Happy Break Up The Movie (2017 FULL MOVIE w/ English subs)

Happy Break Up The Movie (2017 FULL MOVIE w/ English subs)

I’m Valentine Tine for short and my life is full of love just like my name. Tatay(Daddy) named me. but ofcourse the one who approved it is Nanay(Mommy) What are you? All you you see is food. You’re not even minding me. Tye! (Casual dismissal word) They met and developed feelings for each other on Valentine’s Day 25 years ago Met in the morning as strangers & wanting to marry each other before sleeping that day After 5 years They had me! Aren’t they sweet. I know you’re jealous! But it was already too late when tatay discovered that he’s gay But even after that, Nanay still accepted him That’s how it is when you love someone, You just go and go. And this one’s Adeng. My partner Not like that! Don’t be malicious! She’s my partner in selling all kinds of stuff. And MBFFL too. My Bestfriend For Life! Nay Geria(Mommy): Surprise Tay Juan(Daddy): Happy Birthday! Everybody: (sings happy birthday) Nay Geria: I think someone’s outside? His name is Dale Dale meaning a low area of land between hills or mountains and I’m a mountain climber who climbs up and down the peak just to fall for one Dale He’s the love of my life. Adeng: That’s what happens to flirts. You even forgot your surprise to me This girl.. I’m sorry You know I love you (Whispers) Let’s go. Come on! I prepared so many food for you, see? Wait! Wait! Wait! Close your eyes! Okay 1, 2, 3! Blow!! Open your eyes! Oh my gosh! Ahhh!! My crush! my crush! Oh my God Oh my God Ahhhh My God OH MY GOD! Tay Juan: What are you?? Nay Geria: I’m your wife! Tay Juan: You’re annoying me again Adeng: Ohhh my God!! Ohh my God!! Oh my God!! Nay Geria: They’re making me feel giddy! Ano ba? Neighbors help!!! Authorities!! Call the Police! Nay Geria: I’m just being sweet! Tay Juan: What do you think of me? a scratching wall? Nay Geria: Your father always complains! Tine: What is that? You’re still eating? Silly! These are for your guests Tine: Okay..
Nay Geria: Oh! Save some for Shirly Nay Geria: Oh hey! I forgot to tell you, your cousin Shirly’s coming later. Don’t forget. Tine: Okay What’s this? Is there snow? You look like Olaf. So what!? There’s a celebration, it’s someone’s birthday! Good thing you got Kenneth to come Thanks Hon! Ofcourse He knew my honey’s cooking You cook so good! he said as long as he can get a take-out Flattery won’t get you nowhere! I’m not just sweet talking you, hon Why would I butter you up when I know It’s been more than a year since you gave me your sweet Yes Tye!! Don’t you Tye Tye me. Come here She’s being sensitive When are you gonna tell her? I don’t know yet, bro. You know, Tine is a good person She will understand you. I hope. Let’s go. That was nothing Did you hear that? Is that a rat!? Shhh!! Did you hear? There’s someone Adeng: A person? It might be a thief! What’s that? Whatever, this is hard. Yours is paper! Adeng: If you can’t take him, I’ll run. Tine: A burglar!!!! Adeng: Tay Juan! Nay Geria!! A house-breaker!! Hurry! Nay Geria: Where!? Where!? Tay Juan: A thief!! Tay Juan: Be careful, you might fall. Tay Juan: Ouch, ouch, my back. Loves! Loves! Are you okay, loves?? Nay Geria: The burglar, hurry!!! Tine: Tay! Nay! Tay Juan: You’re caught!!! Caught!! Tay Juan: I GOT YOU! Tay Juan: Smack him! Smack him!! Nay Geria: Hold on Thief: Nay Geria!! He’s calling my name! he knows me! Nay Geria: Turn on the lights! Nay Geria: Who’s this!? Thief: Titaaaa!! What are you guys? This is Shirly Didn’t I tell you Anak(child) Your cousin is coming?? What are you? You forgot?? Tay Juan: I thought we were raided Nay Geria: Oh my Adeng: Poor girl Nay Geria: Why didn’t say you’re already here? You should have knocked! Tay Juan: Yea Shirly: ‘Cause the door was already open. Tine: Hala(reaction) Tay Juan: My beauty time’s disturbed
Tine: You didn’t lock the door! Loves… Tine: Why didn’t you lock? Tay Juan: Don’t you follow me! Nay Geria: Love’s let’s cuddle tonight. Tay Juan: Heh!! (Dismissal) Let’s go, let’s go upstairs. Tine: Sorry Come on. Shirly: My back hurts. Nay Geria: Shirly come up stairs. Nay Geria: Have you eaten? Shirly: Yes hey, follow us there might be there might be a rat Okay I’ll just lock the door. Adeng: Okay, make sure it’s lock. Adeng: We might beat someone up again It’s ’cause she was walking in the dark! Hon, next time just relax. Hmm, How was your audition? It was okay But I won’t make it for the call back Why? I thought the audition’s in Manila found out it’s in Cebu! and I don’t have a costume, you know how it is in auditions, you have to be flashy Why don’t you use our Boracay money? Hon, no, we’ve been saving up for that for 5 months. It’s okay, it’ll come back to you double! What if I don’t get the role? Hmm.. it’s easy to save up again. What’s hard is if you let the opportunity pass. If you don’t use that money for your audition, I’m gonna break up with you, you’ll see. Break right away?? Hello Hon? Tine: (Pretends to snore) Love you. (Fake snores) I love you more (continues snoring) Tine: Next time, it’ll be you in the big screen Tine: you’ll even win a BEST ACTOR award Dale: There you go again Tine: Yea! Tine: How was your audition by the way? Dale: They said they’re gonna call Dale: but they’re not really gonna call. Tine: They’re not gonna call ’cause you think like that! You should think that they WILL call right? So it really happens. That’s called Tine: Law of Attraction
