100 thoughts on “Hannity: Trump economy more prosperous than Canada”

  • Pelosi…and as a Catholic I don’t hate….but I support abortion….does not sound very Catholic…. what a weirdo hypocrite

  • If truth be known, if not for the red hot state of the US economy, Canada's economy would be in the dumper. When you catch a cold, we get pneumonia…….PS Say G'bye Joe…..

  • ThaYoutubeBigWig says:

    Republicans are treasonous traitors,like Hitlers followers,will go down in history as ending the constitution,Republicans worship Trump more than a god,Trump will go down in History as impeached,republicans will be standing outside with their dicks in the air

  • Ultimate butt hurt dude lol

    Hannity:"don't worry daddy I'll make fun of him! No one makes fun of you!

    Trump:teriffic stupendous

  • ThaYoutubeBigWig says:

    Fox News is Republibillys state tv,every announcer for Fox scared not to kiss Trumpty s nuys,they have too ,to keep their jobs,Hannity would drag a cross for his king trump,they starting too look alike,Hannity worship and protect Trumpty,

  • ThaYoutubeBigWig says:

    Today’s poem

    Hannity is a oderous shopper

    His mouth run faster than a helicopter

    Yap yap yap for no reason

    He only committing treason

    Only reporting is lies

    Think he will never stop kissing trumpys nuys

  • ThaYoutubeBigWig says:

    Today’s poem

    Hannity is a oderous shopper

    His mouth run faster than a helicopter

    Yap yap yap for no reason

    He only committing treason

    Only reporting is lies

    Think he will never stop kissing trumpys nuys

  • Marcus McIntyre says:

    Finally, even left wing media is getting excited about the facts. Let's hope more of them start waking up – dishonest Sleepy Joe Biden won't, here's still trying to figure out what city he's in.

  • If they did not do the jobs they were hired to do should be fired and forced to pay back earnings from the taxpayers. We deserve the truth and stop the fake news.

  • Socialism and Socialized healthcare is so utterly destructive that even when Canada doesn't need to pay for their own military and has America taking care of the majority of things they'd have to pay for on their own, they still can't manage to keep a better economy than America when we actually have a president willing to improve our economy instead of destroying it or keeping the seat warm for the next Democrat to come in and carry on where the last Democrat left off. I used to like GWBush, but now I realize that he was one of our worst presidents. I cannot thank Christ Jesus enough that Jeb Bush never got anywhere close to the nomination. Not that he would have won. He would have handed the nation over to Hillary on a silver platter.

  • The stupidity of left wing voters free-world-wide in voting for clearly self-destructive policies will be one of the reasons that catapults America into even higher economic successes. People like Trudeau and Macron are intentionally crippling their own economies. If that Le Pen had won, then we wouldn't gain economically on France's stupidity, but she didn't, so we will. Not that I don't support the yellow vests. I do. I believe every nation should fight to make their nation the best. I'm just stating reality. Trump couldn't have happened at a better time.

  • Captain Kell Walker says:

    Everybody forgets that Obama's watch when the Russians & the Ukraine's were spying on Mr. Trump as he was then. You need to remind people that the Mueller investigation was all about Mr. Trump when it was Obama's watch that should have been investigated.

  • One tiny bit of good news from Canada: Trudeau finally had to sack the lunatic Chrystiya Freeland as Foreign Minister because apparently there was no more damage for her to cause. Now somebody please sack her boss.

  • Some people have been in politics for way to long thier Hanity listen let me ask you a question how can someone win at a poker game every single hand ? They dont they cheat just like they been doing all along to the election process it's been rigged for years thiers the real story I think about the voter fruad that went on during the 2016 election in Florida weare one individual was holding back votes that she dint like

  • Brotherj22 Stops says:

    Biden speaking to an elderly belittling him , could have said that's not true sir .That was aggression on high disgusting . in most people's book o no not cnn . The would no doubt have a luny sentence for this.

  • So creepy, immoral, dishonest little joe says he will get things done. Well he's been around for some 40 years and "great success" has never been attached to his pitiful name. JUST GO AWAY JOE!!!!!!!!

