22 thoughts on “Hannity: Media nothing more than an extension of Democrat Party”

  • Anton Pushetonequa says:

    Obama, that Kenyan born immigrant? When are you going to blatantly tell everuome that. Or are you part of the collusion? Lol dereliction of duty. Treason and Traotor. Michele Robinson Obama depleted our military funding! That foul guy Michael Obama

  • Maxim Petrukhnenko says:

    OMG, this hannity is so morally corrupt. I truly believe he is married to Dr. Goebels` granddaughter(the only surviving familiy member) KellyAnne ConArtistWay

  • Agree. A demonic tool to disinform and brainwash Americans and the world. But theres a good thing. They have a reservation in hell.

  • Salomao Serra says:

    Seriously? Fox news is trying to call out biased opinions? There's a reason you're called main stream conservative media. That's what you are. There's no other way to put it. You never even mention progressive policy, unless it's to complain about it in the most idiotic way.

  • Shaun Sweeney says:

    And you Sean are a extension of the Republican party. Every Journalists on both sides are liars and should be put in front of a firing squad! Every politician is a criminal and should be trailed and put in front of a firing squad. You are treasonous evil people who will burn in Hell for eternity for deceiving the American people. You Sean are just as bad as the rest of these traitors! You are as Evil as the rest of the People you are talking about!

  • MyArms2short2masterB8 says:

    OBAMA on PUTIN russia meddling 2016: "Cut It Out.."
    TRUMP on PUTIN russia meddling 2019: "Don't meddle.."
    POTUS on PUTIN russia meddling 20??: "Hey you Stop.." 😎PUTIN IS THE MAN!!!😆

  • I remember Fox News spending 8 years trying to tell America he was not black, Fox News hosts called him 'The Kenyan'. They openly went on about him not being born in America even though he had conclusively proven he had been. They pushed the birther conspiracy for nearly a decade. DEMOCRATS are for a free and independent media, Republicans are for Fox News – which is not news.

  • Quoting one of my favorite Prager U videos: "The Left Ruins Everything!" I am so tired of un-American Americans! The MSM takes the lead in this! They need to go away!

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