Dale: Law of Attraction I know that already, about that, I have a story I asked for a sign, I auditioned. I prayed. If I get the role, I will continue my dream and then? If not, then I will give up, I said. but just in time, after I prayed you entered the room Tye! Even though I didn’t get the role Something better happened to me. The reason why I’m the sign that was given to you so I can push you, annoy you to have perserverance for your Dream. That’s it! Alright, alright alright Agree Yea, it’s true! Sorry all we do is watch movies. Don’t worry, when I start making big bucks. We’re gonna go on a date! In a really really nice Fine Dining. Wow! This is nice too! Watching movies. It’s sweet. Don’t you think? Save your money up, ’cause you’ll be buying me a car On my 22nd birhday, I feel that you can afford it already You’re 21.. Wait I can feel it! Wait hon, that’s just in 1 year. isn’t that too impossible? I think we’re dreaming too high 1 year?? Law of attraction. Let’s go! Hon, I need to tell you something. Ate? (big sister) WHY!?? Sorry! Mama chek spoke to me. He said I need to break up with you. But just pretend. I’ll be paired with a girl as a love team to rush into fame. But this is sure, we’ll have a movie. I just have to break up with you on Social Media. But, hon. this is just for the public. We’re still together. Not a real break up. Who’s Mama Chek? That’s Dale’s manager You know, if I were you. I’d say No. There are so many artists who have girlfriends but still become famous. Dale’s different. Those artists are already famous. and he’s gonna be launched in a love team It would look bad if people found out he has a girlfriend. Dale’s just starting. What’s more important to you? Your relationship Or his career? Whatever makes him happy. Oh okay.. Whatever makes him happy. then Ha-ha-ha-Happy Break Up to you! Sorry if I’m asking for too much. Hon Let’s do it. Get married? No! Not yet. Not yet You know, we don’t have t do it. No, no. We need to do that. That’s for you. plus, it’ll just be on Social media but don’t hide me from your love team partner. She might fall in-love with you. Don’t worry, I understand. Hon, what did I do right to have a girlfriend like you? Ate? Ate. Why are you crying? It just hurts. I know all of this is untrue It’s all for show But it still hurts. Why are you crying?? ‘Cause I don’t understand what you’re saying(English) (Singing White Flower Song) Tay Juan: Morning, anak(child) Tine: Goodmorning What are these two doing? Donnalyn? You look like Donnalyn Bartolome ate!! Hey that’s not true!! My baby is way prettier than that Donnalyn! She’s a grown up that looks like a 9 year old! Tye! Adeng: What now? I saw that you agreed to it already That’s what you call TRUE LOVE Nay Geria: Agree to what? Tay Juan: Hey!! he didn’t even ask us for your hand in marriage, you agreed already!!? Unbelievable! Nay Geria: Move here, your Tatay is so heavy. Anyway, I don’t think that’s right. That’s not good. Yea! Kelly: It’s ’cause Dale is going to be in a love team with a girl to get into mainstream show business. and it might not look good if people knew that Dale has a girlfriend. That’s why Tine agreed to have a fake break up. ohh Then it will become real It’s just pretend hala Your boyfriend might fall in-love with his love team partner Ate! Stop it already! Stop it! What am I gonna do!? befriend the girl! Nay Geria: Oh yes! Tay Juan: Ay! Pak na Pak!(Gay lingo for Correct) My loves what are you!? Shirly: That hurt Tine: Nay, you’re splitting. Nay Geria: My loves, what are you doing. Hon! Nandito ako sa shoot mo huh? Sorry, I just miss you. Where are you? If Mama Chek sees you we’re in trouble. But why!? We did what he wanted. and I’m here to meet your love-team pair. Hon, I’ll just invite her to come the next time I visit you at home. Just don’t come here please we will get in trouble! Okay Okay sorry! love you! Who are you talking to!? They’ve been calling you! Let’s go. Shirly: They’re here! Shirly: Ate they’re here! Adeng: They’re here! Adeng: Come on Come on! Shirly: Ate Tine! Shirly: Andyan na sila!! Okay, if you see that she’s pretty.. Just relax, chill. Shirly: and plus you’re prettier than her. Adeng: There they are. Guys this is Nicole. Adeng: Hi Nicole!
