100 thoughts on “Hannity: Trump calls Pelosi a ‘third-rate politician’”

  • Pelosi belongs in a mental hospital. Vote all the Democrats out of our Congress, they have done nothing since winning back the House of Representatives. We are paying their salaries and are getting nothing in return — Taxation Without Representation — sound familiar. Trump 2020 KAG!!!!

  • The entire Democratic party are 3rd rate politicians. In my 65 years I have never seen such a collection of crooks, clowns and incompetents as the democratic party has amassed. There truly is not one of them with a competent element among them.

  • Well said, Sean. Family's are torn apart in these wars. I know this..if I'm gonna lose a loved one in some barbaric country, it better be FOR SOMETHING! Thank you, Mr Hannity, for your unflinching words on our behalf.

  • What I understand they were 50 people there and they were on advisory only. Whatever remaining troops that were not taken out of Syria by Obama.Perhaps you had forgotten to mention that.We’re there for advisory purposes only.

  • I hate you hannity…..your a disgusting liar 🤥 what you have done to my family is unforgivable! And I hope you rot in hell!

  • Stephanie Modkins says:

    Thank you SH for further assisting to divide U.S. citizens for the sake of money. Trump and his family use tax dollars to obtain Chinese patents, fill up their (once) failing hotels, pay off Russian debts with favors to Putin and YOU help by painting them as innocent victims. I previously didn't care that opinion hosts such as yourself promote propaganda. Now, I see how dangerous it is because otherwise decent people believe your misinformation.

  • Hannity you have pull at FOX news so rid the network of Juan Williams, Chris Wallace and thank God Shepard Smith is gone, he was a real loser but lets make FOX news the best and DUMP Juan Williams and Chris Wallace.

  • I've Got Cateyes *** says:

    The 9 out of 11 Ohio voters (ridiculous poll participation) are concerned about issues that obviously haven't been addressed for them yet

  • I am the Whistle blower and I have been silently protesting and I have been here this whole time my tent has no roof on it you can look for yourself are the grace and mercy of God open your eyes dude is Judge got away with murdering my grandson and I will testify to the entire case you want to know anyting ask me I'll tell you you know my number 559-836-6424

  • On the Satan thing Isn't that the Other Way around?? You Bet Ya on this one!! I Stand Firm on this one these Leftist Socialist Maggots Have a Weird Look about Them!! The Tyrants is so within Our Own Government it's not Out of Question!! GOD BLESS AMERICA 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸💥💥💥💥Never Give up Nor Ever Give In!! We the People are Being Fleeced!! WAKE UP AND SMELL THE THERE SOCIALIST STINK!!

  • that was all staged by pelosi and schumer!! i still think nancy is either sick or on drugs… she reminds me of judy garland in her final days

  • Ethan Hobigant Roche says:

    He thinks Pelosi is 3rd rate…Pelosi is applying the US constitution to Trump…Babooshka hats for all of you Republican.

  • Trumptard Hannity is a 3rd rate propaganda czar. he should shut his fake news mouth and leave fox in shame like roger Ailes and fake news bill o'Reilly

  • This is why we need term limits on Congress. An entrepreneur is running for President on the Democratic ticket that wants to instill term limits. Also against the wealth tax. And will ban Robo calls. At the same time building in economy that works for everyone. The dnc is trying to silence Andrew Yang. He’s the best guy for the job.

  • Democrats are finished! Nothing they try to pull on President Trump is going to move his supporters away from having his back! They have become communists? their loyalty is to Soros! Our kids are not going to get shot up anymore!

  • They want closed doors to decide our future as their servants , and to pick who lives and who dies , if your don't follow their agenda . DOWN WITH ONE WORLD GOV'T . The democratic party the new NAZI'S

  • Anthony Muratalla says:


  • This seems more of a rant than news…..he's just saying things and flashing clips from articles on the screen. Emphasis on the word clips folks…please do yourself a favour and read the entire articles and do your own research. This man does not care about truth…he cares about clicks and ratings.

  • Pelosi and Schiff working on the COUP  visiting with leader from Jordan and Afghanistan . The American workers and President Trump have the right to be mad as hell.
    “It’s pretty clear to me that Adam Schiff, Nancy Pelosi and the leftwing Intelligence Committee Democrats colluding on this attempted  COUP. Now I know as a fact that anti-Trump attorney Mark Zaid with Adan Schiff’s committee was working with this leftwing democrat CIA whistleblower, changing the whistleblower rules to include "rumors" "gossipy" a Month before the report. Now anybody can write a complaint just for the hell of it. I know more corrupt CIA officials will write complaints. 
    “Concerning the complaint, it looked like it was written by a team of anti- Trump attorneys. Intelligence doesn’t write that way. We see the very detailed legal footnotes to this. This, I think, was a setup job, a coup that included others, probably activist attorney  Mark Zaid, Adan Schiff, Nancy Pelosi and attorneys with the House Democrats Intelligence Committee.”

  • Why do we allow that partisan, lunatic CNN in every airport on Earth? Do we really want the world to see us through CNN eyes?

  • Charles Biagioni says:

    The wars is only designed to have the Corporation who make and supply guns, trucks, ammunition, Airplanes, etc; etc; who are also paying off Elected Officials.
    It does not take a rocket scientist, to figure this out.

