Hannity: What have Dems done to improve Americans’ lives since Trump?


100 thoughts on “Hannity: What have Dems done to improve Americans’ lives since Trump?”

  • Mitt romney has had enough w your lies. But Hannity i will pray everyday God shuts you up forever so you can understand God hates your sinning

  • They have wasted tax payers money at it highest and blame the American people for it because Nancy says they are smarter than the American People.

  • Ask Moscow Mitch how many bills passed by the house are sitting on his desk…

    Then talk about who's not doing anything for the country.

  • Europe: The STUPIDITY!!!! of Trumptards is behond! belief!
    Dumb and Dumber look Einsteins compared to you!
    Did any of you ever finished kindergarten?????
    or is kindergarten your university education????

  • Romney infuriates and disgust me. As a member of the Mormon religion I feel he has betrayed us by his behavior when it comes to supporting our laws and constitution. His inability to deal with his own jealousy of Trump not just winning the nomination but also becoming President followed by a level success that it would be hard for anyone to exceed, thus ensuring that it will be Trump who will be recognized in history of one of our greatest Presidents and not him, even should he ever be elected President (something I suspect will never happen because of how he has behaved)


  • Watch her sign the impeachment. She is absolutely giddy. But this is a somber day. Oh be sure to keep your mementos of Nancy's name on the pens. Oh, how sad!

  • GOP leads almost all Poorest 15 States – the lowest median incomes in the country: Many are clustered in Appalachia, the South, and the Midwest. Missouri, Nevada, Tennessee, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Florida, Maine, Kentucky, Alabama, North Carolina, Arkansas, New Mexico, West Virginia, Louisiana, Mississippi….MAGA? LOL – tired of wining yet?

  • Dems passed the USMCA… AFTER they gutted the Pharmaceutical industry Patent protection. …nice.
    Oh… And Pelosi is a Scumbag!

  • Tax cuts for the rich
    …don’t trickle down
    Slashing regulations
    …doesn’t create jobs
    Restricting immigration
    …doesn’t help workers
    Preemptive military strikes
    …don’t bring peace

    Folks, we’ve seen this all before.

    -China agrees to buy $50B of agricultural products this year.
    -That's a gain of $29B from before Trump tariffs.
    -Trump tariffs have cost U.S. farmers $11B.
    -U.S. taxpayers have spent $28B on emergency payouts to farmers.
    -So loss to U.S. is $39B.

    You do the math… oops, Drumpf-supporters are going to need help with that part!

  • I think Dems have made Americans realize that no one in the government is going to enforce any laws against them and they are basically going to get away with anything they do. Which gives us a clear path to exercise our Second Amendment rights. So in a way it's a blessing in disguise. Thank you, founding fathers, for your insight on corrupt government and giving us a legal right to get rid of it.

  • If the economy is doing so well, why can't I find a job. I don't have any stock, 401k, etc. I am homeless with no assets. The only thing I have is two degrees: Mathematics and Physics. Make America Great Already, I'm waiting.

  • I feel like there was a deal with China that they sign the deal and we get disarmed. Why else is there such a huge gun grab going on!? We have the right to bear arms and it shall not be infringed!

  • Zaneta Horvatovavavarenzanetavndor says:


  • They tried to give us healthcare but the republicans don't think Americans deserve it. All the conflicts we are in now are all because of Republicans. So tell me what have the republicans done

  • Zaneta Horvatovavavarenzanetavndor says:


  • 柯羽书Inge Van Keirsbilck says:

    They didn't do anything for decent, law-abiding citizens of other countries, either, but then they are only interested in siding with terrorists and those who break the law. And I Pelosi is so sad, why is she wearing bright colours?

  • i can`t help but compare what`s taking place in our govt. to a bunch of self centered children , in an out of control elementary school. wanting recess to be all day long. then the new PRINCIPAL TRUMP comes out and proclaims RECESS IS OVER TIME TO COME INSIDE SO I CAN TEACH YOU HOW THIS COUNTRY SHOULD BE RUN. and all the dumbocrats do is fall on the grass and throw a temper tantrum LIKE A BUNCH OF BIG BABIES , DOING ANYTHING TO AVOID DOING SOMETHING PRODUCTIVE . THEY NEED TO SIT DOWN SHUT UP AND LISTEN, WHILE THEY WERE OUT PLAYING TRUMP WAS BUSY MAKING AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!!!!!!! AND FOR BEING ABSENT FOR SO LONG THERE IS GOING YO BE LOTS OF HOMEWORK THE DUMBOCRAT PARTY IS OVER . SO GET TO WORK . OR THE AMERICAN PEOPLE WILL PUT YOU OUT OF WORK…….

  • Zaneta Horvatovavavarenzanetavndor says:


  • She wore her best imPEACHment colored dress. What a shameless way of trying to dupe the American people. She's not sad, she's been looking forward to this day for the last 3+ years.