Shirly: Hi Nicole! Nicole: Hello. This is Shirly and Adeng I’m Tine. Nice to finally meet you. Sorry. I smell something good. You cooked. How’d you smell that? You know me. Let’s go eat Come in, Nicole You cook so good Tine. Thank you. I’m glad you like it. One time Kenneth told me that you cook really good But I didn’t expect you to be this good! Mhhhh. Kenneth. So you and Kenneth are friends? Yes. (Whispers)Annoying, making me want to punch you in the face What’s that? I said, you look so cute, I could pinch your face. So Nicole What do you do when you have free time? What do you like? What I like doing? Go out I really love theme parks Most especially Roller Coaster rides! Shirly: *Squeals* Let’s go to Enchanted Kingdom! right!? Let’s! OMG! It’s been awhile since I’ve been there! Let’s go! Yea, let’s! Yes Yes Me too! Really? You told me you’re scared of the rides there No! i might have said happy, not scared Shirly: So Exciting! Adeng: Yea, my bestfriend is brave! Adeng: Let’s set the date What should we ride first? EKstreme Ekstreme! There! Yes! Yes! Yay!! Let’s ride it again later You may go first You can go in front of me You’re trying to get away You’re always trying to run. Adeng: You guys can go behind us again. Stop it Stop it! already! I can’t take it anymore! Tine! She fainted again Tine Wake up, the ride’s done! Tine? Tine? The ride’s done! Come on, let’s dance! Shake it Shake it, shake it Let’s get off this thing They’re about to fall Tine: I really don’t want to ride Adeng: Let’s carry her Shirly: Let’s go! Lord, please forgive me for all my sins God, forgive me Mom! Dad! Mom! Dad! Adeng: Let’s go again! Nicole: let’s ride again? Let’s ride that one! It looks fun! How come I don’t get to pick? That’s too high! Why can’t we ride the other one instead? Tine: we can get off now Nicole: what are you saying? The ride’s just started Tine: We’re going too fast Tine: Is it done? Tine: my clothes are all wet Nicole: mine too Good thing I brought extra clothes How ’bout you? Thank you guys, I had so much fun Thank you, Nicole! Let’s do it again! Nicole: sure thing Adeng: Thank you Nicole: Thank you Thanks Nicole I hope we become friends Especially now that you’re working with Dale I don’t want to be your friend I’d rather us be “sisters” ’cause it’s sweeter You had me worried for a second Off you go, then Drive safe Bye Thank you What are you still doing there? (mockingly) so you guys are “sisters” now? Someone’s jealous Don’t be silly, you’re still my MBFFL Let’s go inside Staying up late’s making you dramatic Think I’m dizzy The rides got me all dizzy Adeng: Oh, you’re still here? OMG! Turn on the TV Tine: How come? Reporter: Actress, Nicole Ramirez was found unconscious in her car this morning She crashed into a tree after swerving to avoid a crossing dog She’s currently under comatose Nicole is currently shooting a film with onscreen beau Dale Castro However, due to the accident the movie has been cancelled I’m Phoemela Baranda, for more updates Stay tuned to Ano’ng Ganap? Miss, may I know Nicole Ramirez’ room number? This way ma’am, room 452 Okay, thank you *knock knock* Nicole, you have visitors. Shirly: Hello Have a seat, please I’ll just come back later Tine: Okay Thank you Nicole, are you okay? Of course I’m not okay Is it not obvious? Sorry, don’t really know what to say I’m just relieved that you’re safe Though hooked to a dextrose You know what When I heard about what happened to you I felt guilty I prayed for your safety ’cause I wanted a chance to say sorry I feel like I owe you an apology I feel guilty ’cause the reason why the reason why I befriend you is to make sure that you wouldn’t flirt with Dale but I’d still want to be friends with you even if you’ll no longer be Dale’s leading lady Sorry Nicole Get out! It’s my fault I’m the one who suggested it Yeah, it’s our fault not Tine’s Get out! Let’s go guys Joke You had us fooled You’re a good actress What’s important is that you guys were honest to me Despite knowing I could get mad Now that’s a true friend Shirly: Really thought you were mad at us Tine: You almost had me in tears Adeng: Your eyes are kinda teary So is this the part in movies where after all the drama comes a group hug? Be careful, her leg’s broken! Shirly: Sorry I didn’t know Adeng: That’s what you always say Adeng: How long ’til they let you out? Adeng: So we can go back to Enchanted Kingdom (theme park) Tine: say what? Tine: I feel sorry for Nicole Dale: Don’t worry, Hon Dale: She’s in good hands Dale: She’ll get better soon Tine: What’ll happen to your movie? Dale: They already found a replacement for her Tine: When can I meet her? Dale: Well hon, we’ll be shooting incessantly ’cause we’re pressed for time so you might not meet her ’til after we complete the film Also hon, might not see you for a while you how late shoots end Alright I’ll see you when you’re less busy Go sleep Wouldn’t want to keep you up Good night I love you Dale: I love you more Dale’s on TV! Awww, my honey’s on TV Why aren’t you watching? Look at him, he’s so handsome Dale: Hon, sorry busy. I’ll make it up to you. Fans screaming: We love you Dale! Tine: We finally saw each other. Tine: I missed you Dale: Pretty as ever Tine: stop sweet talking me Dale: Hold on, someone’s calling Hello What? You need me there now? Okay, I’ll be there Bye Let’s go inside Hon, I’ll make it up to you Sorry I have to go They moved my