  • The issue isn't about Rep vs Dem's it's the fact that the Liberals CANNOT control this President! And that's the log/short of it!

  • "third rate politician"
    Representing a third world country (kauilfornia), bought and paid for by third world drug lords, representing the best the third world has to offer.

  • Bennie Straughan says:

    It is the Military Industrial Complex who want America to be constantly bodgged down in needless wars. It is because they are making a lot of money if these things are happening. President Eisenhower tried to warn the American people about this in his farewell speech to the nation in January of 1961.

  • Hello to all our Russian friends, who like to visit us here. The rest – by which I mean the dumbass Americans – read on……….

    What Hannity doesn't tell you – because he doesn't want to, and you don't want him to – is that Pelosi told Trump "With you all roads lead to Putin". Which is true. The photo Trump put out has gone viral all over the world, and has made Pelosi a hero, all over the world.

  • A third rate politician, wow, why is Trump being so kind? Pelosi is a lying Liberal pig who couldn't find the truth on anything in life.

  • jeffery williams says:

    Nancy Pelosi is still using our tax dollars to support her legal addiction to narcotics. 13 years ago after her California doctors cut her off of her narcotic pain med's after decades of legal abuse. She then turned to several pain management doctors around Bethesda MD. Flying back and forth from California to Dulles then chauffeured to Bethesda several times a year to see her so called pain management doctors,paid for by American tax payers. Fortunately doctors are now starting to feel the heat from honest government officials that are trying to get Nancy Pelosi in a rehab facility. Nancy Pelosi has abused her position and made horrible decisions under the influence of opiates costing Americans billions of dollars over the years. The impeachment game will end up costing Americans hundreds of millions of dollars as did the Russian game she help orchestrate. While millions of illigals are collecting large amounts of Government assistance and health care not to mention killing, raping and beheading innocent Americans. This is not important to Nancy Pelosi she's proven time and time again that illigals are not a problem and should be allowed to live in your neighborhood and attend your schools but not hers. She's extremely dangerous and her addiction is causing her to make dangerous decisions.


  • Alice Costa Lodge says:

    Absolutely tells a HUGE story, Nancy Pelosi was in charge, authoritative, look a her stance!!!.then at the dejected look on the face of the General and two down from him, NOT looking at her disapprovingly. Trump was on the back foot faced with reality and called her names too, so commendable. Hannity, as a supposed devout Catholic how do you square your lying, convoluted false panagerics, with your soul? You told Manafort you said your prayers. Name calling is the resort of a person lacking educated language, like you saying "without further atwo"! LOL correct word being ADO. Like Trump you take refuge in verbally assaulting everyone with derogatory names, very good of you indeed. Govt. sanctioned waffle massaging his sensitive skin. I am not a supporter of either side, simply what I see and hear, wishing for a more friendly atmosphere, TRUTH and less aggression. Chris Stirwalt on FoxNews Halftime gives balanced information, a must watch.

  • I must respectfully disagree with the President regarding the blockhead Speaker. The Birdbrain from Alcatraz rates a fifth or sixth rate politician at best…

  • Kleptocracy=Corrupt leaders that use their power to exploit the people and natural resource of their own territory.
    Kakistocracy=Government by it's least competent citizens.
    Autocracy=Government controlled by one person with absolute power. *Webster's Dictionary

  • There is no wisle blower cuz it was all made up, these duhmacrooks need to be hung for treason including hiliar and obumafraud

  • Irving Sanguinetti says:

    1st whistle blower that gets "protected".. all others lives were destroyed by the same traitors protecting this leaker.

  • Daniel Thompson says:

    Nonwhistleblower whhister blower, stopwith,tis nonsense, say it once and let it alone, its silly to to it that way, thank you!

  • 50 special forces troops in Syria is not the same as 10,000 troop deployment in Afghanistan or Iraq 50 troops deployed to keep the peace is something we should except vs happened to go clean it up when it's a big isis state

  • Hey hannity how's your lawyer you know the one that's known for getting people out of a bind with prostitutes you know the one that doesn't specialize in realty.

  • If Trump keeps throwing Mike pence under the bus we'll have our first female president Nancy pelosi better tell Trump to stop taking the whole ship down with him cuz I think you're going down with him too hannity.hahaha

  • I liike Hannity's way of telling it like it is & sure do agreee with his attitude of their warmongering & abandoning our troops! – Don't know about the rest of you but I sure would have liked to kick Obama's anus up to his neck to make him a new collar when he suggested our veterans use their private health insurance policies first even for combat injuries – especially when he & his family seemed to think the treasury funds were for their very own slush funds for multiple vacations that included many friends & family members.
    Feel the same way about all these damned deep state establishment congressional member traitors, when they vote against improving health care for our veterans – but vote to keep bringing all the caravans of invading illegal alien immigrants into this country to be supported by the taxes those veterans & we the people paid into established to help other Americans when they hit hard times. They should all have been fired, arrested, detained & prosecuted decades ago. Our Country would be in much better shape if we a Patriotic President & congnressional members instead of traitors working hand in hand with the new worlfd order!

  • Do staffers and aides of democraps understand they can be charged as accomplices for treason? Something to think about staffers…

  • Skyflower23 Kat says:

    Hannity..your the biggest bully..just like your partner in crime. Lies upon lies. We all know Trump is mentally unstable

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