100 thoughts on “Hannity: Joe Biden goes off on unhinged rant”

  • Baron Trump – 2044

    EPIC Campaign Slogans:

    – Mom is hotter than your best internet search. Keep America Hot Again!

    – Charlottesville: Where There Are Good People on Both Sides and they are all employed now and are all practicing American capitalists

    – Ukraine is now only a Salad Dressing flavor.

    – John McCain is remembered as a Vietnam War Hero Only because he got captured

    – Just like my dad used to say, “I can be friends with anyone, especially if they pay their rent on time”.

  • arch angel manifest says:

    Oh my God, can you say"front door man"!!, Oh ooh ooh we better go back to our buizy telephones!!!, The truth is in the hands people, controlled opposition, always watch the hands, they are all required to give the sign of allegiance, a-ok, six six six.

  • Would be great if the guy took Biden up on the push up challenge, and won. The what, Joe? Challenging an 80 year old guy to a push up contest. What next? Challenging a baby to a race across the parking lot?

  • Question: for Joe from me
    Why did you say that you were withholding a billion US tax dollars if a Ukrainian prosecutor wasn't fired? Too me that sounds like you're meddling in another country affairs because your son was in deep water!

  • Honorato Gonzalez says:

    I guess everyone has the right to perceive other's comments either way, even if it's wrong. The difference is that some people like this reporter use platforms of media to influence others.
    I disagree with his point of view.

  • Biden is a corporate stooge and a swamp creature like the president…..its time to admit almost all politicians are compromised by the oligarchy.

  • Cynde Phillips Hohbein says:

    BS Bubba Joe – You are FULL of never-ending Bovine Methane… YOU LIED, BULLIED AND ATTEMPTED TO SHAME ONE VOTER. Millions of other Voters watched you do it. Not good, Joe… Not a good move at all…

  • What the heck do you call what Trump does on a daily basis? Rant, crazy, unhitched…. actually 25 th amendment is more appropriate than impeachment.

  • Frances Cerrone says:

    Biden’s are thief’s,liars,and stuffed your pockets as full as you could get away ritch,Biden has done all the wrong check the corruption,with with Obama first it will show you how ritch he got in 8 years then the clintons and the rest of the ritch Dems

  • Isn't Trumps daughter also working for the White House with no experience ? How come its not ok for Bidens son but ok for Trumps daughter?

  • oh mr biden your riding your horse deeper and deeper into the mud. Gl i think theres no turn back. justice will prevail

  • Michael Nobibux says:

    That farmer looks like he could knock Biden along with his cheerleaders out with one punch!!!
    Perhaps Biden didn't get his legs rubbed that day and got cranky….

  • thats the way Jos more than likely presented the fire or no billion buck JACK..all puffed like peacock showing the power he carried as VP then,,what atool

  • It seems that Hannity has to resort to name calling and taking statements and doing to the opposition precisely what he claims is being done to the conservative cause. Never have we faced more of the Bid Lie than today. The candidate of the right is unable to have a straight conversation, ultimately either telling a lie, or just attacking legally those who have fewer resources and are not in the “sue to silence” tactic so popular with the apparatchniks of the Fox/Republican axis. Hannity is simply pompous and self righteous. Let’s have some straight up and down votes in Congress. Next November will tell the story. If Trump wins, that’s the will of the people. If he loses, the same can be said.

  • I thought Joe Biden is getting violent the way he walk towards him. Biden will lose badly after the way he treat this guy.

  • Im not voting for Biden either because I know he can't do push ups that's why he wants boys to bounce on his lap! LOL!

  • Easy to be mouthy to a big man when the secret service are protecting you. That guy would've stomped a mudhole in pissant joe!

  • Legolas Greenleaf says:

    The only thing that can stop the deep state corruption is if our Judicial Dept. has the guts to arrest, indict, and prosecute the "Swamp" creature criminals in high office who are trashing our Constitution.

  • Oksana Simonenko says:

    Not true. The prosecutor was fired for not going after the corrupt elite. The investigation into Burisma was already over and yielded nothing!
    Sean is lying as usual!

  • Biden showing his true colors……. You think he cares about all of us……. what a joke…..!!!! He tells us who he is…… all the time.

  • This is why the democrats thing Biden is the best candidate is the most hilarious thing. He has no new ideas, he is responsible for much of the corruption in our laws and government; etc etc. The democrats are too dumb to realize the only people who have a change against Trump, are Tulsi Gabbard, Sanders, or Andrew Yang

  • Mr. Biden told reporters after the argument with the voter that the voter would not give the microphone back. That is not true and not fair. The voter was about to give the microphone back when Mr. Biden instructed the microphone handler to leave the microphone with the voter. Check out he tape.