sched I’ll make it up to you Tine: But you just got here Forgive me? I swear I’ll make it up to you I’m not in control of my schedule Okay Dale: You’re not mad at me? Tine: No Dale: Sorry Tine: Bye Dale: Bye I’ll make it up to you Adeng: Happy New Year! Dale: Happy New Year Tine: Hello, Happy New Year! Sorry couldn’t join you guys I feel bad for missing out Soonest my sched frees up, I’m all yours Love you Tine: Love you Dale: Go and celebrate with your family bye bye Tine: bye Tine: Happy New Year! Happy New Year! So hon, you like it? It smells so good in here It has that new car smell Check out the steering wheel it steers effortlessly Wait a minute mister am I the first girl who rode your new baby? Hon I’m sorry, Carly have been here first Tine: I was just kidding! It’s no big deal So, where are you taking me? Dale: Someplace far Roadtrip Are you game? Tine: Let’s do it! Roadtrip!!! Adeng: Tine, Dale has a surprise for you! SURPRISE! Happy Birthday Happy Birthday Adeng: Cheer up! Adeng: It’s your birthday Nay: That’s true Nay: You should be happy on your birthday Tay: How can you be sad you just got a car *everyone singing happy birthday* Tine: Where are you? Shirly: I’m here at JaDine’s mall show I made a banner Tine: Alright, I’ll just see you later Bye Adeng: Why do we have to be here? Can’t you just see Dale after his show? Tine: But I want to see him before my birthday ends Why not wait for him at home for some quality time? Isn’t that what you want? Tine: No way, I really wanna see him now Adeng: Fine, I’ll just use the toilet Carly Hi Carly Sure Huh? You can take a picture You misunderstood, I just wanted to introduce myself I’m Tine Dale’s girlfriend Oh, Valentine O.M.G. I thought you wanted a photo, ‘ cause you look like a Daly fan Nice to finally meet you Security: Is she disturbing you ma’am? No, I’m fine Nice meeting you too Valentine I’m surprised that you’re nice to me and not the jealous type Tine: I don’t think I have anything to be jealous about Carly: good I mean given I’m Dale’s ex it’s imperative that his girlfriend be not the jealous type I’ll go ahead Dale might be looking for me already Dale: I didn’t tell you ’cause I knew this would happen Tine: You know that I’ll support you no matter what That’s why I don’t get why you had to hide it from me Dale: Tine that’s why I’m explaining it to you now Tine: What else are you hiding from me? Dale: Do you really want to know what’s on my mind right now? I don’t think this’ll still work Tine: What are you saying? Dale: Tine, think about it If people see us together, it’ll ruin my career I don’t even have time for you anymore So why not just breakup? Tine: Is that how you’ve been feeling? Is that why you got me a car? So you won’t feel guilty when you leave? Dale: I’m sorry Tine Tine: Not once did I complain Dale: Tine, can’t you understand We’ll just give ourselves a hard time if we stay together Tine: give us a hard time? or give you a hard time ’cause if it were just me I can handle it I gave it my all and will give it my all ’cause I love you Dale: Forgive me I’m sorry That’s it! I’ve had enough! I’m tired of seeing you like this Just for that one guy who doesn’t even call to ask if you’re okay after breaking your heart That’s for my monologue You used to cheer for me when I do my monologues That was an original Accompany me to the auditions Let’s go Tine: I don’t want to Tine let’s go! Dale’s dead What are you saying? You should kill your feelings for him already He hasn’t been answering your calls About a month? Whether you like it or not you will accompany me to my audition ’cause after we’ll go out and have fun! If you’re not ready in 30 minutes I’m breaking up with you Keep in mind You’ve only been with Dale for 2 years Whereas, we’ve been friends for 10 years 10 YEARS! I’ll be using that for my auditions later Why is it so hot in here? Don’t they have a fan? Hold on I just need to buy water You stay here Tine: No They might call you next Adeng: There’s two more people before me and I need to pee too Wait for me here I’ll be quick Tine: Hon, please answer me I’m sorry. I miss you already. Good morning, hon! I cooked your fave. Please reply Let’s fix this The director’s looking for someone who looks like he/she’s in the dumps Looks like I’ve found the one Come with me, you’re perfect Tine: Not me I’m not the one who’s auditioning I’m dead Adeng, how old are you? 22 In fairness, you look young Alright, for this scene you’ll be portraying a girl who was turned into a dog after being cursed by a witch you’ll have a seizure before you turn into a dog got it? Okay ready? 