care of bail you Mina you remember Gary your meat is his first name the area meaner no that's your Amina I don't know I don't know what Lim Lenina I'm getting La Mina mixed up with the IRA Mina and there's a there's a logic to this and it's not the sangria talking so Yuri Mina is the Colombian Center that we were linked to last year who went to Everton La Mina is the Southampton midfielder that some United fans got very excited about our we want La Mina of them but then he puts a compilation clip on his own Twitter feed you don't sign players who put a compilation swing clip on their own fucking Twitter feed like seriously be like me doing my best bits of gold bridge world and put any other what he does a good job of it to be fair doesn't he win an award but you know what I mean you don't do it yourself you don't put your best oh look at me look at my best bits Here I am you know the party you know you don't do that and La Mina did that and a lot of people are always got to be better than Herrera kiss my ass eat it as well I mean seriously you mean is better than Herrera never and so apparently he's going to Everton now which is a bit like yeah Romina so there is logic to what I was talking about Yuri limine oh yeah but look a recap is this Harry McGuire did not train with Leicester today so it's getting close I think Harry McGuire will happen this week of course and it's it I'm very happy when that deal happens I'm not gonna be negative if you not do one or two deals if you know I'd sign Bruno Fernandez and Harry McGuire I'll be very happy because I think both those players are really good for United but are they enough no no not no they're not they're not enough and mine's a pint sangria um yeah it's not enough it's not enough and I'm not look you know what I'm not a perfectionist I'm not perfectionist but I am hungry as a Manchester United fan when we win the treble in 1999 I sat on a beach it wasn't this one it was malahide Beach which looks nothing like this it's got grass on it and it's bloody cold we just win the treble and I was that with some of the Irish mates and they were like let's go to bed I said I'm never going to bed give me another cigar and give me that bottle of whisky I'm not going I don't want to go to bed because don't think we'll ever do this again in my life I realized that that moment of winning the treble when I was 18 19 sorry was the best thing I was ever going to experience as a Manchester United fan and I bloody loved it and I didn't want it to end and I wake up the next day and I was like what comes after this and to me it was like we've got to go and retain the triple you've got to go and win the Champions League the league in the prayer and the FA Cup again we didn't win me a fake up because we didn't enter it we won the league again in fact we won the league for the next three years we never got no close to the Champions League until 2008 because Manchester United didn't build on that success and I've always been hungry I wouldn't like I say I win the treble and I wanted us to go and do it again because that's what winners do and that's what Sir Alex Ferguson sort of inbred into us to do that and I'm hungry and yeah if Harry Maguire signs we need Harry Maguire if Bruno Fernandes signs we need Bruno Fernandez we also needed a Pepe we also needed another midfielder like a like Emily in cabbage or or an end in ballet or a Thomas par-tay who's available and we've not even gone for so McGwire and Bruno Fernandez wouldn't be enough but it would be at least a little bit would give either I think Ali's managed with you I think if Ali doesn't get Harry Maguire and I midfield to reboot I really do Marc Reid hello my fellow Manchester night sports as I happen to work at the Serengeti Park where there is the highest mountain in Africa in jannat Edward wood is here says Chevy shibori that doesn't make any sense at all why would why would he be there Chloe Jenkins always comes up with a good good message more do you think I remember soccer style of tackle might risk a card or two with var operating this season I think the thing about one bussaco is he's just very very accurate with his tackling isn't he very good Serb said no he shunned me Oh Mike come on she first chance again United's standing you've read enough to play with the sisters so yeah gold bridge bone stolen by the fruit seller I'm on holiday to market Lanzarote says Nick 87 nothing like getting your signings in early says yeah sir you look at what Real Madrid have done what I've let's go Madrid have done what you know there are clubs that have done some really good stuff and we haven't done it Damacio saying Maguire tell you what I wish I could have shown you that little clip there Serb just ran across the back of me there looked at me and kept running it's a bit like everyman chest you know at Woodward it's like every Manchus United signing isn't it come here and they look at you and then they just run in the dark or the right direction it's like up yours I'm not coming Danny Atkins says you completely Arts Inc whatever come on all day so you know it's no stream or do a stream it's as simple as that isn't it at the end of the day I'm not gonna worry about the bloody Wi-Fi Blazers out amen to that brother


50 thoughts on “Harry Maguire Deal Close! Man Utd Transfer News”

  • Chris Carleton says:

    Nobody has more content than Utd stand. ???? What content. It’s nothing more than chatting about stuff everybody has already read interjected with constant reminders that the Fernandes deal is a goldbridge deal. And still it doesn’t happen. Load of rubbish

  • spencer stewart says:

    Those last 2 games were horrible and could have put us in the top 4. Ole has got a bad hand to play. He's not up for it. SIMPLES

  • Strange Fiction, Stranger Truth says:

    I was 18 when we won the Treble, watching it with my Dad who has now passed. One of the best and most surreal experiences of my life, the emotions, the memories, the pride. Everytime I watch those last 3 minutes I get chills, as I'm sure every Man United fan does. I think Ole can bring back the glory days, but he will need to be given the same patience and time Sir Alex got. Providing the signs are there.

