Hannity: Whistleblower lawyer is a Trump-hater


100 thoughts on “Hannity: Whistleblower lawyer is a Trump-hater”

  • Surely my fellow Republicans don't want to be in the position of condoning Trump's conspiracy with a foreign power to damage the integrity of our federal elections, right?

  • Who cares id he is a Trump hater? Did he make any false allegations? All of the evidence including testimonies from witnesses have corroborated his allegations. Even Trump’s own chief of staff admitted it on national television

  • alastair knowles says:

    ERIC CIARAMELLA is his name.
    ERIC CIARAMELLA is his name.
    ERIC CIARAMELLA is his name.
    ERIC CIARAMELLA is his name.
    ERIC CIARAMELLA is his name.
    ERIC CIARAMELLA is his name.
    ERIC CIARAMELLA is his name.
    ERIC CIARAMELLA is his name.

    TREASON is his game.



  • I watch this and unfortunately there will be NO action whatsoever. Today in Yahoo news they had a large photo of Rudy Giuliani stating that he was instructed by Trump to force Ukraine into gathering dirt on Trump. Why is it I don't trust that story? I can tell you why… Even if Trump was Christ they plan on removing him by the end of this month or soon after. Infowars said this fake impeachment would happen the day Trump was elected and less than 6 months ago said it would happen sometime in this month or shortly after even BEFORE these allegations surfaced. Judicial Watch has done nothing but expose these snakes only to have the state department along with Mr "Fix-It" man Attorney General Barr block their efforts to expose this corruption. I never trusted Barr and I too called him as being part of the problem. Hey America go back to worshiping your athletes because you have already lost your country and due to the lack of your actions you deserve the country you now have and if you think things are bad now you haven't seen nothing yet.

  • This is the worst defence of Trµmp by insHannity ever, now the lawyer of the whistle-blower is the cause of this being a witch-hunt ?.

  • A liberal lawyer that hates Trump and that would lie about it… I'M TOTALLY SHOCKED ! NOT ! Please Sean try to tell me something I don't know.

  • Even criminals who rat on others with credible allegations can be valuable key witnesses in criminal proceedings. The intent of the messenger doesn't matter if the allegations against Trump are true! Many witnesses are testifying to their truth.

  • This man is deranged. And by this man I mean Hannity. He spent wanna lose his in with the president, wonder what money or favors he gets in exchange for his crazy spin.

  • It's obvious that trump is guilty…but y'all want to know who is the whistle blower?..we are a nation of laws unless it's trump breaking them….trumptards in denial

  • We will get rid of Trump, 100% fact. We will do it calmly and successfully. November 2020. Everyone knows Trump has corrupted the GOP and the DOJ, so impeachment will not happen.

  • the whistleblower is moot, we have all the evidence we need
    I do not care if the whistleblower hates the trump personally
    he is guilty of bribery, of treason to this nation, and there is nothing you ignorant trumpanzies can do about it, nothing, you are weak, you are cowards, we own your kind… watch it burn traitors, your kind will never matter again

  • This is a huuuge blow to the democrat attempts to make this coupeachment legitimate. The person leading the impeachment investigation (shady Schiff) , recommends a seditious lawyer who is openly advocating treason to be the whistleblower's counsel? This is insane.

  • Anyonecaught OUTING A WHISTLEBLOWER should be arrested ,locked up immediately and HUNG AS A TRAITOR TO THE UNITED STATES……..This includes FAKE NEWSMEN What is Trump's lawyer telling himnow????? Run,Forrest, run

  • If a potential whistleblower becomes aware of an assassination attempt against ANY president what should he-or she do?
    Just wondering…

  • Sooo, the whistleblower is a CIA plant whose a registered demonrat and his lawyer is a pedophile. Sounds like a real legit process the Democrats r undertaking…

  • Kevin O’Brien says:

    Excuses, Excuses, Excuses, everyone is always out to get Treasonous Trump. Everyone who opposes him is a lier, a traitor, a Democrat lover. With all the evidence against TT, with all his Documented Lies, with all his Immorality, and with all his Corruption have you wondered ? maybe TT is one horrible president? Or do you just double down on self delusion?

  • If it’s a hit job then why are all of the involved, respected, life long public servants corroborating everything in the report? And it is exactly in line with the transcript. Shame on you Hannity. You are the real traitor!

  • Being a Trump hater doesn't make anything he did wrong or incorrect. Discrediting people with contrary outlooks doesn't make or prove their outlook wrong or incorrect. The educated on arguments call that a bad argument.

  • Speak only facts says:

    h what the administration is doing now is rearranging the deck furniture on the Titanic.  Dementia 45 is going down slowly at the bow. Still time to get in a lifeboat people.