  • Interesting that Dems tried to block a Catholic judge appointment but now Pelosi invokes her Catholic religion to claim she has no hate in her heart. What a disgusting lying hypocrite she is!

  • Love it Harvard exposed by Professor at hearing as if Warren hasn't exposed it bias`s enough. Just goes to show the value of Harvard's corruption and lack of honesty. MY OPINION.

  • Has-Been Hannity seems to thinks that NATO countries economies have something to do with World Leaders and 99.999% of the population of the world believe Trump is a JOKE.

    What he's saying:

    "You can’t wash your hands, practically, there’s so little water comes out of the faucet. And the end result is you leave the faucet on and it takes you much longer to wash your hands.  You end up using the same amount of water."
    "You turn on the faucet; you don’t get any water.  They take a shower and water comes dripping out.  It’s dripping out — very quietly dripping out…They end up using more water.  So, EPA is looking at that very strongly, at my suggestion."

  • Hannity's FOX HATE THE TRUTH

    US economic growth slowed in the third quarter, but beat some economists' expectations of a bigger contraction.

    The Commerce Department data put GDP growth at 1.9% during the three months, ahead of the 1.6% predicted.

    Consumer spending held up better than expected, offsetting a fall in business investment and lower public spending.

    But the growth was still the slowest for 2019, and comes hours before the Federal Reserve is due to make its latest interest rate announcement.

    GDP growth in the previous quarter – the three months to end-June – was just below 2%. In 2018, the US economy grew by 3.4% in the third quarter.

    The Trump administration's trade war with China has eroded business confidence, while the fading stimulus from last year's $1.5tn tax cut package is also casting a shadow on the expansion.

  • This sham impeachment inquiry is just a waste of time and taxpayers' money, and is polarizing the community for the wrong reasons. It is now very evident that the Democrats don't believe in democracy, rule of law, the constitution, better trade deals with other countries, or the betterment of lives of American families. They just want to nullify the votes of the American people who elected Pres. Trump as their Commander-in-Chief and bring down the Trump administration by any means necessary, so they can hold on to power and continue with their corrupt and evil deeds. They are so obsessed with discrediting POTUS that they have forgotten entirely to work for the interests of the American people, i.e. working for the ratification of the USMCA, much needed legislation to bring down cost of prescription drugs, repair our old and crumbling infrastructure, reform our defective immigration laws, attract more investments in agriculture, manufacturing, mining, commercial shipping, create more jobs for the American people , reduce homelessness and poverty, improve water and forest management, combat deforestation, and increase education and training programs for the future jobs of the 21st century and beyond. POTUS has rightfully branded them DO NOTHING DEMOCRATS. So it’s time for Pres. Trump to go on offense after staying on defense for almost 3 years. The debunked “Russia-Trump collusion” delusion and the related obstruction of justice claim (which cost us around $35 million of taxpayers’ dollars), the illegal Spygate (Crossfire Hurricane), and this current tyrannical and undemocratic impeachment inquiry (which is really a kangaroo court Soviet Union style) are really a coordinated COUP D'ETAT against Pres. Trump by the Democrats (led by Nancy Pelosi, Adam Schiff and Jerry Nadler), the Deep State (rogue elements of the CIA, DNI, DOJ, FBI, NSC and State Dept.) and the “fake news” corrupt mockingbird media who propagate Democrats' talking points in their news casting and commentaries. These co-conspirators should be brought to justice and tried for TREASON and/or SEDITION.

  • Trump's trade war is working China’s trade balance for November stood at US$38.73 billion, down from US$42.91 billion in October. China buys from other countries now and sells less to America which means america has to buy from others countries and pay more or go without.

  • Evening Ocean Sky says:

    Hannity said it right at the very end of that video as well "Get rid of trump… GET THEIR POWER BACK" ok. good. well said.

  • Trudeau will never do anything good for Canada. The liberals are too stupid to see that. Thanks you socialist idiots for voting him back in.

  • Dear Friends of Fox: is the stock market more important for you than
    your health care, the education of your children or a sound environment?
    How many millions have you invested? As much as millionaire hannity?

  • Dear Friends of Fox: is the stock market more important for you than
    your health care, the education of your children or a sound environment?
    How many millions have you invested? As much as millionaire hannity?