3, 2, 1 and Action Action! Action?? ACTION!! Guy: looks like she needs to take a dump Girl: Doesn’t know how to act! Next! Next! Sorry, sorry! Uhm, I’m good at drama! That just wasn’t my forte (Whispers)Where are you Adeng?? Alright, this is your last chance! Okay in this scene You’ll see your boyfriend flirting with his ex Okay? Ready 3, 2, 1 and Action! Dale: I’m sorry, Dale: Carly have been here first is that why you haven’t been answering my calls Dale? Is that why.. you had the guts to leave me ’cause you have someone to come back to? You said you love me You said You said you loved me so much I almost cried! Bravo!! Bravo! Impostor! noone is more evil than you! Are you gonna steal everything from me!? Is all the torture not enough?? To my family!? huh!? What else do you need!? What else do you want!!? Guy: Who are you? I’m adeng! I’ve been trying to tell you The audition got me tired You know You can become a celebrity The talent manager’s been bugging me trying to get your number and I was thinking When you become famous You and Dale could be the one in a love team! No more hindrance to your relationship! He’s happy You’re happy! His manager is happy! ’cause you two will be perfect together! but before that, Let’s take a selfie You’re right. I agree we won’t need to hide each other we could be together again I was just kidding! *Car engine starting* Hala We’re gonna drop all this food eating out here Adeng Adeng Hello This is Valentine Cardenas the one who auditioned in place of Adeng Was that you? The director liked you. Can we meet up tomorrow? I have work, but I can meet with you right after. Alright, long as we get to meet. Let’s text Don’t be late. Okay Thank you Bye Hi! I’m here for a meeting with Boss Albert Please have a seat Okay Miss where’s the toilet? Go straight, then turn right. Okay, thank you. “You’re nothing, but a second rate trying hard copycat.” (rehearsing famous lines from Tagalog films) Valentine 2.0. Fiercer. Bolder. Stronger. Is that how it goes? “Do you love me because you’re in love with me? or do you love me just ’cause you love me?” Think I used the word “love” a little more than I should have. What else… There Was Never An Us You’re like a cafeteria open to everyone who wants to eat (implying a girl’s easy to get) I haven’t eaten yet. Just relax You can do it Valentine. *knocking on door* Just a minute. Hold on. Boss! Valentine’s here! have a seat Valentine, this is Boss Albert Hello Valentine! Good afternoon, sir! You know ija I’ve seen your audition and I must say I’m very impressed You can get famous! Sign a contract with us, we have a contract here for you we’ll give you a special project! Hold on, do I have to give something in return? Well of course ija there is. No! Tine: I’m not that kind of girl! I’m not that desperate to be famous! I won’t take off my clothes I won’t sell myself just for that Special Project! What are you talking about!? What do you think of me?? You’re not my type! What I mean is, Boss Albert: in return of the contract we will make you famous We’ll look for clients! We’ll give you endorsements Movies! Boss Albert: Albums Boss Albert: Commercials!! Concerts!! you’ll have concerts! I love it!! Ofcourse you will have TV exposures! Tv guestings! there, I like that!! and my God, you will earn millions, so much money!! so much money! right!? where are you going?? just there so much money! millions! and in return Boss Albert: I only want 30% of your earnings for 7 years What do you say? hmm 20% 5 years and I’ll think about it. Then why don’t you become the manager! Kidding!! Boss Albert: I’m just kidding. Alright! Settled so, 20 years for 7%? Oh, no. you switched it, Boss Albert: What? Tine: 20% oh oh that’s right, sorry sorry (whispers) I thought we could fool her alright, alright ija! that’s okay settled tayo 20%, 7 years. Tine: 5 years 5 years. You really don’t like 7 years? Tine: 5 years. alright alright, 5 years okay okay Shok shok get the contract in my LV bag wow, Louis Vuitton! yes? silly, that was just given to me. Louis Vigay
(in exchange of the word “Bigay” meaning given) Boss albert: get it there the first contract is there then get the legal contract in my other bag What bag is that? New again? the MK one. Michael Kors!? what Micheal Kors Mahinang Klase!
(Cheap kind) the handle of that’s already broken it’s so old already needs replacement. go on now, get it. So it’s a deal, then Welcome Valentine You’ll become famous I’m sure of it! My God! You’re gonna be a star! What are you looking at? The star. *knocking Anak!(child) Come in What are you doing there Let’s go downstairs, I’m hungry! Let’s all eat together. Tay(Dad) Tay Juan: mh? What if I do something that will change my life. Uh, hold on a sec, sounds like you want serious talk Anak, it depends. It depends on what you’re gonna do if it’s for the good. or bad for you Of course if it’s for your good we’ll support you. if it’s bad.. then no. What’s going on your head Why are you asking questions like that? huh? Tay? Tay Juan: Mhh? What’s for dinner? My goodness! I’m gonna go crazy I thought it’s something bad You’re gonna give me a heart attack It’s Shirly’s first time to cook. So don’t expect too much Let’s go eat now Silly girl. Nay Geria: What are you doing with an Electric fan? I lost my pink fan Nay Geria: Did Tine come home already? Shirly: Here they are!! They’re revealing the housemates! Adeng: that guy’s cute! Shirly: It’s Ate Tine!! Tay Juan: There she is!! Nay Geria: Huh? Tay Juan: Our daughter is on TV Tine’s on TV Tine’s on TV Adeng: She’s on TV! Tine: here? Loves! Tine’s really gone her things aren’t there! Shirly: Because she’s inside the house(on TV) Host: Does anyone know you’re here? Tine: Oh no, they might not let me Host: Are you ready to go inside the house? Is it okay to leave a message before I do? Host: Leave a message? Host: What do you think this is? An answering machine? Host: Kidding! Host: Alright, go on and leave a message. Adeng: look Tine! Tine: Nay, Tay.. Our daughter is famous!! Tine: Adeng and Shirly Adeng: My bestfriend!! Tine: Make sure you guys lock the doors I’ll just make it up to you guys for now, just watch me here in PamBansang Bida(Reality show) That’s