  • Strange Fiction, Stranger Truth says:

    MUTV is our propaganda outlet. Really got tired of watching it and listening to Paddy, May and whoever else not say what they wanted to say.

  • We arguably need a min of 16 players because we should have two good players for each position, we are light years off. Until Woodward goes, and we are re structured, we can’t be great again.

  • If it’s coming to trust, we can’t trust over half that team. Not even fit enough, that is outrageous- we should outrun any team.

  • Assuming we sell Lukaku for around £60 million we haven't actually spent any money yet (or only a few million). We were told that we had £200-250 million to spend. Where is it? We can't haggle too much when everybody knows that we need to strengthen in certain areas. Maguire, Fernandes, keep Pogba and we will make top four, possibly even third>

  • Docter Khumalo says:

    Way, way too much money for this guy. I just don't want any of you complaining about how they spent so much on him if he turns out to be rubbish at United. I want the same energy you all have now acting like this dude is the absolute best CB in the world. I would be very happy if we don't sign him especially not for the money being reported, dude is not worth more then £60 mil at best, in today's climate, I fail to see where this valuation of £80-£90 mil comes from.

  • At least 4 weeks now that this transfer is " ImInEnT" , I should go check again what that word means , thought it ment soon😅

  • Harry Maguire’s agent Steven Becks uploaded a photo from Carrington, Manchester United’s training complex, as further confirmation is received that a move is nearing its completion.

  • Peter Vanstone says:

    My god you are still at it this must be the 10th time you have told this story (rabbit rabbit) if it happen then fine But Woodward can’t sign him he’s just taken a 2 million pay rise That is what you need to talk about not transfers as you just talk !!!!?

  • I'm really nervous about fernandes. After watching his highlights we need him. Passion player, with Maguire in the defense we could actually challenge for something – cups, not league.

  • Maguire would be a good signing to stabilize our defence. But in my opinion the real problem lies with our midfield. Fernandes would be ok as an attacking option but our midfield is crying for a defensive midfielder who can break up play. I'm not saying our defence is great but most teams have a free run at them with the absence of a sweeper. The only player who came closest to this profile type was Herrera. All great EPL teams always had great midfielders , Keane, Scholes/Viera,Petit/ Makelele,Essien/Fernandinho/Milner,Wijnaldum. All successful teams do high pressing in an attempt to win the ball back asap and initiate attacks. There is no harm in copying whatever succeeds whether it's Liverpool, City or any other team. We cannot rely on counter attacking football for the whole season as we no longer have top quality defenders to soak up pressure for 90 mins and upfront we don't have ruthless strikers to win matches with the few opportunities that we create. I'm sure many fans will come up with McTominay but let's be honest enough, the lad can become a top player in few years but right now he does not stand a chance against players like Milner, Wijnaldum, Fernandinho, Rodri, Kante…A RW would also be most welcomed cause Mata and especially Lingard are very poor. Now that we have Bissaka , a real right winger would provide more balance and less unpredictability as 80% of out attacking football comes from the left wing

  • Whoever is in charge of everything obviously had no attention of getting the players in early like Ole asked. It's as if they want to stretch it out to the very last day. They must know surely that they have to make a signing. They will never hear the end of.

  • Until the duration of his contract and salary information being released to the media, nothing is ever concrete. HM is definitely not moving when the season is starting in less than a month to go and BR knows that he has no time to get a replacement in. The chances of BF going to United is currently less than 25% chance and no other big clubs are even after him at this stage, which makes it more baffling as to why it is not even happening. I believe the management has little faith in OGS hence, handling him 100 million war chest just to look as though they are supportive towards OGS at helm. More to come.

  • I'm beginning to like Ole, this pre- season has been only about ManUtd. He's gone about positively getting the players ready for the new season. Unlike the prima-donna behaviour of his predecessors who spread so much negativity. I really hope he succeeds at ManUtd…

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