  • Prime Feminister Trudeau and his bought-off media are telling Canadians that his policies have created the best economy EVER!

  • any sane person who votes for the do nothing democrat party deserve to be out of a job .. because look back say 10 years and research what they did for the U.S.A. nothing .. but the democrats voted in done great millions in the bank.. how did that happen.. dirty deals ..that TRUMP stood up and said who signed these deals off. DEMOCRATS THATS WHO .. TRUMP 2020.

  • Idiots
    Equals = IOWA
    the semior club for Quid pro Joe the no malarkey show.
    just goes to show Americans how ridiculous, pompous & bombastic
    Joe Biden is. His history speaks gor itself, he knows all about cockroaches. Just ask him.

  • It was all recorded and shown on TV why isn't Joe already behind bars.The US Marshall should walk in to Joe's office and slap on the handcuffs.He has probable cause It is all on video of him bragging about withholding Ukrainian aid if the prosecutor isn't Fired within 6 hrs

  • Trudeau is in lock step with the globalists and he will continue to bring the country it’s knees by ruining the economy and front-loading as much financial burden on the people as he possibly can! Follow the money trail, it leads right back to his own pocket!

  • many people in construction and farming are paid under the table, cash, just imagine how low the unemployment rate really is!

  • bloomburg has transitioned from a somewhat troubled rich guy to a meddling socialist. seems the more money he has, the nuttier he gets. self-destructive? GIVE IT ALL AWAY!

  • Cmon Man! I’m corrupt as Hell and how dare you even try to question me about it!
    I’m untouchable! -Joe Biden

    We can’t take another 4 years of this! -Bloomberg

    We can’t take another 4 years years of a Roaring Economy and Stock Market? Apparently Bloomberg and Biden live in another are Reality than we do.

    In their Reality, Up is Down, Weak is Might, Black means White and Wrong is Right!
    I didn’t understand it before but now I get it!

    Cmon Man! Get with the Program!
    Says Creepy Sleepy Bleedy Eyed Touchy Feely Joe Biden!
    These Democrats are Nuts 🥜!

  • Soy Boy Trudeau's Canadian "peoplekind" are suffering 5.9% unemployment. It's way worse in the Maritime Provinces which are at this point mere welfare clients of the Western oil producing provinces.

  • Dan Hollingsworth says:

    The swamp…how many of Trump's people are in prison now? Secondly, Trump should be careful about attributing the economy to his actions because the economy is always cyclical.

  • HATEme CuzIMtrue says:

    That's why old and corrupt idiots shouldn't be allowed to be career politicians. If you can't stay awake inn a congressional hearing then it's time to retire.
    Does it make anyone curious what happens when they're off camera. They're probably using the usmca bill as a pillow. Or wiping tre drool of of their cheeks with classified intelligence documents.

  • Biden actually said to "let him go" & keep talking when a lackey tried to grab the mic. Later, Dementia Joe accused the speaker of refusing to shut up! So, Joe continues to lie, & only accepts like-minded free speech.

  • I know more than most people know, i can get things done. Like getting my dead beat son a job on a foreign oil company making millions by leveraging a billion tax payer dollars.

  • The fact that Biden also continues to stutter, misspeak, forget and slur words is also concerning for the majority of voters who want a candidate who is obviously healthy and able to take on the hardest job in the country.

  • As usual, Putin's paid Russian trolls are here posting and pimping from their Russian troll farms for Comrade Trumpinov.
    Comrade Donald 2020 — the Kremlin's choice!

  • As a voter, it makes me question if Joe is in the right state of mind to even be working. Can he be trusted to lead the country when he mixes up Vermont and New Hampshire?

  • Hannity and the others on FOX NEWS has got the PRESIDENTS BACK. Let's take a look at THE SQUAD AND NANCY PELOSI, SADLER the one that is sleeping in these testimonials last week. Let's take AOC she has got to be the CEO OF THE KOTEX COMPANIES reason is she has got to soak up all the B.S. IN WASHINGTON D.C.😉.

  • The Globalists and Deep State will NOT tolerate this. I fear Trump will be taken out. God Bless and protect this President.

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