not Tine Tine Shirly: It is Ate Tine Nay: That’s not Tine Adeng: That’s her! So pretty Nay: She doesn’t look like me Big Brother (parody) It’s on! OMG My bestfriend’s on TV Tine: I got it Tine: High five! That’s her It’s Tine Nicole: She looks so pretty on TV Yes ate (big sister) Adeng: That’s my bestfriend How ’bout you focus you attention on the TV (gay slang) I have a task for you in front of you is a box that contains the theme for the song you’ll be composing this Valentine’s day Pick one No such thing as forever Theme doesn’t seem like it’s for Valentine’s If the audience likes your song I will grant one of you wishes Tine: Any wish? Yes Okay You only have 2 hours for this task Host: Valentine didn’t waste any time; she started with her task right away Ate (big sis) Yes? Can you give me a little more time to write? How much time do you need? Give me ’til tomorrow morning I’ll be done, by the time you wake You sure that’s enough time? Yes It’ll be a good one Task’s a little bit challenging given time constraints Host: There’s not much I can do then Go! Hello Philippines Hello World! Hello Asia Hellerrrr! the previous day Valentine was given a task of writing a song depending on the theme she gets and she got “There’s no such thing as forever” Perfect for Singles and the ones who were deceived by their lovers This Valentine’s day If people like her song. her wish will come true. Host: Are you done writing? Tine: Yes Ate. Alright, go! ♪I used to believe in forever♪ ♪ just like you ♪ ♪ just like him♪ ♪just like them♪ ♪he even used to write me letters♪ ♪then he vanishes in thin air♪ ♪ It’s not that I’m bitter ♪ ♪ I just learned so I know better ♪ ♪ Even the word “Forever” itself ♪ ♪ Remove 3 letters from it and it’ll be “OVER” ♪ ♪ Weeks, months, years ♪ ♪ That’s not important to me ♪ ♪It’s okay if there’s no such thing as “Forever” ♪ ♪ Long as it’s “True” while we’re together ♪ ♪ It’s okay ♪ ♪It’s okay♪ ♪It’s okay if there’s no such thing as “Forever” ♪ ♪ Long as it’s “True” while we’re together ♪ Host: Did you guys like the song? Send YES to 2245 if you did Send NO to 2245 if you did not. Her wish is all up to you Vote already! Nay Geria: You all might think I’m bribing you with food No, I’m sincere but if you don’t vote for my daughter I’m taking it all back. Even if we don’t vote I’m sure everyone will like Ate Tine’s song. Silly. It’s better to be sure! Tay Juan: Hold on, before you take a bite Tay Juan: How many times have you voted?? Neighbor: 10 Tay Juan: keep voting!! Neighbor: alright then Neighbor: Can’t we eat first?
Adeng: Vote first before eating! and the textvotes results are already here! 91.3% yes 8.7% NO Host: Congratulations Valentine because you won this task!
Tine: Thanks Ate!! Tine: I got eyebags making that song Before I ask for my wish Tine(on TV): I’d just like to let you know that I’m volunteering out of the house Tay Juan: WHY?? Tine(onTV): ’cause there’s something I want to do that I can’t Tine: inside the house Tine: What’s happening Shhh Tine (onTV): and about my wish Shirly: Be quiet. She’s bout to say her wish! Oh okay okay is for my MBFFL Adeng to take my place in this house Oh my God! Oh my God!! ’cause.. it’s been her dream to be here that’s why that is my wish Adeng: I’m going inside the house!! Adeng: Oh my goodness Adeng: I’m so happy! My MBFFL ko is so kind! 🙁 I love you Tine! So much! I love you too!! Tay Juan: You’re here!! Tine: Nay!! Tayy!! Nay Geria: My baby ! Tay Juan: You surprised us! Tine: Look what happened to you Tay Juan: I choked, you surprised me Tine: All you do is eat! and eat! Nay Geria: I’m so happy you’re back Tine: I missed you guys! Nay Geria: We missed you too! Shirly: Ate did you bring us chocolates Tine: For what? Adeng: What chocolate? Did she come from abroad? Tay Juan: you think she’s a balikbayan(worker ovearseas, returning home) Adeng: oh my, Shirly: Why!? is it just Balikbayans who can bring home chocolates!? Tine: She’s got a point! Nay Geria: Aww, we’re so happy Shirly: Ate Tine’s back Adeng: Group hug!! Tay Juan: Group hug! Group hug! Tay Juan: Group hug! Group hug! Tay Juan: Group hug! Nay geria: I love you, baby Tine(on TV): I’d just like to let you know Tine(on TV): I’m volunteering out of the house What!? Tine (on TV): ’cause there’s something I want.. What a waste waste? a waste! It’s a waste! a waste! a waste!! a missed opportunity Shokshok: She’s a sure win
Boss Albert: It’s a waste.. Boss: You’re right ’cause the people really like her she could have won! We can have her take it back! No. You can’t take it back ’cause it’s already been aired right? it was shown on TV People already buzzed about this and it’s too late. Shokshok: Boss, I know what to do! Shokshok: What if we give her another project? you’re right, you’re right We will give her another project Boss albert: We’ll give her..
ShokShok: A movie!! Boss Albert: Yea a movie.
Shok Shok: A good movie Boss Albert: Ah yea yea. A movie, right ShokShok: A nice good movie people will be excited for That. I like that. I like that. Boss Albert: and of course in that movie Boss Albert: Let’s put her together
Shok Shok:put her together with famous celebrities Shok shok: a lot of them!
Boss Albert: right right. Shok Shok: so it gets talked about. rightttt!?
Boss Albert: Yes, right. right.. Boss Albert: Isn’t it a nice idea?? Shok Shok: I’m so good! Isn’t it a great idea? Boss Albert: right? right?