  • ?? bring back the fairness in reporting act. Then it's news or opinion and would have to be labeled. ?? stop the communist news networks

  • Should the DOJ demand arrests and disbarment?. Should DOJ start reviewing the Insurrection Act?
    This is an open case of treason by Demotraitors!

  • Wayne Broadbent says:

    Trump made 16 of the 50 false claims at his campaign rally in Mississippi. He made 11 on Twitter.
    The most egregious false claims: On the whistleblower
    The whistleblower who complained about Trump's Ukraine-related behavior has been the primary target of his multi-front effort to rewrite the reality of the story.
    Just last week, Trump said on three more occasions that the whistleblower's account of his phone call with the president of Ukraine was "sooo wrong" and "very inaccurate" (in fact, the rough transcript Trump released proved the whistleblower's account was highly accurate); that the whistleblower "has disappeared" (no); and that Democrat Adam Schiff was, somehow, the one to "pick" the whistleblower (also no).DUMP TRUMP HE LIES HE SPREADS FAKE NEWS WITH THE HELP OF FOX

  • This is News ? Breaking News ? Everyone already knew this was the case , Sheeeeeesh , it has been from the beginning , An (Establishment Attempted Coup)

  • Ha republicans are so inconsistent, it's acceptable to impeach Obama with no evidence but when there is witness testimony, texts, and admission from the president and his staff it's perfectly acceptable and there is nothing to see XD you people are living in 1984… it's disturbing.

  • At this point, Donald Trump has admitted to all the facts, released the official WH summary, the House's witnesses (other than the whistleblower) have corroborated Trump's quid pro quo transaction with President Zelensky under oath, and there is no factual dispute. The whistleblower's identity and testimony are cumulative and unnecessary. The only question left is whether 19 more Republican Senators are going to put their country before their cult leader Trump.

  • Christian Willadsen says:

    Just thinking out loud:
    ~In my mind a Whistleblower is someone without a vengeance agenda that sees a problem with Fraud, Waste, or abuse and immediately reports the issue through proper channels.
    ~A Spy & Traitor is someone with advanced pre-meditation, advanced deliberate planning, with absolute intention of causing deliberate harm, grevious harm, and/or disruption through advanced pre-planned covert/overt actions or speech. By advanced agenda using any means available. Such as deception, Fraud, Perjury, planting false evidence, spreading perjured rumours.
    ~Spies & Traitors are not Whistleblowers. They are treacherous criminals.

  • Daniel Schaeffer says:

    Everything in the complaint has been backed up by testimony from Vindman and Sondlen, both of whom are Trump appointees. Stop the lies.

  • lifeisawar zone says:

    one thing i have noticed about people with money, actually two things, one they have no humility and one they have no shame i think that generally speaking wealthy people in america fit well and snugly into this sterotype

  • Thomas Griffiths says:

    the lawyer who's representing this whistleblower was the same lawyer who represented whistleblowers in the Benghazi case so Hannity's a moron.

  • Suprise… Trump has a LOT of haters… he's a despicable man… what do you expect? Byebye Trump 2020… quid pro Quo = bribery/extortion



  • Sounds like conspiracy to over throw the President. Weren't the conspiracy statutes crafted to take down the Mob? I hope they use this law to take them down. Not just these low hanging fruit, but all the way to the top!!! Cut the head off the snake!!!

  • GET A LIFE!!!!! You don't need a whistleblower, It's all out in the open, The President did WRONG!!!! How dare He !!!!!! shame on all of YOU!!!!!!

  • Trump became president based on the 2016 election and everybody accepts that. But if he performs his job in a corrupt manner, e.g. by asking a foreign leader to help him in the next election, than he has to be removed from office. No two ways about it.

  • Hannity is the biggest fake in the whole of the fake news world. Everything that comes out of his mouth is nothing more then White House propaganda.

  • Try to keep up Sean , The Whistleblower ain't of any significant anymore , there has been so many witnesses , even Mick Mulvaney admitted, Quid pro Quo, Get over it !

  • Foghorn Leghorn says:

    The whistle blowers account has been corroborated by 4 different people. The whistle blower means nothing at this point. Worry about something that matters, like Trump extorting Ukraine.

  • Interesting Comment says:

    ZAID is no different than Schiff, Pelosi, Waters, Nader, Green; they are all committing seditious acts. Even if they don't get Trump impeached, their attempts are criminal. Who will indict them? When will this turn to an investigation of the real criminals?

  • everyone hates trump, and you hannity..after trump is gone you are next, we will repeal and replace your butt face. unles you start cooking and never ever talk politics in your miserable life.

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