Hannity: The American people are the ultimate jury


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  • I disagree with mr hannity the American people are not the jury in the impeachment.if Trump is removed from office which is possibility are you gonna tell us the same line we are the jury? We want Trump in office but we the people have no say in if he gets removed from office it's in the hands of lawyers and politicians.

  • Ever noticed Hannity mimics Drumpf's hand movements when he talks? It must be a force of habit… always reaching around to get a better grip on Drumpf's asscheeks!

  • Kathleen Norton says:

    All of their schemes aren't for green reasons or because they care about healthcare. They are schemes to gain power and wealth by duping people into giving up their wealth and independence to them.

  • Adam Schiff needs to be in a strait-jacket. He needs to be removed from our government immediately.Democrats pack your bags get out of town your time is over your the enemy of the American people.

  • It sad that there are people that actually take people like Adam Schiff and the false narrative he is spinning seriously – 2 Thessalonians 2 – these Democrats are on the wrong side of everything

  • The President Trump commercial on Fox Hannity Show tonight was fantastic! Great video of accomplishments achieved by the President. This assembly of dems are nothing shy of clowns. These clowns are not even funny! Trump 2020

  • so trump says hey russia got hillarys mail… hes toast oblowme whispers to russia after the election i will hook you up. and he's jesus h hussain ohbuzzard?

  • the democrats have been trying to preoccupy president Trump with impeachment so he would not do a good job for us and our country. and they would get the 2020 election. IT DID'NT WORK!!!!!!! THANK YOU PRESIDENT TRUMP!

  • Aussie downunder says:

    286 days to go till they start saying "It was Russia, Ukraine, Romania, New Guinea, Tasmania's fault" Trump won again, but the good thing about it, it will only go on for 4 more years, before they stop.

  • Inspector Steve says:

    I can't even watch Schiff anymore. He's such a horrible person and everything his says is a lie. You know when Schiff is lying?

    He opens his mouth.

  • I am going to tell you all if these Democrats are not arrested for their high treasonous acts against President Trump and all of us the American People then I am going to move to another country.

  • He's only repeating and regurgitating what democrat voters want to hear it doesn't really matter if it's all lies or not it feeds the Trump haters. They need it to live in their political fantasy world.
    Probably not a good idea to take it away from them you will only fill psychiatric wards and asylums.

  • how do people listen to this guy it sounds more like a hate speech completely bias news only talked about his opinion an how he feels about it how is this news for anyone he's telling you how to feel… you sheep wake up this news is pointless unless you can't form your own opinion based on morality

  • Give us back our ( taxpayers ) money , you idiots Mafiosi Pelosi , crybaby Schumer , shifty Schiff . Waisting money is democRATS priorities .

  • Aussie downunder says:

    A sure fire way to fall asleep, if you are having trouble sleeping is to turn a speech of Joe Biden on. That'll make you fall in to a deep sleep.

  • Does Adam Schiff talk in his sleep ? Can you do that hanging upside down in a closet ? The coup keeps marching to their destruction.

  • Isn't it obvious Obama and Biden were taking American taxpayers money and giving it to Ukraine then laundering it into his son's name so they could make hundreds of millions of dollars. it's so obvious somebody needs to follow the money trail and I'd be willing to put a bet that I'm exactly dead on.. Obama's net worth was like four hundred grand now he's a multi-millionaire. Joe Biden addmits holding Ukraine hostage for the money they needed to fire a prosecutor to protect his son from being put in jail and protect Pandora's box grom being opened showing that Obama and Biden were stealing American taxpayers money this isn't about election fraud this is about turning the pages on a crime that needs to be investigated and people need to be put in prison and the money needs to be paid back. Adam Schiff needs to be thrown out of governmentnadler needs to be forced to retire Chuck Schumer Nancy Pelosi need to be charged with federal crimes starting a coup against our country.it's time to clean this government up and get back to what the American people want not some criminal socialist trying to take our country over.I don't think Democrats are taking in account that there will be a revolution if things get too bad and I don't think it would be very good on their part because they're going to lose very poorly.

  • I think it is sooooooooo cool to have a President that was impeached and reelected in the same year. LOLOLOL Like forever crazy Nancy.

  • So sick of the dems they need to be impeached.lets get President Trump in 2020🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸.standing strong with Trump and pence🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  • There's something going on. It's the Mandella Effect like we've never seen it before. Someone is able to toy with the minds of (I think) Democrats to make them think things are true when they are not. They think the same thing about us? I don't know what is going on-if it's dishonesty or something much bigger. I wonder if we are, as a species, about to discover something very new about subjectiveness, philosophy or psychology. It's almost like aliens or extremely smart computers are behind all this mass scale social engineering. I know that sounds paranoid but at the same time, why keep assuming the other side is that evil? How could so many people be that dishonest and evil at the same time?

  • Capital Informant says:

    Can u post Just the recap of Trumps accomplishments that begins 17minutes into the video. Just the short clip to share on FB. Love Hannity. Such a great job.