Shokshok: Yes. Shok shok: It’s so right! Boss Albert: ’cause that’s what I’m thinking too You keep cutting me off I was gonna say them You’re talking over me Alright then, I want movie ideas Next week. Any movie concepts, I want them Correct, right? Right! Hurrry! Shokshok: please stop Hurry! Valentine, Valentine, Valentine Tine: Sorry Boss! it’s ’cause I really didn’t want to be famous Sorry your face! and what are you saying you don’t want to be famous? You don’t want to be famous? huh? Tell me Boss Albert: You don’t want to be famous? You don’t? Then why did you sign with us! Sorry Boss! How can I make it up to you? what? Just whisper, don’t lick! Well Valentine, a simple way to make up for what you did This is Helga. The one and only sister of Hell boy She will be your handler and will be with you in all your events your shoots, endorsements everything. Huh? and I’m so happy for this and you should be happy too. ’cause you’re gonna be in the newest movie of DaLy. Huhh!!!? *knocking* Come in! You’re here, Valentine Director: At last, we can begin Director: So anyway, this film is about 2 sisters Director: Erin and Erica and about Franco that’s Erin’s boyfriend Director:Carly you are Erica. Director: Erin will be Valentine Director: Erin and Franco are together Director: Long distance relationship Director: ’cause you chose to work abroad. Director:Franco was going to follow and live there with you Director:but he got into an accident, had a case of amnesia Director: and because you can’t fly home because of your contract at work Director: Erica took care of Franco for you Director:and you know Director: they developed feelings for each other Director: They kept it a secret until you came home Director: and had a conflict Director: but in the end Erica and Erica’s love for each other fixes it ..and you will just let go and leave Franco to Erica Any clarifications? Any questions? Carly: Okay.. So Erin’s the antagonist. ’cause she’s the only reason why they can’t be together. right? There’s really no antagonist in this film DIrector: It’s just the situation Well anyway, anyway you guys have a day to study your scripts and get to know your characters. Dale: But Direk, Erica is the one that Franko is in-love with, right? Dale: So when Erin comes home she’ll just create problems Well I guess in you and Erica’s love story you could say that Erin will create problems but if it wasn’t for her there would be no movie Tine: I’m just here at a.. parking lot? yes, near. yes. *car horn Dale? Dale I’ve been wanting to speak to you I don’t want to talk about it I miss you Please, enough I don’t want to see you again Tine: I don’t understand why he’s so mean to me Tine: I’m not the one who broke up with him Shirly: Ate I feel that he’s scared of people to know about you guys it might ruin his career and we all know he got where he is because of having a love team. You’re right That’s his dream. He thinks I’m going to ruin it I’ll make him realize that’s not what I’m going to do. Ate.. what does “Realize” mean? Helga: Hi Valentine! Goodmorning! Tine: Goodmorning. welcome to your first shooting day Helga: let me get that for you Tine: You look sexy! Helga: Yea I know.. Get used to Celebrity life! Tine: This is it. Helga: Go! I’m excited for you! Carly: Good morning Valentine. Oh, I didn’t see you there. Goodmorning Carly! Make Up artist: Let’s begin the make up! Helga: I’ll leave her to you, I’ll come back Make Up Artist: There, so beautiful! I think you might have put too much Make Up Artist: No that’s just right when the light hits you. Helga: OMG! WHY IS YOUR MAKE UP LIKE THAT!? IT’S TOO MUCH! Make Up Artist: That’s just right when the light hits her Make Up Artist: That’s how it is in movie shoots Helga: You know, I have worked with so many artists! They never needed that much make up! It’s too much! Make Up Artist: Maybe those other artists didn’t need much make up. So you’re telling me that it’s okay for me to take a picture of her Post it on Facebook and tag you as the make up artist? that okay with you? Make Up Artist: okay, here, I’ll fix it. Helga: FIX IT Helga: HURRY. NOW. Hi Thank you How’s it going? heyy.. hey.. How’s your script reading? Tine what!? You know what, I don’t understand. I spoke to you in Tagalog when I broke up with you What is this? you still don’t understand? Was just thinking that maybe you were just mad. Dale: NOW YOU KNOW We’re over, we are done! and you’re doing all this for what?? I don’t understand what you’re doing! to prove to you that you don’t need to hide me from the world. Now, I’m gonna walk out on you Miss Valentine.. Just call me Tine Next time, bring a folding bed. shoots can take ’til the next morning. Yea I know, I just didn’t know. Sorry, I didn’t mention it to you. No that’s fine, it’s nothing Thank you.. ’bout the incident Don’t worry, it’s my job. Let’s go. Nay Geria: Anak? It’s late, why aren’t you sleeping yet? Okay, I’ll change the question, so you answer me Why are you still waking up?(intended wrong grammar) kidding, just trying to make you laugh Come here, Nay, Mh? when you found out Tatay was gay Why’d you still choose to love him? Uhm.. Anak first of all he loves you so much that’s what’s important to me, you know ’cause love… is not about what you get or what you receive it’s what you give. ’cause sometimes.. the situation is what makes it difficult for a person. But, Anak.. Don’t worry although things may be hard to fix It’s not the end of the world! right?? hey, give me a laugh you’re always emotional you should be like me, always happy silly Be happy, my child. Don’t cry anymore.. Fan: Carly! Carly! Can I take a picture??! Fan: Awwe, let’s take a picture with Valentine instead she’s so pretty Fan: Valentine’s better, she’s nice. Hey, you were gone earlier Direk said we’re doing sequence 47 Ahh, okay okay. Tine: Thank you.