  • Extortion, emolument grifting, GAO ‘s (non partisan)report, obstruction, ignoring subpoenas , witness intimidation, nah… not much there. How long can Congress be obtuse to their oaths, the constitution and of laws. How long, either Rep or Dem disregard or condone and swallow this tweeter in chief’s criminality & amoral behavior.

  • Having Comey give lecture on ethics is like having Nancy Peloney led an AA meeting. Ii will be so glad to see him go all the way down fired from director of the FBI was just a good start… federal prison will be the best end for he and his corrupt cabal

  • Kathleen Blachere says:

    Ask Moscow Mitch…everything is buried on his desk. Faux News…entertainment for the undiscerning. Now…let's talk about how they were tracking Yovanovich's physical movements.

  • Jason McElholum says:

    What's going to happen to trump's filthy offspring once he is removed and hopefully jailed? Nobody knows what Ivanka and Jared actually do. Another mystery in the myriad of deceptions, lies, corruption and fraudulent behavior of the U.S's Supreme leader. The thieving assholes got off lightly when they saw money destined for others and stole it. The expression needs to be changed. It is no longer 'like father, like son'. It is now 'like father, like son, like daughter, like daughter's husband, like any shady low life'.

  • Pinociosi is the beggest liar I've ever seen and heard. The joy on her face when signing the bogus articles of impeachment and handing out the souvenir pens was such a somber and prayerful time. Give me a break!!! If Pinociosi had to pay back the millions the Dems wasted, that truly would be a somber moment with crocodile tears.

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  • "What have Dems done to improve Americans' lives".
    They lost the election to Trump in 2016 and they're going to lose it again in 2020, that all they've done to improve Americans' lives.

  • As a Brit. living on the other side of the pond, I can't believe how stupid the Dems. have been in drawing attention to themselves – always let sleeping dogs sleep.

  • The duped and their leader. Fox is the trump propaganda network. Hannity and tucker are your teachers and you’ve been led right where intended. As if trumps actions are just fine Not in America do we allow corruption and fixing of elections. U people aren’t Americans. Ur perfect for Russia

  • I don't think Mitt Romney is a true Republican. Mitt is a member of the party he felt would be the esiest to be elected to.

  • Mordorian Queen says:

    Pelosi's dementia riddled mind is visible for all to see. The Donkey, the symbol for the Democrats, needs to give each and every one of them a good swift kick in the head.

  • Isnt it weird how trump hires his own unqualified children for postions in the white house but if someone else does the same thing its wrong and should be investigated??🤔🤔

  • George Stephenson says:

    Dems have impeached a crook, liar and conman…so shut the pie hole creepy newsboy Hannity.
    Trump put on tariffs and then takes them off and claims victory. heiis a nothingburger. such a failure…such an embarrassment

  • In truth we trust says:

    What, "Shammity"
    What "Americans" ?
    Those in south or central ? Or Canada ?
    Answer is Not a thing….
    Nor has tRump improved the lives of many US citizens, unless you take into account those with a lot of money, much like yourself….

  • Those who believe absurdities will commit atrocities says:

    Trump has done nothing but golf, lie, and rage tweet. He merely inherited Obama's great recession recovery economy.

  • There all pissed because a real business man is doing what he promised to the American People. No double talk just action.

  • Those who believe absurdities will commit atrocities says:

    Despite the president’s B.S. economic gaslighting, the National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER) recently confirmed that “U.S. tariffs continue to be almost entirely borne by U.S. firms and consumers,” according to a Tuesday report from the New York Times.

  • Annamarie Spoelstra says:

    Who's this creep? Uhm sorry havent been around (busy saving the planet, as you do right) who is this Guy? That hair…, that face… is that make up? No one can look that creepy right? 😳 did he escape?! 😳 your police will get him right?! No one could be that ugly… right…? 😳 he's probably sick… you will need to help him 😞 the words coming out of his mouth are very sick too… he needs help Thats obvious… poor guy… Comey I like, now Thats a very handsome Guy ❤️😍

  • Those who believe absurdities will commit atrocities says:

    Hannity’s website ranked among the top 10 shared by the network of Twitter accounts linked to Russian influence campaigns and tracked by the nonpartisan Alliance for Securing Democracy on its national security project, the Hamilton 68 dashboard.

  • What have Dems done to improve Americans' lives since Trump? Nothing but waste tax payer dollars and serve their own agenda.

  • What are signs that someone is an idiot?
    17 Answers
    Answered Jul 24 2018
    Originally Answered: What are the Signs of stupidity?
    Lack of basic knowledge- a north american not knowing where south america is on a map compared to north america
    Slow to gain understanding of math/ science/ english/history concepts
    Slow to gain understanding of things which other people assume to be common sense:
    doesn’t know interrupting conversations is rude/awkward
    may come off as “awkward” “weird” or “strange” in social settings
    fails to think actions through
    cannot fathom how others seem to understand things they can’t so quickly and easily
    fails to problem-solve in day-to-day things which all cause them to..
    get embarrassed/misunderstood by the people around them
    knows they are slower if surrounded by smarter peers

    These apply to all tRUMP supporters!!! and hANNITY as well.

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