  • Jesus Castanares says:





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  • There's a rumor floating around the internet DEMOCRATS ARE PLANNING THEIR NEXT IMPEACHMENT FOR TRUMP. Hope it is not True

  • JOHN B. RAMIREZ says:

    America, do you remember america promise south vietnam u.s. military aid after u.s. troops left the vietnam war. Guess what, the democrats denyied u.s. military aid to south vietnam. And as a result of democratic denying military aid to south vietnam. Millions of south vietnamese who supported the americans were executed by communist north vietnam army. The ukraine insident by the democrats is nothing but a sham with double democratic standards.

  • I have fantasies of A-damn Schitt being abducted by aliens! Or an asteroid smashing him! …Oh GOD, PLEASE! Don't you have a spare lightning bolt lying around somewhere!? You personally took out a few truly evil monsters before…A-damn Schitt is small potatoes compared to some villains in the Bible. SMITE HIM! SMITE HIM NOW! The world would be a much better place!

  • Nothing shocks the world when it comes from the US, I believe the world looks at a lot of American`s as gullible when it comes to politics. Trump is like a VISA card, spend now, maybe deal with it later….maybe that`s the reason why the American dollar isn`t doing so good. Now he`s trying to get other countries to invest in American, well that didn`t go over so well.

  • Just because you have foodstamps doesn't mean you can get food. In a socialist system you'll be lucky if shelves are stocked.

  • what makes me so mad, the old demrats follows believe their crap because their parents where democrats And now could the tv fake news be wrong? I have kicked two friends out of my house at dinner time, They just didn't understand how as a Republican I could believe Trump was a the real meal deal. It's about time, we crash this sham Trump 2020! A real president for the people. YUR doing a good job Mr President , Please start pressing charges for waste the American people, impeach Nancy and sham man The money they cost us a American's they should pay for it or jail time for lies to the courts!

  • Schiff is fighting for his criminal long corrupt political life they all are, GO TRUMP GO DON'T STOP WORKING you are the WE THE PEOPLE LAST HOPE, GODSPEED.

  • Only question worth asking…
    Did Joe Biden actually need to be investigated?
    The answer is yes. I for one want to see what comes out of a Joe Biden investigation into abuse of power. Protecting his son and using his power to get people of another country fired is wrong in my book.

  • If @SenSchumer and @RepAdamSchiff were so sure of the house's case Witch leaded them VOTE and to IMPEACH and already CELEBRATED their phony Impeachment of Pr.TRUMP. Why they needs more time, additional witness and documents?? LOL. THEY got what they deserves and did to republicans in the House. TODAY SCHIFF IS CRYING BECAUSE HE'S NOT THE BOSS ANYMORE.

  • I hope that when America votes, there is record voter turnout to sweep the Democrats out and return your great country to common sense, prosperity and reason. Support from Australia.

  • I call Bullsh*t! It's not the American people who decide, it's the new "Trump" party senators who sold out the republican party to join a Traitor and a Criminal in Trump's bid to take over America! Traitor Trumps boss Putin is telling him just how to turn America into an Authoritarian govt just like Russia! I just hope the American people wake up before it's too late for American Democracy!

  • Oh heck! I fell asleep listening to him for about an hour, woke up and he was on the same topic. It was over and over and over, the same thing.

  • Being American should be a Race! We the People! We need to vote on @ please sign the petition at @t to get this on the 2020 voting form, and we need to make sure the voting boxes are secure, legit, and countable, we must also have a Voter ID system in place. This will solve 90% of the corruption immediately. @t

  • I needed a laugh today and when Shaun said that Schiff must talk in his sleep and then proceeded to mimic him, I almost fell off of my chair, well done Shaun and thanks for the laugh lol
    By the way SHIFTY Schiff, Trumps people that have been arrested and jailed, were done for their OWN crimes, NOTHING remotely related to Trump… Please make sure that YOU TELL THE TRUTH when you're taking the stand, YOU are misleading folk to SLATE Trump and WE ALL KNOW IT… Maybe YOUR CRIMES can be brought up!

  • Be good to know how many abortions Trump has paid for, either for his licentious and profligate self or his dissolute sons.

  • i find this map illustration to be fodder as well because its looks more like a construct creation like race rather than an actual map.

  • The American people are the ultimate jury. Exactly. A lot of what we see is just old time whites who think they own America and that "we" ie them, should go back to the America of the Beach Boys and the Brady Bunch!

  • A powerful government is only harmful if based on a system of either oligarchy or dictatorship. Direct democracy is the best way to have a strong country that caters to the needs of everyday citizens, and in order to have such, we must have a large government. Don’t worry about a big government, worry about administrations and big corporations that honor currency over civilians for they are the ones that lead to a corrupt government.

  • FAKE NEWS PEOPLE! FOX SPLICED SCHIFF"S WORDS! Deceptive! Especially for those who won't actually watch the real trial! And what happens when the truth emerges? Im afraid we'll all end up shock and awed and we'll end up even more divided as Americans. Be clear on this Im a Republican – A Trump voter, but I don't like FOX offering me a fake summary when Im watching the actual trial!

  • KnightInShiningASMR says:

    How hilarious would it be if President Zelensky timed his White House visit for this week, and called into Congress to testify that there was no quid pro quo? What Democrat would dare accuse President Zelensky of lying?

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