Carly: Go study your lines Thank you Okay okay, it’s our first shoot today. Direk wants energy! let’s have good energy game Erica, it’s not wrong to love! But the man I love, my sister loves too! Carly: My sister is in-love with you! Ate? Erin.. Assistant Director: What is this! you did not study your lines! My goodness! Direk will get mad ’cause you’re not ready! My goodness, I know you’re new but don’t be like that! Study your lines! We’ve been shooting for a month, she’s never given Direk a beso Walang respect! Girl: Maybe she doesn’t know how to beso? Impossible! Her father is gay! I’m sure he taught her how to beso! Girl: huhh? her dad is gay?? Yes. and her paren’t still live together! Carly: What a weird setup Tine: Carly, what’s your problem? Tine: Are you insecure? that’s why you can’t stop being evil? Me? Evil? This is a Dale-Carly movie. You’re just here to save your career Careful with what you say You’re not in your territory. I didn’t do anything to you That’s why I don’t understand why you’re being so irritating It’s you who’s irritating He already left you, but you’re still bothering us Hey girls, stop! Someone is taking a video of you two Hello? Valentine what Boss needs to talk to you why? He’s really mad Go to the old office Okay, okay I’ll send you the address go, hurry. bye Carly(on the phone): You’re irritating Carly(on the phone): He already left you Carly(on the phone): but you’re still bothering us! Well isn’t this a perfect timing for you three. Just when we are to release a film That’s when you three are acting up I’m delaying the movie for 8 weeks Maybe that’s enough time so your heads cool off Boss Albert: You are going to make me go crazy I will arrange a press conference. and Carly, Valentine, you two are going to make up in front of many people. okay? ..and Dale You need to tell them that you and Valentine are still friends even after the break and that it’s been 6 months and you’ve moved on. Clear? Yes Boss. Carly, Dale.. you may leave Valentine, stay. Valentine, sweetheart, listen to me. You have to remember They won’t lose anything. to Carly and Dale and you know why I’m delaying the movie.. I am delaying the movie for you People have to like you. Boss Albert: So behave Just be good and don’t waste all the effort of the company for you okay? Thank you. Tine! Oh? Helga Do you already have a glam team for the banquet? Glam team? Pixie white You have a visitor Is this Valentine? Is this banquet really important? Of course dear! It’s a party We’re gonna show off your long shiny gown and 6″ heels and your beautiful face Helga, I don’t really go to parties It’s just for one night O come on Just give us a chance Guest: Oh no Ma’am Ma’am Are you okay? Let me help you Tine: I’m fine Tine: Where’s the toilet? Over there Excuse me ma’am May I have a photo with you? Good evening ladies and gentlemen let me interrupt you just for a minute because right now we’re about to make your night more exciting You look beautiful Host: star of the night goes to Host: Ms. Valentine Cardenas Waiter: yes! Host: congratulations Tine: Thank you Host: congratulations once again star of the.. Carly: excuse me Hello everyone I’d just like to share this very beautiful moment that Dale and I have to tell all of you Dale asked me to be his girlfriend and I said YES! Thank you Tay: Anak (daugther) didn’t you come from a party? so what’s with the long face? I’m just missing Adeng It’s bad to lie My head just hurts That’s all? Just keep in mind your father’s always here for you You can talk to me anytime I know that Tay: it’s getting late you should rest Tine: in a while Good night Ate If I will be an animal I will be… a cat! Word’s going around that you have a headache ♪ whiteflower theme song ♪ Nay: think I’d make a good endorser you need help? It’s alright, I can do it if only this cured heartbreaks too finally made you laugh better keep that smile on don’t try to stop it Anak (daugther) one day you’ll find the right one sure? sure Adeng: I’m back! I missed you Nay: Adeng, come over here are the scenes in PBB scripted or not? Adeng: they’re real Why’s the birthday girl looking sad? it’s just that… it’s been exactly a year since Dale and I broke up Pixie white: huh? He broke up with you on your birthday? Dear, it’s not your loss look at you now people are lining up to be with you what they don’t know is that you’re not only beautiful you’re more than what meets the eye don’t flatter me I might start to think you have a crush on me Pixie White: you’re not exactly my type I’m running late for my interview Thank you Welcome Take care Good luck! Organizer: kindly wait here Dale: okay, thank you Hi Tine Hi Tine I know I hurt you but I hope you know that… I didn’t mean to hurt you I just didn’t want others to find out about us and for that I’m sorry I pray that one day you’ll learn to forgive me I’m slowly learning to understand maybe not now but… one day I’ll be okay I hope so… I’ll go ahead Tine Tine, happy birthday Thank you Think we took the wrong route let him drive he’s the driver this is the wrong way just relax you’ll need energy Tine: what are we doing here? You were asleep we were suddenly called for an interview Tine: what interview? Helga: this! SURPRISE! Happy birthday we love you Valentine When I grow up I want to be just like you I’m your number one fan sometimes we tend to fixate on our problems we forget that even problems have a purpose we forget about those who care for us we forget that heartaches are part of life alongside happiness and love and when something is taken from you something better will be given that’s life How will you learn the true meaning of happiness without coming to know sadness? I’m Valentine Tine for short and my life is full of love just like my name.


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