  • I know that Sean Hannity became a rich man because of Michael Cohen, trumps lawyer who is in prison. Trump must have something on him too. Actually I think Sean Hannity and trump probably have something on each other.
    Hannity must be getting money from Russia too.

  • That moron who thought he could handle Biden is a disgrace to any military member. While at the same time revealing the ignorance and limited education of Trump's base when he said, "I heard it on the MSNBC." Of course, "the base" being the 'Lowest Common Denominators' living in the out-of-touch regions of the USA.

  • blue skies, clean water & fresh air says:

    Joe Biden is bullying people and I won't vote for him either. These are legitimate questions Joe Biden refuses to answer. I think he is compromised by greed & money.

  • If I had asked the question I would have done much better job. You have to leave them no wriggle room. Use precise language, verified by facts

  • Russell Giangrosso says:

    All the people lol how many people were their a couple of dozen lol I could probably draw a bigger crowd than that lol

  • Just watched the CNN version of this story. Defends Biden of course. Despicable. Never thought I'd see the day that I trust Fox more than the other networks. Everything is upside down. It's like it's Opposite Day, but forever. It's a house of mirrors and it needs to be smashed! Smash ignorance and hypocrisy with the hammer of truth.

  • The reason all those people laughed at Bidens response is they are the irredeemable socialists and this gentleman was asking a question that they did not want to hear.

  • Smitty's Sports and Politics says:

    Awww this poor guy. Treated so bad. Trumps been calling people names for 5 years. About to get his own medicine in 2020. Biden 2020

  • The Big Lady is the BOSS! says:

    Biden is the one that said he did it!! He said it when he was bragging about holding up the money until the prosecutor was fired. He is such a liar, he told the kid to leave the man with the microphone. The people that laughed at the man are real idiots sticking up for Biden. No wonder the man said he wasn't going to vote for him, the way he treated him. Instead of getting angry, he is nothing but a bully!!!!

  • mieczyslaw herba says:

    I tell you something, guys. When Obama went to Iran to sign up the agreement, he was supposed to give Iranians 1,5 billion USD in cash. It was part of the agreement. In my opinion he never did it – money was in cash, because Obama bring it back to USA, and share with prominent members of his party. Maybe Obama took to Iran empty boxes, and the cash never crossed US border. This was the reason, why such a big amount of money was in cash, to make the bribery safe. There is no other explanation, why in cash – it was bribery, well prepared to be safe for dems. They probably made special found from part of it, but most of the money they just shared between the most prominent party members. Maybe they made this money working for Hilary during the last election? If that money exist in hidden place known to prominent dems, they could be used as bribery for Republicans' senators before voting for impeachment or against it. When Trump won the election, dems were in shock. From the very first day after the election they were sure, that they are in big trouble. Because of that from the very first days after the election dems wanted to impeach Trump. The bribery was a part of the agreement, dems took the bribery as reward for the agreement. It was profitable deal to Iranians, as well. The agreement was extremely beneficial for Iran, because gave Iranians time to make their own nuclear bomb. Iranians paid for this time using US money to bribe US politicians. They probably laughed from USA at the m moment  When Trump broke the agreement with Iran, which was beneficial to USA and to the rest of the World, Iranians immediately asked dems for money they gave them as the bribery. At the beginning Dems probably ignored this call, however it was urgent demand from Iranian's side. After a few days Iranians simply informed dems, that if dems do not return the money let's say in a week, they (Iranians) will share their knowledge about 1.5 billion USD with Trump. This made all the situation so urgent, that Kerry had to fly immediately to Iran for a couple of days, just to ask Iranians for some time, and discuss the solution. It happened, yes? In my opinion Iranians gave dems time, probably up to the end of the year, or eventually to the end of January 2020. Now for dems the only way to fix the bribery problem is to impeach President Trump as soon as possible, and take the power for a couple of month, before the next election. They are in trouble, they need to be hurry. The very first move of dems after the impeachment would be renewing Iranian agreement, or give Iranians “financial aid” in cash, 1,5 billion USD. You will see this, if they world successfully impeach Mr President Trump – I hope it will never happen. So, my scenario explains very precisely, why dems are so “mad” and determined, according to impeachment, why they hurry so much with this – why they do not care about proofs in the impeachment process. Why they reject every attempts to postpone the process. They probably have deadline and they have to make the impeachment immediately, as soon as possible, or Iranians sell them to Trump. In such a case dems would be eliminated from US political stage for century… So, I think that the key player now is Iran. I would go to Iran, and honestly asked Iranians, what happened with 1.5 billion USD in cash. This should be important knowledge for US secret services. Be sure, that Russia and China observe carefully every single move of key persons involved in this scenario. It has global meaning.

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